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How it’s supposed to be


Sometimes, life doesn’t go as planned.  Things shift and the storms of life bear down on us.

Yesterday afternoon, as I checked my flight for this morning’s trip to D.C. I reached a recording that said, “This flight has been cancelled. Please call back at a later time. Click.”

Here comes "Titan"

Here comes “Titan”

No call. No text. Nothing.

Next I dialed the Travel Agency.  Busy. Busy. Busy.

Hmm, I thought.

Hubbs asked, “What are you going to do?”

I replied, “Wait it out.” Then I smiled and gave thanks that at least I found out when I did, while tucked inside and cozy, and not stranded at the airport with luggage and 200 others.

Late last night, an email from the airline arrived stating I’d been re-booked on a later flight today.  It’s storming and icy in D.C. and, honestly, I kinda doubt this flight takes off either.  But we’ll see.

So this morning, I’ll finish packing and readying myself and most importantly… I’ll adjust the picture in my head of how it’s supposed to be.

Amen to that! google.images

Amen to that! google.images

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Author: emjayandthem

Country mouse living in the city. Wife, mom, nana, daughter, cousin, friend & worker bee.

23 thoughts on “How it’s supposed to be

  1. It will all work out, as you know. Above all, be safe!

    • Yesterday was a non-starter. The plane I was to be on never left D.C. Back to the airport today!!

      • Sure wish it could work out for us to meet. Maybe on your next trip to DC! It’s only about a 4 hour drive for us, and you know how adventurous Motor Man is!

      • I would love that; in my new job, we go every year, but the dates change from year to year. I’ll remember the 4 hour drive part and make sure to include you when I know the dates of next year’s trip :) How much fun would we have? Yes, lots!

  2. Hope you get off today. Weather is awful in the US this year. Be careful, MJ!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  3. I’m usually already out of a situation before I can see it as calmly as you! Whenever your flight does take off, I wish you ongoing warmth and safety.

    • Thank you :) The airline cancelled the flight, had no gate attendant and never announced it – I found out b/c I called the arrivals & departure #. Ended up helping a little lady next to me who didn’t know what to do (took her with me to the airline counter and we got situated on flights today)… The airlines are struggling to keep up, yes, but really? C’mon!

      Back at it today :) MJ

  4. Things will work out now that you adjusted the picture in your head. Hope it’s not terribly annoying. I don’t travel well to start with. I hate travel in bad weather, especially airline travel. I never feel like I have any control.

    • We were at the gate, like a herd of sheep, waiting and waiting. Finally I found out (by calling the arrival & departure #) that the flight was cancelled. No one announced it or came to help …. and I went through a body pat-down for nothing (didn’t even buy me lunch!!)


  5. Oh gosh…all you can do, is all you can do.

    • Yep and all of it amounted to nothing. Oh and I got a body pat-down. Nice. So did the 80 year old lady behind me, who looked terrified. She muttered “I don’t know what to do” and I whispered, “Just stand here till they tell you it’s ok to go” – geez.
      Try again today, MJ

      • Oh no! I’ve had one of those once or twice and the poor lady behind you can now say, once. Much luck. We have lost so much time being shut in this winter. We were advised by the college to check their website regarding possible closings today. Checked. No closings. I’m off the class early just in case. (D2 and SIL were shut in by ice in Dallas yesterday.)

      • Be careful out there, GS! Yeah, it has become so commonplace that I nearly forgot it completely (being pat down, that is)

  6. I hope it all works out and that you are safe and sound!

  7. Yikes! Travel is difficult during these storms. I’m ready for winter to be over as I’m sure you are. Safe travels MJ.

  8. You’re right about our mindset of how things are supposed to be. I don’t do flexible very well, but I’m working on it. Hope all went well.

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