C’mon Get Happy!

Hello world there’s a song that I’m singing .. c’mon get HAPPY!!!

I know what you’re thinking and no, I’m not on anything. 

I’m just happy to be here. Seriously.

It’s a choice .. a choice I try to make every day: to embrace my life and all who are in it.

Before you think oh-my-God-she’s-one-of-those-perky-annoying-Polyanna-types-that-needs-a-big-fat-can-of-“Shut-the-hell-up!”  let me assure you that I am not.  I can be just as much of a naysayer as anyone. I just try not to be. And most of the time, I succeed at it.

This shift occurred 25 years ago; I was 22 years old and 8 months pregnant with my first baby.. off to the OB Doc for a check-up (by myself, but I digress) when I was hit from the side by another driver.  Totaled the car and nearly totaled me: fractured my spine and left me with partial paralysis down one side.  Pregnant = no drugs for the pain. Not the most fun I’ve ever had.  Fast forward, baby’s born and he’s fantastic – beautiful and perfect- but I’m ..not.  Weeks in hospital before Doctors decide, in a hushed voice, that we need to do something.  Baby boy (who has since grown up to be a gorgeous 9′ tall man .. well, at least to me anyways, was 5 weeks old at the time. 5 weeks. That’s roughly how long ago Thanksgiving was!).  Scheduled for surgery, off I go to the surgical suite.  First step? Anaesthetic.  Guess what? Allergic! Yep, you guessed it, respiration s-t-o-p-p-e-d while I was still awake.   Stephen King novels don’t even scare me now.  The last image I had was that of a black mask coming down over my face.  I wake to find myself in hospital with a husband and an infant. 


Flash forward.

  1. Health crisis and no driving allowed (bad)
  2. Time with my baby boy (good)
  3. Steady dose of chronically unemployed narcissistic husband (bad)
  4. Time with my growing boy (good)
  5. Physical therapy, adult education and job training? (humiliating.. but ..eventually.. good)
  6. Time with my boy (good)
  7. Eviction (bad)
  8. Friendship (good)
  9. Driving again (good)
  10. New job for me (good)
  11. The boy’s thriving and smarter every day (good)
  12. Poverty.  loneliness (hard)
  13. Kindness (good).
  14. Libraries and parks (free and good)
  15. Eviction (bad)
  16. He leaves us (good)
  17. I scrape enough $ for an apartment (good)
  18. Life is hand to mouth, no child support, 2,000+ miles from family (bad)
  19. Chronic paid (bad)
  20. Divorce (bad)
  21. Child custody fight (bad)
  22. Job opportunities (good)
  23. Groceries (good)
  24. Tight budgets and garage sale clothes (good)
  25. Free playdates: parks, beaches, bike rides (good)
  26. Court says boy has to visit scary father (bad)
  27. Boy comes home (good)
  28. Boy stays home (good)
  29. Boy thrives (good)
  30. Hard work pays = more job opportunities (good)
  31. Meet a kind man (good)
  32. Hard to trust (bad)
  33. He loves kids (good)
  34. Kid loves him (good)
  35. Love wins (good)
  36. Wedding bells (good)
  37. Boy gets the Dad he longed for (good)
  38. Custody scrap (bad.. but someone in my corner..good)
  39. Case thrown out (good)
  40. Move away from scary man (good)
  41. Adoption (good)
  42. Little brother arrives (good)
  43. Boys thrive. I thrive. Love wins (good)

* for more on the love story that unfolded in points 31-43, please see my post called (It had to be you).

Out of my 43 life points summary referenced above, only 11 are bad.  So when I add it up,  the good outweighs the bad.

And that, my friends, is why I choose to sing “C’mon get Happy!


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10 thoughts on “C’mon Get Happy!

  1. Thank you for a snippit of your life. I am grateful for people willing to do that. It shows character. I am glad you are well, happy, and enjoying life. And altough The Partridge Family is a little before my time… 🙂 I am fine with you singing it.

    • Thank you, HL1981 (Mac) for your kind words. It’s so personal, and I rarely speak of those dark days. It was so very difficult to crawl out of, but I am glad I did and am better/wiser/smarter for the experience. That’s what 25 years can do for you (me anyways) – it softens the rough edges and allows time to reflect on what bubbled to the surface: Strength. Determination. And a sense of humour about it all :). cheers! MJ

  2. Very lovely 🙂 That’s a lot to happen to a young woman with a baby … but glad you were blessed with love and more love. Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks CM’W… it was a lot .. but the good bubbled to the top and, for that, I’m grateful. Happy weekend to you and Country Man! MJ

  3. deb

    ………good…….I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  4. I think making a list like this should be mandatory for anyone whining about their lot in life. Life is awful sometimes, but it only keeps you down if you let it. Glad to see you dusted yourself off, jumped back in and got happy. Sing on 🙂

    • Janna, thank you for your comments; I agree, making a list is a great way to see what is all there.. not just the bad. Thanks for stopping by, MJ. 🙂

  5. Wow, you’re such a strong woman! I am so inspired by your life story. Thank you for sharing your positive attitude with everyone who reads this blog 🙂 You’re a blessing.

    • Aww .. Miss Jaclyn Rae, what a sweet comment. Thank you for that. Isn’t it interesting how the intensely personal posts can generate such response? Who knew? I appreciate your kindness, thank you. 😉 MJ

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