25 Random Things

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 25 Randoms about Emjayandthem:

  1. Old people make me smile. I enjoy it when an old fella stops me in the grocery store to tell me a joke .. I know that this moment was his one moment of the day to tell someone his little story. His wife is sick of hearing the same joke over and over so he makes up a reason to go to the store and find someone to tell his story to … people just want to be heard, and I love it when they choose me.
  2. Our boys make my heart sing; seeing them fill the doorway, leaving me voice messages that say “love ya mom” and being warmly embraced by either one of them (who both tower over me by about 20 feet) just make my heart melt.
  3. I’m patriotic. “The Star Spangled Banner” and “America the Beautiful” make me cry. Every time. “O Canada” (except for the French parts which I’ve forgotten) does as well. I landed in the U.S. with $178 and a guitar and I’m so grateful for what I’ve been able to learn, who I’ve met, and the life we’ve created. Being a dual citizen, how cool is that?
  4. Black licorice is my favorite childhood candy.
  5. The hubbs makes me laugh. There’s something extremely sexy about a man who can laugh with you and at you. He’s also a very good listener. We don’t always agree, and sometimes he can be a bonehead (so can I) but he’s perfect for me. He challenges me and doesn’t put up with any gibberish b.s. from anyone, even me! I like that. He’s also strong, smart, brave, loyal, thoughtful, sentimental, and tender-hearted. He’s the kind of man your mother would wish on you … and mine did.
  6. I like the wind and the feel of it on my face:  it reminds me of my childhood home on the prairies. I could never live in the woods as I get claustrophobic if I can’t see the horizon.
  7. I love to cook. I can’t cook anything fancy; I cook like my grandmother – good, hearty, soul-filling food and lots of it. I’m fortunate that my guys love to eat and are very vocal with their appreciation. For me, a perfect Sunday is me in the kitchen, piddling around, music in the background, and me cooking … my guys meander in and out, tasting, sampling, and commenting. Sometimes they get a towel snap or threat of one to get out of my (tiny) kitchen. When I cook, I pay tribute to my mom, my Aunt Irene and my Grandma F.– the 3 greatest cooks I know.
  8. I do not camp.  I enjoy being at a campsite, by the fire, looking at the stars, toasting the marshmallows … but I’ll sleep in an RV, not a tent, thanks!
  9. The Library is one of my favorite places to be.  I love the quiet, the smells of the books and all of the nooks and crannies in which to hide away and read. My mom got me a library card when I was 5 and I’ve had one (and been a voracious reader) ever since!)
  10. If I’m upset, I get quiet. If I’m bored, I get quiet and I get bored easily.
  11. I don’t believe being related gives you the right to be hurtful. My parents always told us “don’t save your best manners for strangers.” There’s nothing admirable about being brutally honest if all someone remembers about you is …..that you were brutal. However, if you’re acting like an idiot, and I’m invested in you, I will find a way to tell you. If I don’t care either way, I won’t say a word; I’ll just sit back and watch the show.
  12. I feel great satisfaction when the laundry is clean, folded and put away.  That has happened less than 5 times in my life.
  13. I love music. Playing it, listening to it, recording it, researching it, sharing it. An old friend reminded me of a “mixed tape” I made him in the 80s, and how he still has it, and it made me grin because now I use CDs … same difference. Odd, I work in cable and don’t watch much TV. I think that maybe I was a DJ in another life.
  14. I’ve learned that, as a family, you should eat supper together every chance you can; kids tell you an astounding amount when they’re eating.  (Hubbs calls it dinner, I call it supper….. oh well!)
  15. I really enjoy conversations, especially  juicy ones with new people. Or new topics with old friends. But stupid ones? see #10.
  16. I struggle with the lack of sun during our Michigan winters.  Living near Lake Michigan, we get a lot of cloud cover.  I don’t mind the cold .. but I miss the sun. Ever notice, in late-January, when it’s cold and windy and rotten outside, but if the sun pops out everyone suddenly have a little bounce in their step? That’s me.
  17. Most of what I learned in college has little to do with what I know or how I do in my job.
  18. I’m not interested in verbal spouse bashery. I get embarrassed when it happens, and I don’t want to see it or hear it, please, please stop.
  19. My eyes used to be blue, but are now green. How does that happen?
  20. The last really compelling book I read was “The Kite Runner.” I have to pace myself with reading because I’ll get so involved in it that nothing else gets done. Nothing.
  21. I love going to the airport. To watch reunions especially and to fly home to see my mom. I seem to always end up next the person who wants to tell their life story; it’s interesting though, and I’ve heard some doozies along the way.
  22. Breakfast is my favorite meal and even better if someone else is cooking and serving it.   Three of my favorite scents happen at breakfast: coffee, toast and bacon.
  23. The best day is when we have a house full of friends, a delicious steak on the grill, drinks, music playing, laughs = all out on our patio. Retreating to the basement with a roaring fire is my runner-up. Having my own personal cabana boy is a bonus!
  24. I didn’t know until they arrived that grandchildren could bring as much joy as they do .. but they do in spades. When little A. wraps his arms around my neck and says in his squeaky little voice, “Nana .. we’re friends” Oh I just melt. And when baby MJ looks up at me with her long lashes and one of her juicy little smiles …I just want to hand over my wallet, life savings, and a ride to anywhere they want to go. I adore my children but grandchildren have made me slow down, choose my words more carefully and just appreciate … life.   One word: delicious!
  25. My favorite quote of all time is this one: “To thine own self be true.” Know who you are and own it. And if you don’t know who you are and what you stand for, find out.

How about you?  What are some of your “randoms?” 

It’s the randoms that make life interesting, don’t you think?

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4 thoughts on “25 Random Things

  1. LOVE this. #11 is so true, and reminds me of quote my roomie posted in our bathroom while in college: “If you only have one smile in you, give it to someone you love” – Maya Angelou. It drives me bananas to see people treat strangers better than their own spouse or family.

    Great post!

    • CMWife that is a great quote. I really feel strongly about #11 and have witnessed it on all levels. It’s cringe-worthy, in my opinion. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. great list and peak at who you are. I could relate to some of this, and #12 made me LOL. I’m not even sure I’ve managed 5 times! =)

    • Glad I made you laugh out loud … it was a fun list to write. And #12 is always one of my goals but ** sigh ** rarely happens. Cheers & thanks for stopping by~ MJ

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