If Diana had been here

Princess Diana with her boys, Prince Harry (c) and Prince William (r); image from

Tomorrow is the much-anticipated Royal Wedding between Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine “Kate” Middleton and, like many, I have been following along and will enjoy the coverage of what promises to be a spectacular day in history.
Much ado has been made about the guest list, the food, the various parties and, of course, what Kate’s dress will look like.
I can’t help but think about her.  Diana, Princess of Wales.
Fiercely devoted mother, master press manipulator, giver of hugs, sharer of a perhaps too much information.
I think about how she would have turned 50 this year and how stunning she would still be.
I like to think of her arriving at the Abbey in sophisticated, sleek yet understated attire, turning and giving a smile to all of us. 
I like to think Kate would have tried especially hard to please and impress her.
I like to think that she might have found love by now, with a super hot and titled Aristocrat sporting ears of normal proportions.
I like to think that, with her still with us, there’d be no Camilla.
Come to think of it, she will be there.  Prince William gave Kate her ring.  Her generous influence on her two sons appears ever-present.
The last time we witnessed Royal pomp & circumstance at the Abbey, it was for her funeral and whenever I see a photo of those flowers with the words “Mummy,” my heart breaks again.
It’s time for some love, some romance, some lightness of being.  Make room for Diana, for she will be there tomorrow.
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35 thoughts on “If Diana had been here

  1. Well done! A very heartfelt and timely post; thanks.

  2. caveman


    Probably the best post I’ve seen about Diana and the British royals for a long time. I’m not sure Camilla wouldn’t have been there, but the tragedy of Diana more than anything else is (and what the heck does this American know about anything) is I get the impression that Camilla was Charles’s love of his life and she was unavailable, and all the confounded tradition and rules that come with royalty instead made Diana the mark of someone who was to be ground down by the stone, and in the end, really, it got her.

    The thing is, Diana was SO YOUNG when she got married then, and was a mom so young in the end not that much older than her sons, that would STILL be a young woman today if she were on this plane of existence. She was a pretty lady, and though I haven’t agreed much with Tony Blair in a while, I agree with him when he called her the Queen of Hearts.

    I just hope Diana’s travails gives Kate and her prince husband to be some space and some semblance of living life as real human beings, for Diana never had the chance. Goodbye Norma-Jean/Goodbye English Rose, the tune’s the same and Sir Elton will never sing it again live.

    But we smile still in Diana’s memory.

  3. I agree, Caveman. I think Camilla would have still been around, for she always was, as she and Charles have maintained love and affection for each other for 35+ years. I just doubt that he could have pulled off marrying her had Diana still been alive.

    Diana was so very young, and impressionable, when they married. At 19, she’d never even really dated, and I believe I read that when HRH Charles finally asked for her hand in marriage she replied, “Yes please, Sir.” Very telling. They both made mistakes.

    I hope the same as you .. that the newlyweds can be allowed some smidge of peace in spite of their very public and Royal roles.

    Cheers! MJ

  4. Question: I have written a piece about how my family felt the presence of two people after they passed. I have entitled it “Serendipity, coincidences, and life’s small miracles II” since it’s the continuation of previous thoughts last fall. I would like to reblog your piece and add what I wrote below your piece. I feel I need to ask your permission to “reblog” and share with you what I wrote in the “…II” piece before proceeding. I love your writing and agree that Diana’s presence will be felt by all. Please advise. From what I have read about reblogging, it’s quite simple, but I still feel I need to ask your permission.

  5. Thank you very much for asking. You may reblog with links to mine or you may simply share the link i.e. “for more on this, view Emjay’s thoughts at … ” Thank you and I look forward to reading what you’ve crafted!

    Cheers! MJ

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  8. cooper

    what’s all this about now? i must have missed something. hey, i haven’t seen a newspaper in a couple days…

  9. Princess Diana will be there, and she will look upon Prince William and Kate with motherly pride and happiness. I believe wholeheartedly that Diana would approve of Kate and William. “He done did good.” As they say in the south.

    • I agree, Lenore, but I think it might have been adjustment for her not to be the the primary woman in his life. Cheers! MJ

  10. Charles and Diana were married just a few days before Rob and I were married, and I remember watching those festivities with great interest, not only for all the pomp and ceremony, but because I was preparing for my own wedding. It was always sad to me that their story ended as it did, and even sadder to see the end of Diana’s life.

    I hope this is the beginning of a new and much happier chapter for that family who have to live so much of their lives in public view.

    And I’m sure you’re right, Diana will be there!


    • Agreed; I could feel her presence when William bit his lip while waiting at the front of the Abbey … so like her.

      What joy we witnessed today; I loved it all .. cheers! MJ

  11. I agree. Diana WAS there today. It was a beautiful wedding!

  12. I heard one of the news commetators say that just as Kate got in her car to go to the church, the sun came out after a drizzly morning and that was proof Diana was among them. Man, this stuff just makes me cry.

    • Awww, you and me both, Karyn. I did see a clip of them heading back to Buckingham Palace and the sun popping out just for a few minutes as they neared Queen Victoria’s statue, right in front of the palace. It was a beautiful wedding and day and, like you, I’m sure she was there. Cheers! MJ

  13. Gabriela

    Now you’ve made me cry. Wonderful post…

  14. While watching the Royal Wedding,I really wished princess Diana would’ve been there. But I guess her soul was there,maybe William and Harry felt it.

  15. And you found a picture where she’s wearing THE ring!

  16. and she was there, no doubt! if not in person, certainly in spirit and most definitely on the lips and in the minds of many thousands of people. many folk at the festivities spoke about her before and on the day. she will never be forgotten and so long as she is in our hearts, she is everywhere 🙂

  17. hi,
    i still remember watching Princess Diana’s funeral and Elton John singing “The candle in The wind”; i was just seven and i made my dad take me to the store to buy the C.D …She was so young when she got married,when she had 2 babies, when she got divorced and finally when she died.

    I know one thing Camilla can never, ever be compared to Diana.
    great article!!

  18. My sentiments exactly. Really missed Diana while watching the whole thing.
    What pissed me off were the people who claimed indifference to the royal wedding…it’s not like it happens very often, and it is truly a spectacular event.
    Even though we’re so far removed from Buckingham Palace and all the people living in it, they do happen to be under the spotlight. Can’t help being interested in what goes on in their lives, and Diana was a huge part of it.
    I think I cried a bit too…you’re right about William’s lip-biting thing….he really does remind me of his lovely mother.
    Awesome photo. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • You’re very welcome; I couldn’t watch any of it without thinking of her.

      I have to think that she’d have been a wonderful ally for Kate and that Kate would be smart enough to see that. Cheers! MJ

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  21. Michael

    Very timely and well written. Thanks for the post, just love it.

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