So, did you watch?

a shared look between HRH William and Catherine; image from

Over the past few days, I heard one question every place that I went (out with friends, to the grocery store, dentist and doctor’s office): So, did you watch?  The Royal Wedding of course!

Did I watch?  I rolled in every single bit of the Royal Wedding coverage that I could! Like with Diana and Charles’ wedding in 1981, I got up extra early and raced around the house, hours ahead of when I had to leave for work. Our youngest later told me, “Mom I heard you scurrying around; you sounded like a little kid on Christmas morning!” and indeed I was… I scuttled to the basement with a magnum of coffee and cranked up the volume as old dog and I snuggled in to watch it.

I didn’t expect to but when I spotted those two handsome and poised young men… I cried. I recalled their poise and heartache when we last saw them in the Abbey… at Princess Diana’s funeral. I cried because it felt wonderful to see the joy and genuine nervousness on their faces.  And, as a mother to two boys, I cried that their mother was not there to witness this milestone.

I cried when I spotted a smiling little lady dressed in canary yellow – the 85-year-old Monarch;  “Granny” to said boys.

I cried when I saw Kate’s face peeking out from behind her veil and when her father gently took her hand in his.  How daunting that moment must have been for them both.

I cried when I saw HRH William whisper “you look beautiful” to his beaming bride.   I cried again when his words took effect and her face lit up with joy.

Call me a sap and you’d be right.

Call me romantic and you’d hit the nail on the head.

Call me all of those things but know, that in the midst of a birth certificate kerfuffle, Bin Laden’s death, tornadic destruction and soaring gas prices etching worry lines on many a-face, I for one, enjoyed the brief respite that the Royal Wedding brought us.  It was fun to comment on her dress, the uniforms, the horse-drawn carriages, the crazy hats, the darling bridesmaids, the second kiss, and the clouds parting as they rolled into Buckingham palace.  In an electronic world where we’re bombarded by breaking news all the time and not much of it good, I loved watching two people steal moments of tenderness for themselves; a shared smile as though two billion people were not watching their every move. Of course the pomp & circumstance was spectacular… but it was those little moments of tender human emotion that made the Royal Wedding resonate with me.

So, did you watch?

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336 thoughts on “So, did you watch?

  1. My daughter had the tv on and I caught the highlights. I don’t follow much on tv (ignorance frequently IS bliss), but I was glad to see the vows. I saw the devotion to one another in Kate and William’s eyes, and it warmed me to my soul. That’s the thing for which we all long… isn’t it?

    • absolutely – that’s the moment I wanted to witness, too. Thanks for weighing in! MJ

    • TeresasMisc

      was in japan on holiday – excellent way to avoid all this monarchist tosh – they’re welcome to indulge in their ‘bread & circuses’ spectacle but not at our expense -my taxes should go to hospitals & schools rather than funding the marriage rituals of a rich minority.
      Re: Charles marriage- at the time Camilla was actually married to someone else as well as being Charles’ mistress – please don’t get all dewy eyed – the British royal family are possibly the most dysfunctional family in the country!

      • I remember reading that Diana had spotted Charles’ C&C cufflinks on their honeymoon – a gift from Camilla and I recall that Camilla was married to someone else. She’s been his one true “love” for years. However, I don’t believe, had Diana lived, that he’d ever been able to pull off marrying Camilla. Thank you, though, for weighing in. I really do appreciate the various opinions! Cheers, MJ

  2. Amen! And with the reaction to the death of Bin Laden, I’m all for having the royal wedding broadcast again as a repeat. Just something sweet to break from the crap. A potty break, if you will. Though I don’t mean that rudely. Thanks MJ!

  3. Yay yay yay for you! I love seeing virtual friends getting Freshly Pressed!


    I know this will come as a surprise to you (based on the slightly jaded take I offer on my blog — slightly): But the Royal Wedding kinda annoyed me. 😉

    Congrats to you! I’m so excited!!!

    • Thank you, Mikalee, for your kindness. And, not for anything, but after all you’ve been through (the brick) I can imagine why you might have found the hoopla about the wedding a bit annoying. I’m of the other camp .. I just rolled in the pomp, circumstance and romance of the day. Cheers! 🙂 MJ

  4. I watched the royal wedding and loved every minute of it..The fact that the bride and groom were so much in love made it even more special..It was spectacular.. Also the subtle diana-tributes were really sweet..

    • I agree; we could see the love in their eyes and to me, that’s where the magic was. Thank you for commenting, Vandy! MJ

  5. I cried at all the same points! And I also cried when remembering those points, whilst reading this post 🙂 It was a lovely ray of sunshine in an otherwise quite gloomy few weeks.

    I love them 🙂 xx

    • Aww, thank you. There is an abundance of tender hearts out in the world after all :). Thank you for reading, and commenting. Please come back & visit again, MJ

  6. Very Nice… Keep it up… 🙂

  7. Congrats, Emjay, on being Freshly Pressed. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I cried and smiled and thoroughly enjoyed watching the beautiful ceremony. I pray this young couple has a wonderful future ahead of them.

    • Susan … I was fine until I saw those boys … then I was (admittedly) a blubbering mess! I tried to talk about it later and got just as choked up as I did the day OUR oldest boy got married. Sheesh! Thanks for weighing in, MJ

  8. I live in London now (I’m American) so it was really cool to see all the craziness. After work on the eve of the wedding I went across the river and took tons of pictures of the preparations and all people camping. Really fun!

    • How fun! My sisters and I all commented that it would sure be an adventure to have been there in person. Thank you for visiting; please post your photos 🙂 MJ

  9. What an uplifting thing to watch on TV.. loved watching it

  10. Congratulations for being Freshly Pressed, emjay! Ive always been excited to know about The Royal Household’s stories! You made my day 🙂

  11. FP’d? Cool…congrats, MJ!

    I still have the wedding on PVR, and hope to watch it tonight while I’m folding laundry…love the red jackets with the bright blue sashes the boys had on! I saw Princess Beatrice’s unfortunate hat choice on another blog today…not good!


    • Gabriela

      It probably was Fergie’s revenge for not having been invited…

    • Hi Wendy, thank you, yes a surprise to me for sure! I kept the footage on the DVR for now and will peruse it again as I have time. Loved it all, thank you for visiting .. and commenting 🙂 MJ

  12. We watched the reruns on the web. So I guess it took us minutes to see what took others hours to watch. Like anyone’s marriage, hope it lasts and wish them the best.

    • Oh! and congrats on being FP!

    • Couldn’t agree more, Harold. I like to think that the time they had together, away from the spotlight, gave them a good foundation from which to start their life with. Thank you for visiting and for your comments, MJ

  13. I watched! I really love the Royal family, and it was nice to see it all pulled off with such elegance and reserve. The dress was beautiful (my mum phoned me the next day and told me that was exactly the type of dress I’d suit, contrary to everything she’s said since my cousin got married).

    It was beautiful, and I loved it!

    • Yes, I agree, it was elegant and she was just so lovely wasn’t she? What a delightful wedding! Thank you for weighing in, Claire. MJ

  14. I didn’t get up early, but I caught as much as I could the next morning between the internet and the replays on tv. 🙂 It was pretty cool, was it not? 😀

  15. Yes, I did with my kids who slept downstairs for the occassion. The husband made my Green tea early. I thought the whole thing was beautiful and loved the trees in the abbey. I think I cried a little as they said their vows. I might have been crabby for the rest of the day but it was worth it.
    Congrats on getting freshly pressed!!!

    • Thank you so much Rumbley; I was very tired later that night, the whole getting up early thing really wiped me out but it was well worth it. How kind of your husband to make your tea and early 🙂 Cheers! MJ

  16. shinypigeon

    I watched.
    And I loved the stolen moments. The holding hands in an arch when they didn’t have to wave, the chatting in the carriage, the overwhelmed face of Kate, and the hint of a grin from the lady in yellow.
    They look genuine and happy…and what more could we ask of anyone?

    • Completely agree; I caught that overhead shot as the carriage passed beneath an overpass and they were holding hands … absolutely precious. Thank you for visiting and for your comments; come back soon!! MJ

  17. I did not get to see the entire Royal Wedding; however, I did see a few highlights on BBC News. She looked beautiful! SN: there was A LOT of singing lol

    • Like you, I didn’t get to see it all .. at one point duty called and I left for work. But I did see most of it and I sure enjoyed it all, glad you did as well. Thanks for visiting, Lakia 🙂 MJ

  18. I did watch! I live in the UK, so even if you wanted to watch something else- it was wall to wall coverage- could not escape it. It was beautiful, perfect even. The choice of William’s uniform (unexpected surprise), Kate’s beautiful dress (going on public display here- I am going to go see!) – the whole mood of the wedding… fabulous!

    • Ooh I’m jealous that you will see a display of that dress; I did take in the Diana exhibit (a touring collection of her dresses & other artifacts) and it was unsettling to see them in person. She was so tall and slim, reed-like really. One of the dresses in the display is a Coat-dress she wore at Easter; next to it was HRH William’s boy-sized matching coat. Took my breath away, more than her wedding dress did even. I agree on the uniform choices — how smart to have chosen that for 1) photos and 2) having him stand out on that balcony. How gorgeous they both looked. Please come back to visit and thank you for your kind comments, MJ

  19. I wasn’t going to watch – I’m getting old and am probably far too cynical – but I watched. Just as I watched Charles and Diana in ’81 and Andrew and Sarah in ’86. It was different though. In ’81 I was around the same age as Diana. Now – I’m old enough to be William or Catherine’s mother and therefore am that much more detached. Great dress – although I thought it might have been more tudor style with a much dropped waist…………

    • I remember watching Andrew and Sarah’s wedding as well and wasn’t she a commoner, too? No mention of that wedding anymore is there? And poor Beatrice & Eugenie .. beautiful girls with unfortunate wardrobe choices. I loved Kate’s dress, very elegant and timeless. Thank you for visiting; please come back soon! MJ

  20. I dropped a few tears myself. How could you not. To have the hold world witnessing the love of two people. What is funny is I didn’t even get into it until about two weeks before.
    There was the moment when Kate was saying her vowels and William was just looking at her so intensely. That’s what got me going. Oh and the arrivals! Just amazing. What a day in history! I really hope they have a different outcome from Diana and Charles.

    • Completely agree! I honestly hadn’t paid a lot of attention to the event until a few days beforehand when I realized that the schedule would sync up nicely with our Eastern time zones. The looks they shared – both at the altar – and off to the side – melted my heart. Unlike Charles and Diana, these two appear to have married for love, which is what we all believe Diana wanted for her boys. How proud of them she must be. Thanks for visiting; cheers! MJ

  21. Ditto, ditto and ditto again! I cried like a baby for all the reasons you just nailed. Wonderful post!

    • The hubbs commented on the trail of kleenex he stumbled over in the basement; apparently I was crying AND messy! 🙂 Cheers, and thanks for visiting Renee. Come back soon! MJ

  22. Yes, I watched. Got up extra early too. I enjoyed the actual building up of excitement than the actual wedding though.

  23. Rita Vanbeber

    I too have sons and I cryed the minute I got up and William and Harry were waiting for Kate to come down the aisle. I gushed so much on FB about how stunning William looked that my nieces husband suggested that I might have a crush on the prince of England, I responded with “he is Diana’s son! Gotta love him!

    • He is so much like her, chewing the lip nervously … not to mention tall and good looking – hair or not! Thanks for visiting Rita 🙂 MJ

  24. Sarah

    this post made me cry! but the best parts really were watching them steal smiles and looks with each other. very touching moments. and the boys.. their humble and modest personalities made us all fall in love with them

  25. I did, right up until the second kiss and that was the climax in my opinion. The crazy hats also made for an interesting viewing. Kudos

    • That’s about when I had to stop (and go to work), too. The hats? Something else! Thank you for weighing in 🙂 MJ

  26. PeacockWings

    I caught the highlights. I have a hard enough time getting up to go to work let alone to go watch tv. I did however make sure I watched Kate walk down the aisle. Her dress was gorgeous, as was she.

    Congrats on Fresh. Press.

    • I only had to get up about an hour earlier than I usually do. Thank goodness for living in the Eastern Time zone. 🙂 Cheers, MJ

  27. I caught a part of it in real time, but I was so exhausted that I fell back to sleep. I watched the whole thing on the net later that morning. I loved how they said “every wedding is a royal wedding”. I loved the dress and borrowed tiara (from the Queen Mum!). It was a true moment of happiness shared with the world.

    • That is a lovely quote and yes, I did hear that the tiara was “something borrowed.” Delightful :)! Thanks for visiting, MJ

  28. Joy

    I could not watch the whole thing. I work. I watched every thing I could on line and on the television. I watched Diana get married to Charles and her death. I saw the pain of her two boys. I loved the faces and behavior of the new princess and her loving husband. I do not want to rain on your parade. But where is the reality. The poorer the english people become the richer the royals live. The money spent on that wedding could have done a whole lot more good spent another way. I do not understand why the british love to see a handful of royals spend the money they need to buy just the basics of life and relish it so.

    • Understand; had I not had the DVR I could not have watched as much as I did… and I still didn’t see it all. I get your point about the $$ spent but boy there were sure a lot of people willing to sleep in the street to cheer them on in person. Still … with all the pageantry, it was the real emotion that got to me. Cheers! MJ

  29. Yes I watched! It was a wedding fairytale 🙂

  30. I watched it, but not the day of, as that was a busy travel day for work. I thought it was wonderful, touching and REAL (even with all the splendor). I hope they have a long and happy marriage.

    Beautiful post. 🙂

  31. I did not watch. However, I am pleased that unlike Charles, who was prevented from marrying the woman he loved and pressured into marrying another, William was allowed to follow his heart. Maybe the royal family learned something from the elaborate disaster that was Charles’ and Diana’s marriage.

    • Gabriela

      Someone remarked about how could Charles have neglected a diamond in favour of a charcoal but there you go. The sad thing was that Diana really was very much in love with him.

    • Yes, let’s trust that many lessons were learned. The love on their faces was apparent and to me – the very best part of the entire day.

      Thank you for your comments … come back soon! MJ

    • I think you’re right that lessons abound … and the Royals seem to have learned from it. There were many departures from tradition in this wedding… and I like to think that was HRH William making his preferences known. Cheers, MJ

  32. Congratulations on being ‘freshly-pressed’ loved your view/post about the wedding. I too cried for all the same reasons you did and have no qualms about it at all. I loved every minute and had the great fortune to actually be there. You may enjoy our experience of this wonderful marriage.
    here’s ‘cheers’ to a wonderful couple and long may their happiness continue

  33. I did watch, along with my 3 year old daughter, who thought it was amazing that a real girl can actually become a princess. You have summarized it so perfectly. I thought about Kate a lot that next day, how surreal it must have been for her, to have the whole world watching such an intimate process. When she stepped out on the balcony, I could see her mouth the words “look at all the people!” I got carried away with it all, and especially liked the ride in the carriage. A real life fairy tale!

    • Thank you, Sherry. How sweet that you have that special memory to share with your little girl. Imagine waking up in Buckingham Palace the next day? Surreal …. Cheers! MJ

  34. Gabriela

    How well you describe what I felt! I too remembered Wills walking behind Diana’s coffin, the poignant letter addressed to “Mummy” on top, I remembered how grief-stricken he must have been, yet he was not allowed to cry. So when I saw both him and Kate barely suppressing smiles all through the ceremony I cried too. I couldn’t help thinking of Diana and how wonderful it would have been if she had been there. I also thought it was all fairy-tale like, and a nice respite from all the ugliness that happens daily in the world. So yes, I was happy for them both, I cannot wait for William to be King. I am sure it is an unspoken feeling shared by many of us.

    • Oh, every time I see a shot of that flower arrangement with the word
      “Mummy,” my heart breaks all over again. It was delightful to see the joy in their faces and yet … so sad to think of the one person who would have wanted most to have been there. Thank you for your comments, MJ

  35. What a superb post. I felt exactly the same. The hairs on my arms kept standing on end. I found it electrifying from beginning to end. The moment she stepped out of the car, the walk down the aisle, the moment they stepped out of the abbey together….and my favourite….the moment she stepped onto the balcony and said “oh, wow!” What a fantastic day to feel such pride for my Royal Family.

    • Thank you, Jamie. Electrifying = now that’s a word that captures it all! Thank you for weighing in… Cheers! MJ

  36. Personally, I did not watch the royal wedding. This is a very exciting time across the world, but at the same time I was also a bit annoyed by the amount of coverage it received. I am glad that we are able to gain insight to happy times and am very pleased that you were able to get so much joy out of your experience viewing the wedding. I just don’t like watching the news in general anymore.

    • Understand; I am a bit of a news hound but, somehow, I missed some of the frenzy leading up to it. Regardless, yes, for me it was a happy and positive experience. Thank you for your comments, MJ 🙂

  37. I really could not have said it better myself! It was a beautiful thing to see in the midst of so much hatred in our world.

  38. Deny Setiyadi

    I watched 😀 It was a great Royal Wedding and I am proud of William and Kate. Congratulations 🙂

  39. Got up at 3:30 a.m. Mom made fresh scones from scratch (so easy) and I made clotted cream (also easy). We had tea in her vintage teapot, on beautiful antique china, heavenly, fluffy and sweet scones with delightful cream and jam. We laughed, cried, clapped and got chills just feelign all of the energy around the world focused in one spot at one time. They deserve and will live happily ever after. Great post! Congrats on Freshly Pressed. The Best Thing about this for me is how much the memory of the day means to my Mom and me…..a moment to be treasured always and a once in a lifetime chance. I was very tired that night too, but so worth it!!! AmberLena

    • You summed it up perfectly, Amber. We don’t know these folks but they – and this shared experience – made many of us feel as though we did. We’ve witnessed their deepest sorrow at their mother’s passing and we delighted in watching this joyful day. With sweet scones & tea in china to boot? You did it up right, my friend! Cheers MJ

  40. I did too – just caught part of it, and found myself unexpectedly crying too. I wish Diana could have been there as the proud mum, to see her son not having to repeat the life she lived.

    • I like to think Diana was there… she was there in his smile, in him nervously chewing his lip, in his long-legged stride. Very poignant to witness such joy without her physical presence. Thank you for commenting, huffygirl. MJ

  41. sock monkey

    hello blogger emjay,
    monkey not watch because monkey think monarchy silly and think man william and mate kate little bit inane. monkey not understand why exceptional #1 usa america mans and ladies have interest in royal anything.

    monkey say goodbye.

    • It is a bit ironic that the country that booted the English out is as fascinated as we are … but we can only take so much of Lindsay Lohan. Thanks, Monkey, for weighing in. Cheers! MJ

  42. Watched it and loved it!

  43. elisajoy

    perfect response to the royal wedding. you “hit it on the nail.”
    It truly was beautiful to watch and i agree about it being such a good escape from the real world. so lovely.

    • Thank you, Elisa, for commenting and for sharing your insights. I also loved the “shared experience” of it all. Cheers! MJ

  44. hh

    see a doctor – it’s not normal to be a retard at your age
    oh – and get a life

  45. Darrell Bermel

    I did not watch… I have no interest in King’s and Queen’s nor their offspring… Royalty… Bah… Humbug… Dj

  46. Jessica

    I love their wedding! By far the most favourite part would be HRH Willam saying you’re beautiful 😀 Tooo cute♥

  47. theveryhungrybookworm

    I watched!!! I agree with you. I loved with William whispered “You look beautiful” to Kate. She was a princess at that moment, whether or not he was a prince.

    • That might have been my favorite moment, too. She was beautiful, he was beaming, they both were delighted = it was perfect. Thanks for visiting; please come again soon! MJ

  48. myblogject

    absolutely watched and loved every single second. I didn’t think it would be so amazing, but I am now officially hooked on anything wedding, royal or kate shaped! this is my post of how i enjoyed the day!

    • I didn’t even plan on watching it “live” but realized, a few days ahead, that the schedule would work well for me. ((Thank goodness for the DVR)). It was an amazing spectacle carried out with exquisite precision but the human moments made it “real” for me. Glad you enjoyed it as well :). Please come visit again soon and I will check out your post as well, thanks so much. MJ

  49. I watched every single part of it!! it was magnificent and truly royal!! can’t wait til harry gets married!

    • Harry looked handsome, impish and Royal – all in one. I suspect many women’s hearts went pitter-patter over him 🙂 Cheers! MJ

  50. I too am a sap… I got all tingly when I was watching the replay of said events… I did not get up and watch… mainly becuase I had no TV at the time, my TV was being installed sometime between 8 and noon that day. If you have no TV, there isn’t much point in getting up to see the big event. I did enjoy seeing the replay. The boys looked very handsome, Kate was stunning as was her sister. The hats and facinators were, well facinating. I really enjoyed the energy and positivity of the whole event. However, I have to be honest… I was annoyed by all the hype for the months before… I guess for the same reason that I hate all the tabloid “news”… they are all people just like you and me… let them have their day in peace. If it would have been me, I don’t think I could have enjoyed it being televised for the whole world to see. It was beautiful none the less. Thanks for sharing and congrats on being FP.

    • Agreed … those hats were … crazy really. I wondered how they even stayed on? I didn’t really follow the build-up and had pretty much avoided it, but I can see where it could have gotten annoying. Thank you for weighing in! Cheers, MJ

  51. savor the folly

    My favorite part was during the sermon the priest commented that they BOTH made the decision to marry each other and Catherine shot him a glance and he looked at her and grinned and then you could see that this was just a normal young man and young woman getting married, even if he is royalty, and she is now too!

    • I caught that glance as well; very moving and very “in the moment,” wasn’t it? Thanks for visiting, MJ

  52. nazarioartpainting

    Yes I watched was a beautiful wedding that did that I remember feeling of my wedding. The nervous, scare and the happy that I feel in my wedding.

  53. I did not watch the wedding…

    But I am so so sooooo excited to see that you were freshly pressed because you’re one of my favorite bloggers 🙂

    Congrats MJ!

  54. I didn’t watch, however, I did eat an English muffin for breakfast today.

  55. I tried not to, I even made a joke or two about the wedding…still, I couldn’t stay away. It’ s like the wedding was calling me . “Come on, watch me, we know you want to” until I cave in and surfed to the You Tube wedding site, only to find that I wasn’t the only one tuning in and so the quality was crap. Still, I ended up squealing like a little girl watching the whole affair. I’m feel so guilty now. I think I actually hate myself.^^

    • Ha ha…. now that is funny!! ((if it makes you feel better, I planned on DVR’ing it and fast-forwarding through the boring parts…. I’m a sap; I’ve admitted it for all the world to see 🙂

      Cheers, MJ

  56. I was down in London for the wedding at it was probably the most amazing experience of my life! The atmosphere was just magical and KATE SMILED AT ME!! I’m glad I’m not the only royal wedding buff 😀 Ahhh it was much enjoyable and I’m still acting high! 🙂

    • How much fun was what?!? Wow! I am not a crowd lover, I don’t really go to concerts or fairs for that reason but I would have put aside my angst to have been there. She was beautiful, he was mesmermized and we? We were charmed. Cheers & thanks for visiting! MJ

  57. I watched and I love your post about reminding us that is okay to take some time out from the bleak news events surrounding us. Thank you.

    • Just my perspective but a little break from the “realness” of “reality” sometimes is what’s needed. Cheers! MJ

  58. I actually didn’t watch. I feel bad now.

  59. Absolutely and I couldn’t help but sigh. lol. Yeah, it’s a bright spot on the dark wall we have these past months.

  60. Totaly and Full of Joy! Lobes everything Minute of Six hours Royal Wedding infront of The TV.

  61. Finally a Royal couple who actually know and love each other. Prince Williams
    and Katie make a perfect couple. I especially loved their disco party..what a way to rock the Palace!

  62. Sweet post. You made me smile today! Congrats on being FPed.

    PS I did not get up early but i did watch LOTS of the coverage.

    • I’m glad I made you smile. There’s enough sadness around; I enjoyed the coverage and the excitement of the day. Cheers! MJ

  63. Of COURSE we watched! This is history. We can also recall Diana and Charles, and The Funeral. The Jubilee too — and Queen Mum. The divorces, the weddings, the toe-suckings and affairs! We’ve all been through WIITH them — because they are ours and a part of us. We can also remember Nelson Mandela walking to freedom, the Moon Landing, the Shuttle Disaster, The fall of the Wall, and many more historic moments, including the World Trade Centre attack and the downfall and death of Sadam and Osama. Fabulaous stuff, and not all of it depressing!

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  65. you know what?
    I didn’t watch…
    I am starting to feel a little ashamed…

  66. Nah, I took a huge pass of the wedding because of the media. I rarely watch TV but since March I had been bombarded with news of the Royal Wedding though the web, passing by magazine covers and TV monitors when I shop. All of that put me off wanting to see or hear anything about the wedding (also avoided my favoride UK live webcams I love to view until it was all over). Luckily I slept through it since I live on the Pacific coast and I avoid the recaps.

    • I must have been living in a hole because, while I was aware of the date, I didn’t see a lot of the press leading up to it. (( I was out of commission due to foot surgery and that’s probably why – pain killers! but I digress)). Thanks for weighing in though 🙂 Cheers, MJ

  67. I missed everything except the balding area on the top of Willy’s head….

    spread the

  68. I absolutely did watch. I, too, got up early. I was captivated by the beauty and pageantry of it all. I felt for Prince William that his mother wasn’t there, but took solace in the fact that he and his bride look so in love. Score one for true love! I also wrote about the Royal Wedding at:

  69. i have yet to watch anything on the wedding! missed the whole thing. haven’t even seen a pic until your blog. thanks for the reminder!

  70. Yes, of course! I got some sleep before getting up at 12:30 a.m. to settle in on the couch (pillow, blanket, and iced tea in hand) and watched the whole thing. I fell asleep while waiting for them to appear on the balcony, but I later watched the kiss on the balcony and the flyover on my DVR. I loved Pippa Middleton’s dress!!

    • Agreed; Pippa nearly stole the show in that beautiful dress. I am glad to hear you enjoyed yourself as well … cheers! MJ

  71. Stewie

    I watched from the first floor balcony of The Sanctuary, the building next to the Abbey, and for that I feel privelaged. Naturally I blogged about it, if anyone wants to check out my posts by clicking on my name. 😉

    • I would love to read your blog post about it; thank you. How fun that you were that close to the activities! 🙂 Cheers, MJ

  72. YES, we definitely watched. We were already awake, so stayed up to see the wedding. The ceremony was lovely. I was elated to have witnessed it, as I did with Charles and Diana. I didn’t shed any tears, but Diana was never far from my thoughts.
    Terrific post!

    • Thank you so much, Kelli. Like you, I couldn’t help but think of Diana, and how proud she would of been of those two boys. Cheers! MJ

  73. I didn’t want to watch it-I tried to avoid it like the plague! But I found myself glued to it, especially since my friends provided a running commentary of it on Facebook- it was hilarious!

    But yes, I was hypnotised so much so that I even started watching the re-runs of it straight after the whole shebang had finished-then I had to quickly turn off the TV. Oh dear :-s

    • I think there were quite a few people who felt like you did … but it was everywhere and it was glorious. Why not give in? Alternative? Turn it off, as I’m sure some did. Cheers! MJ

  74. This was a lovely read. I also completely gave myself over to the enjoyment of Kate, William, and indeed all of Britain as millions even here in our States, were talking about the grandeur, her dress, and Princess Beatrice’s outrageous hat!
    I also empathize with your proclivity for tears, for it is good to know we can cry when we are happy in addition to all the recent sorrows…
    Thanks again for sharing!

    • Thank you very much for your kind words. It was great fun to watch … and to comment .. and they certainly gave us plenty to look at (those hats!). Cheers, and please come visit again sometime 🙂 MJ

  75. I’m a romantic too!! I didn’t watch the wedding… not sure why not, but I think I’ll find youtube videos of that second kiss! That’s the stuff..

  76. I not only watched it, I didn’t sleep at all the night before. I was in an adrenaline rush. It wasn’t about loving the Royals or the glitter or the wealth or the hats. It was all about taking a moment in time from the turmoil that seems to have enveloped much of the world, as well as the constant hate and fear mongering of some politicians here. For a few hours, I sat mesmerized. At a real life fairy tale. At a thoroughly modern young woman who carries herself so proudly and with such grace. At a young man who is so clearly besotted. At two best friends and lovers and partners. Cinderella was about the poor girl who found her prince. This was about the prince who found something more precious than royalty.

    • Renee, you summed it up so eloquently! So true — he’s born to royalty, but she appears royally made :). Cheers MJ

  77. Could you put a poll up? (like a “did you watch” poll, I mean)

  78. i ❤ the prince and princess!

  79. Why anyone in the 21st century, would need this needless demonstrative exhibition of class snobbery, I do not know? Every sycophant was there. Still, it did show what a shallow lots of guests as they are now cashing in on E-Bay with their special orders of service

  80. M Parrish

    I loved reading your blog – we share the same heart! The biggest compliment I’ve recieved recently was when someone heard that I had gotten up at 4:30 local time to watch the wedding and they replied, “Oh Michelle, you are such a hopeless romantic.” YES! That’s ME! 🙂

  81. Yes, I watched 🙂 It was a beautiful ceremony and they both look gorgeous together. Here’s to wishing them eternal happiness!

  82. Yeah I watched it:) it was such a happy event and quite refreshing as all the news we hear about these days is pretty sad. I really wished for a moment that I were on the guest list!

    • Indeed … and I am not sure my curly hair could handle a fascinator but I’d sure give it a try 🙂 Cheers, MJ

  83. Yes, I did watch. I got up at 4:00AMish, just in time to see Kate receive the audience. Loved it. I even drank tea to mark the occasion! It was so great to see the boys celebrating something pristine like this. Diana would be happy.

    • I agree; it was great fun to feel part of their day .. two people I’ll never meet or know yet somehow I feel as though I do. Call me crazy … but it’s the truth. Cheers! MJ

  84. Yes I watched it and liked it. So I have told my daughter to look for a Prince.

  85. Rob

    Yes I did and I loved it.

  86. Yess! I watched it, too. And, like you, my favorite moments were the little moments: Grace Van Cutsem covering her ears on the balcony while the couple kissed, Prince Harry whispering to William as Kate approached the altar, the couple holding hands in the carriage (with William gently tapping his bride’s hand) in the tunnel in the Royal Mews and breaking off when they were out in the sun again to resume waving, and Prince Harry fixing his new sister-in-law’s train as they entered Buckingham Palce.

    Everything was so lovely, and the couple are so clearly mad about each other, it was beautiful to see. I actually didn’t expect to like the wedding this much.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Kat. It was that look of adoration they both shot each other that sunk me. Cheers! MJ

  87. Let people scoff at the royal family…I DON’T care…I loved the wedding every bit… they are the face of modern day UK…and it was nice to see the very human expressions on Wills and Kate on their special day…it wasn’t controlled and automated with military precision nor was it punctuated with firm upper lipped reactions which is typical of the Royals…they had their tender moments of stolen secret looks and a double romantic kiss for everyone to see. And I so missed Lady Di…wonder what she would have worn for the wedding if she were alive! She would have stolen the show 🙂 Wish the newly weds all the best…
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the wedding…Nice post!!!

    • Completely agree with you; I missed Diana as well, and I like to think she would have shown up looking fabulous as ever with a super hot Aristocrat on her arm! There are some who say that she would have had a hard time of it but I’m now not so sure; I think she’d be proud as punch and grinning widely. I wish them all the best, too, and I thank you for visiting .. and commenting. Cheers! MJ

  88. OMG…just caught this Emjay! Congratulations on being FP’d. Another great post! My excuse…big day…AP testing…a reception for my former boss who is retiring and now dinner party in 45″. I am so very PROUD of you! PS You know I watched.

    • Thanks so much, Georgette. We chatted just before that day … talking about if Diana were here. Thank you for your kind words; it’s been quite a fun day and I’m glad to have met many kindred romantic spirits who, like me, rolled in it 🙂 Cheers, MJ

  89. Tattered Butterfly Arts

    I watched it. And I cried! I for all the reasons you said you did. Oh bugger Im off to get the hankies out again . . . . .

    • aww… that makes 2 of us. I could hardly “recap” it later for the hubbs, I was too much of a softie. Aw well .. it was a lovely distraction from all the negative stuff in the world today. Cheers! MJ

  90. Casal perfeito,
    Deus abençoe o casamento deles.

  91. I did, and also captured the most beautiful moment. Feel myself so lucky~~~ I saw Kate went out of the car with the sun came out of the cloud, and after she went into the abbey, the sun went back to the cloud again…. AMAZING…
    At least for that couple of hours, the world can recognise This Is A Real Happy Moment, isn’t it?

    • Indeed, and I think we need more of them. Based on the response to this post, I’d say there are more of us out there who were touched by moments of that day than were not. And the great thing? If someone didn’t want to watch, they didn’t have to. For me, it was delightful to watch two young people so obviously in love take on the world .. Cheers! MJ

  92. Congratulations! Isn’t it nice to be appreciated for all the time and effort that you so diligently put into your blog!

    I did watch, though I didn’t plan to. I turned on the tv to catch the weather – I always rise early – and William and Harry were arriving at the Church. Like a giant vacuum it sucked me right in.

    The result – I was moved, a little weepy, and happy the rest of the day. Well done, I say. Although, I am wondering about Beatrice and Eugenie’s hats. They were a little ‘out there’ to say the least!

    • Hi Renee, the very best thing for me about today’s post is that something I felt so honestly seemed to resonate with many others. I think that speaks to our inherent desire to witness joy vs. pain, positivity vs. negativity, and triumph vs. loss. Like you, I wondered about the hats (( did you see the royal blue canoe shaped one? )) and I thought, “Egad, how do they stay on?” I was joyous, weepy, touched and elated all in the span of a few hours. Wonderful!

      Thanks very much for weighing in … cheers, MJ

  93. I definitely watched! As a 20 year old, the royal wedding inspired me to look more into the amazing life of Princess Diana and her wedding to Prince Charles. It’s nice to see our world celebrate a happy occasion amiss the tragedies that happen. A wedding can make anyone happy!

    • Hello Sunny Girl! Diana, a titled young lady of aristocratic background, was so much younger and inexperienced when she met and later married Charles. I’m happy that these two had the time between them to learn who the other is and develop a friendship and then relationship that appears to be very solid and level-headed. They clearly are in love and the sweet looks they gave to each other – with us all watching – was very endearing to me. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it, too. Cheers! MJ

  94. I watched, I cried, and I got teary eyed reading your post and remembering all those moments which made me cry!!

    • Aww .. I am sorry to have made you cry .. but am touched that the same things that moved you moved me … It was a wonderful event and I felt like a guest at that wedding .. as did many of us, it appears.

      Thank you for commenting! MJ

  95. Wow! Wow! Wow! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!! Somehow I missed your post today, which, by the way, I LOVE. I totally agree with everything you wrote about the Royal Wedding! Congrats again!

  96. I did watch – though I didn’t get up at 4 a.m. to do so. I enjoyed the few hours I saw – thoroughly – and many of the women I know also watched at least part, if not live, then later on.

    For those of us who are “of a certain age,” it brought back bittersweet moments of our more innocent years as teens or 20-somethings when Diana and Charles married. For those who are younger, there is still the spectacle of it, which remains something that doesn’t come often.

    I can’t say I believe in the fairy tale (as I did 30 years ago?) – but it’s hard not to relive our richly varied and complex memories of vows and youth.

    • I so agree and remember those innocent years watching Diana arrive and that meringue dress continue to spill out of the glass coach carrying her. She was so young and beautiful. As much as we wanted to believe in her story, I do think this one is the real fairy tale. A handsome Prince meets a striking young woman who reminds us all what it means to be Regal. And she was. Cheers! MJ

  97. Yes, I did watch the royal wedding. I loved it, and i could tell that they were really in love and that Kate wasn’t just marring Prince William for his money, but for love. That is what I think made the wedding so good. 🙂

  98. What makes the over-extravagant wedding of another nation’s political figures so important to us? They most certainly would not watch the marriage of a president or Bill Gate’s daughter, so what makes THEM so important to US? Why do we care at all?

    • Well I know I wouldn’t watch the marriage of Bill Gates’ daughter. I can’t speak for anyone else but the reason I care is because I became “attached” to those wee boys when they were just blond toddlers on their mother’s knee and to see them solemnly trudge behind her casket when she was killed tragically was nearly unbearable. As the mother of two boys, I would want to see them grow up, become good men, make good choices and marry the girl who makes their hearts go pitty-pat. And I think that HRH William did just that.

      But .. no one says anyone HAS to care .. that’s the great thing about TV, the internet etc .. it has an “off” button.

      Cheers! MJ

  99. What makes the over-extravagant wedding of another nation’s political figures so important to us? They most certainly would not watch the marriage of a president or Bill Gate’s daughter, so what makes THEM so important to US? Why do we, in the United States, care at all? I can understand in England and other parts of Europe it might be a bigger deal, but why in a place where it would not influence anything about us? Just, why?

  100. i did before getting to work. lovely wedding.looked for Mr. Bean. fave part was when i think the Prince, amazed with his beautiful bride, said inaudibly, “you look beautiful”

  101. Dannijella Dragas

    The Wedding was wonderfully put together, the Old Traditional and the Modern blended so beautifully and all went off Military Style on time and wihthout a visible hitch. I loved the way the crowds were happy and to join in the day – Britain again was united. The couple truly looked in love not only by what they said, but the glances and the body language. I found there approach to the day a COMPLETE BREATH OF FRESH AIR. To leave in Princess Charlies Aston Martin sent a message for all to see – THEY ARE GOING TO DO IT THERE WAY, WITH DUTY TO THE CROWN AND TO ENGLAND but FOR JUST ONE DAY IT WAS ALL ABOUT WILLIAM AND CATHERINE….. WISHING THEM MANY YEARS OF HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND ADVENTURE TOGETHER AND ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD

    • Yes, yes, yes! The cruise around the mall in the Aston Martin was just the sweetest and most unexpected touch… the security people had to be freaking out though, don’t you think? I couldn’t agree more: they’re going to do this their way, and while they will be dutiful, they will put their own stamp on it. And I, for one, loved it. Thank you for your comments .. MJ

  102. Such a sweet post – I agree with you 100%. Wish I could have watched it from beginning to end with someone who enjoyed it as much as you. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed.

    • Thank you so much. The only problem was we probably would have been commenting, oohing and ahhing so much that we might have missed a lot 🙂 Thanks for “getting it.” Cheers .. MJ

  103. Thank you for sharing! I had a Royal Wedding Brunch with my sister and friends. We made a couple days of it…..spending time together. Isn’t that what it is all about!

    • Absolutely; having some family & friends to watch it with would have been perfect but in a house full of men (even the dog is male) I was on my own .. at 5:00 a.m. 🙂 Cheers! MJ

  104. I did. 🙂

  105. Oh, hell yeah, I watched! I got up at 3:15am and absorbed every second I could. Then for the next 2 days I watched every replay and recap I could find. I wished I’d had more people to talk to about it, but no one around me seemed to be as into it as I was, so I was thrilled to see your post because I could say, “Yes!!! And it was awesome!!!”

    I kept imagining how it would have been if Diana had been there, but I had to steer myself away from that because as the mother of three sons, it made me really sad. Your post described that well–weddings inspire tears for many different reasons.

    As a young adolescent, I got up for Charles and Di, and as a (practically) middle-aged woman, there was no way I was going to miss this Royal Wedding. Also, the events of the day inspired two of my most recent blog posts, which surprised me, but for which I was incredibly grateful!

    Congrats on being “Freshly Pressed!” All the best to you!

    • We might be separated at birth .. is that a prairie sky I see in your Gravatar? I think it is.

      I remember getting up for Charles & Diana’s wedding … and this is back when we had 1 TV and certainly no DVR or way to pause anything. It was very exciting then and this was very exciting now .. the difference for me was that William and Kate appear to be very much in love and to really know each other .. I think they have a much greater shot at success because of that. I had to hold back the tears thinking of Diana and how proud she would have been to have been there.

      Thank you very much for visiting and commenting; cheers! MJ

  106. I recorded it and wathced it later. The BBC had good coverage. I later paused it and looked closely at the crowd. I took pictures to write a blog about it. I haven’t gotten around to it yet though. The wedding was nice.

    • Well my intentions were to record it and watch it later but …. admittedly, as soon as I figured out that the timing was going to work with my schedule *(I’m on Eastern Time) … that was all she wrote. I was done for .. and I’m glad I experienced all that did. Thanks, Connie, for commenting. Cheers! MJ

  107. I did not watch, not for one second. Sorry.
    So happy you got fresh pressed again! You don’t need the support because youa re already so awesome, but I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. If you hop on over to my blog you can decide if you want to accept.

    • Ha ha ha ha! Ter, that’s what I like about you – you are so honest :). I love that. Thank you for your kindness and your friendship. Cheers! MJ

  108. Found your post through today’s Freshly Pressed. Congrats!

    I wasn’t going to watch. I didn’t plan to initially. I thought all the pomp and circumstance was just silly… She comes from a family of millionaires, he’s a Prince of England, whatever. It’s only going to make me jealous.

    Then a Facebook friend of mine commented on staying up all night to watch an historic event, and I realized that this coverage could be a once-in-a-lifetime cultural happening to witness and share the joy of. I wasn’t born yet when Diana and Charles married. I was 11 years old when Princess Diana died, and I remember being glued to the TV, moved for reasons that were unknown to my 11-year-old brain. That was the first time I had witnessed a whole nation grieving the death of a public figure they loved, and it stuck with me.

    So I gave in and watched the royal wedding. I was awake anyway and loaded the stream on Hulu. And like you, I felt that in this time of turmoil all over the globe, it was a wonderful catharsis to sit and watch a union of fairytale love as the sun rose on the US East coast early in the morning. Plenty of my friends on Facebook just didn’t get it and didn’t care, but for me it was also a nice respite from all the other recent news coverage.

    Sometimes, fairytales are real and televised.

    • You know, I have heard from more than one person that they “weren’t going to watch,” or that they “just wanted the whole thing to pass by,” and then … a funny thing happened, they found themselves drawn in.

      I’m glad you took a moment in time to witness history; regardless of every naysayer out there, this moment shall never come again. And I am delighted that the moments we witnessed were so magical. And isn’t that what most of us long for? Magic? Love? Devotion? Tradition? A spark of creativity? A look of longing, of love, of happiness?

      I agree so much with your last sentence, “sometimes fairy tales are real .. and televised.” You get it, and I love that 🙂 It’s that shared experience between all of us, from all over the world, that is truly remarkable.

      Cheers! MJ

  109. I played Far Cry 2 on the PlayStation 3 instead. I did watch the part where they were on the Balcony.

  110. imere

    My daughter and I watched the 3 hours of coverage just tonight. We taped the Friday morning episodes knowing we wouldn’t be able to watch it while my husband was home – he just wouldn’t tolerate so much sappiness in the house! So we waited until he was away at work to watch it from beginning to end. Being a romance writer and huge fan of love in any amount, I was thrilled to see the couple unite in marriage. I especially loved the pomp that we don’t have in this country. All the traditions and gorgeous conveyances! And horses! I loved every minute of it and will watch it again I’m sure – when my husband isn’t in the vicinity.

    • That is so true, isn’t it? I definitely appreciated the time of day it came on .. as my hubbs is sensitive but really .. he can only take so much of it! 🙂 Your strategy is exemplary .. I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.. Cheers! MJ

      • i almost watched the whole wedding but missed the iconic kiss on their balcony appearance. 😦

  111. nice post and selection of words, you ended it in a quip.

  112. oh gorgeous! yes i watched and i cried.. at the way you recalled the event, the tender emotion you described and the way will’s words lit up kate’s face! so sweet, thank you 🙂

    • Thank you so much; it was a wonderful day and I’m glad so many of us shared it – and saw – what made it more than just a State event.

      Cheers! MJ

  113. jule1

    I’m so glad this made Freshly Pressed! I was frankly surprised at the # of people who said they wouldn’t watch, had no interest, thought it cost too much, why do we care about them, etc.! I watched for many of the reasons you did — I thought the sheer spectacle, as well as the happy occasion, warranted watching. Plus, I saw Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding, and the history of being able to watch both appealed to me. Like you I was happy to see William and Harry as grown men in a happier venue. I also love fashion and enjoyed Kate’s dress and the rest of the dresses, hats, uniforms, etc.

    But mostly it was a nice break from all the bad, bleak, depressing, terrible news. Wasn’t it nice to have good news for a change? I thought so!

    • Thank you very much, Jule. Yes – it was so so nice to have good news and for once, we got to witness a real life romance not a sugared up Hollywood version of one .. And being able to witness history was just too good to pass up for me. Thank you for your kind comments; please visit again soon.. Cheers! MJ

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  115. Sweet post! Yes, it would have been special if Diana could have been present to witness the moment. I always felt sorry for her.
    And it’s important to remember that in spite of the production and the spectacle, this was about two human beings starting their own very real journey together.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Indeed; thank you Sheila, for commenting… Like you, I always felt for Diana, she was so young and inexperienced and I never felt she really knew what she was in for, marrying into “The Firm.” I’m glad that “Kate” has had the time to slowly acclimate and I do believe it has been HRH William’s gentle love that has anchored her through it. Cheers! MJ

  116. Didn’t get to watch most of it, but my Facebook home page became a running commentary on it so watching it wasn’t necessary. I hope they last.


  117. I didn’t even attend my own sister’s wedding, so I definitely wouldn’t watch other people’s.

  118. oooh, I didn’t watch it. I had to stay overnight at school, chaperoned my students. But I read some news and even write other features about the event. Love to see the loving couple. May they live happily ever after.

    • Yes, indeed. Seeing the loving looks they gave each other was the icing on the 4′ cake for me 🙂 Cheers! MJ

  119. Yes we all watched it over her at Fashionwidget. May God bless their union and may Diana’s soul continue to rest in peace. Amen.

    ~Rebecca for Fashiowidget

  120. Too bad thet got married on a friday because i was at work. I need to youtube this after reading your post.

    • I think that if you google “Royal Family” you can watch the highlights on their youtube channel. They’ve gotten much smarter & more adept about being proactive with social media … of late. Have fun! Cheers, MJ

  121. catlos14

    Yes, me and my dogg Prince watched the entire event with joy

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  123. I was 11 when the King died. Some months later, we listened to BBC commentators describing the Coronation parade. In the Abbey, it was Richard Dimbleby describing the crowning service. Then it was on the News at the movies. A couple of years later, there was a movie called ‘John and Julie’ which featured the whole thing in colour.

    Despite my parents’ evangelical religion, they rendered onto Edward, the Georges, and then Elizabeth, due admiration for a job that, however ridiculous in principle, is hard work well done and fulfils a positive role in these deomocratic days.

    When I became a man, I put away childish things and rejected not only the fictional guy in the sky playing his “see what you made me do” game of thorns, thistles, and blood redemption, but also our consitutional monarchy. I became a republican.

    Nevertheless, I weep at EVERY wedding. And I LOVE the TV coverage of the loyal crowds on Royal occasions. So I dedicated all five of my systems (four Sky digital boxes, one FreeView box, five TV sets) and simul-viewed the whole day (in the style of Elvis, or the White House) along with two billion other citizens of Earth.

    Your writing is superb. Well done WordPress for recognising the fact. Well done you too! -Cy Quick

    • Thank you so much, Cy. Gotta love a man who cries at weddings 🙂 Thank you for your kind comments, and for being such a kindred spirit. Cheers! MJ

  124. Nope. I only saw how the wedding ring was hesitant to slide onto Kate’s fingers. And how they got affectionate on the balcony a few too many times 😉

  125. I was working, but yes, I saw them take their vows. And was smiling, my eyes full with tears. 🙂
    Now I’m crying again a bit, reading your post… 🙂

    • Oh, I am sorry to have made you cry. I cannot help but tear up as I recall the sights of that day and I am glad to know I am not the only softie in the world…. Cheers! MJ

  126. I watched! And I cried! I woke up my husband who came out of our room thinking I was hurt.
    I am just a few years younger than William and I remember thinking what a brave young man he was when his monther died. I’m so happy he got his happily every after! 🙂

    • Aww your poor hubby!! Agreed, I thought those two young boys were so brave and stoic at her funeral and so it was just wonderful to witness them experiencing joy and radiating happiness; she would have been beaming had she been there, don’t you think? Cheers! 🙂 MJ

  127. Your writing is similar to poetry…. splendid…loved reading the article. Good job, and yes I did watched the wedding.

    • Well thank you very much. It was a special day that and I’m glad I made the effort to be part of it. Cheers! MJ

  128. yes is good!

  129. What a great post!

  130. Nguyen

    i watched at 5am in californiiaaa! 🙂

  131. mrthekidd

    That’s a wonderful way to look at it. I did watch and thought that it was refreshing to witness genuine love and good when there is so much hate and evil going on. Congrats on FP’d 🙂

    • Thank you so much; I am delighted to know that so many others “saw” what I did — genuine human emotion admidst all the pageantry. Cheers! MJ

  132. I think me and the whole of the office I work in watched it. From the day it was announced to the big day itself we lived and breathed the Royal Wedding and we absolutely loved it.

    You couldn’t be more right it was such a welcome distraction from everything going on in the world at the moment. There was such a feeling of pride all over the UK that day which is just fab in my eyes. So lovely to see two people so clearly in love enjoy their big day! 🙂

    • Fun to hear the perspective of UK friends & residents; and the love that resonated between the two made the whole experience magical. Cheers to you! MJ

  133. Here in China, everybody is talking about the fairytale, probably the last fairytale in the world.

  134. angelsbridedress

    I kept imagining how it would have been if Diana had been there, but I had to steer myself away from that because as the mother of three sons, it made me really sad. Your post described that well–weddings inspire tears for many different reasons.

    • Thank you; it’s good to know there are other sensitive mothers out there. In a world where the wedding business is really designed for the brides, the boy’s mother can easily be overlooked. I thought of Diana that whole day, too. Cheers! MJ

  135. novies

    Hope they are running their married for live time…thanks MJ… Baby Massage

  136. Hi MJ, YES, I did watch the wedding and spent the whole morning glued to the screen. I can perfectly understand and share your feelings as a mother of 3 grown-up boys…
    But I would also like to congratulate you on being freshly pressed and on your blog as such! I’ve only been in the “blogging-business” since 11/10 and still learning. What amazes me most is your dedication and attention to every single comment on your post – you are admirable!!! Kind regards from Germany,

    • Thank you, Uta in Germany, for reading and your comments :). It was a delightful day to witness history and I am happy to know that many people felt the same — buoyed by feelings of love, pageantry, romance, and happiness on that shared special day. Cheers! MJ

  137. I tuned in too! Mainly to see her dress, her arrival to the church and the ceremony. (I honestly wasn’t that into watching it, but on the day off, there was so much buzz that I did eventually tune in!)

    Kate and Will do seem to make a great couple, and it is nice to celebrate and focus on a positive in this world, given all the negativity we are constantly bombarded with! I’m all for that! 🙂

    • Glad you caved in, as did I 🙂 I knew I would watch, but didn’t really decide to until a few days ahead, when I realized the schedule would fit nicely into my morning (pre-work). Like you, I was happy to turn my face towards something positive and lovely and was surprised to be as moved as I was. I’ve just let the blogging world know that I am a complete sap and I am ok with it 🙂 Cheers! MJ

  138. I tuned in too! Mainly to see her dress, her arrival to the church and the ceremony. (I honestly wasn’t that into watching it, but on the day off, there was so much buzz that I did eventually tune in!)

    Kate and Will do seem to make a great couple, and it is nice to celebrate and focus on a positive in this world, given all the negativity we are constantly bombarded with! I’m all for that! 🙂

  139. even here in Belgium we were very excited! I study journalism, and we watched it in class

    • Once I started, it was difficult to not get caught up in it. What was really fun? Men friends of ours were commenting, too. And there were a few with a tear in their eye as well…. loved it! Cheers to you in Belgium… MJ

  140. successisthebestrevenge

    Yes, I watched the the Royal Wedding. It was not my initial intent. My subconscious was focused on the wedding. I woke after 4 A.M.; turned on the tv. I became captivated and flipped every channel possible until the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge kissed. It was such a calming and joyous experience. I felt the love as I watched. It had such beauty and community as the world watched in unison.

    • Shirley, thank you for your comments and yes, like you, it was such fun to participate in this with two people I’d never met — and likely never will. How nice that so many of us felt the love that was there in the Abbey…the joy and hope expressed by so many towards these young people has been very uplifting for me to read about. Cheers! MJ

  141. The same way I watched his mother marry Prince Charles, I couldn’t resist watching William’s wedding. Beautiful and romantic, I dabbed at my eyes the entire ceremony. 🙂

    • Yes, yes, yes! Maybe it’s because I’m older now and know what I know … but I don’t recall being as moved by Charles & Diana’s wedding. I think it took seeing those two young men lose their mother at such a tender age – and in such a public way – that made me gasp and choke back tears when I first spotted them smiling in the back of the car .. on the way to the Abbey. Wonderful. Cheers! MJ

  142. Yes, I watched the royal wedding and it is something we will be telling the future generations about many years from now.

  143. You nailed it! I watched every minute of it plus some. On the 29th I got up at 1:00 am so that I wouldn’t miss a minute of it and proceeded to watch it and the rehashing of it for the next 15 hours or so. No way was I going to miss it. I watched his mom get married in ’81 and I just couldn’t miss it. I watched every bit of his mother’s funeral in ’97. I just love all things about her and those two boys.

  144. I did too -not early in the morning but in a later rep-, I enjoyed too and, as you said, they seemed not to pay attention to the huge bunch of people watching them. I think they were pretty concious of it, most of the time, but they were also enjoying their moment.
    Congrats for being Freshly Pressed!

    • Thank you so much; it has been great fun hearing from so many others who also relished the Royal’s special day. Cheers! MJ

  145. Oh yes, why would we not wipe away a tear of joy, instead one of sadness? Having had several experiences it would get in to the bones of that person who has been here on this world already for some time.
    How I enjoyed and what my thoughts were, you are welcome to read in:
    Married among the tombstones:Royal wedding Prince William & Catherine MiddletonPump, circumstance, Royalism and paganism:A wedding and a monarchy

    • Thank you for sharing your link; I will certainly peruse it.. and thank you for your kind words of kinship. Cheers! MJ

  146. There was no way I could wake up in the middle of the night–I had to work the next day! But I did TIVO it and got all cozy the next night and enjoyed it tremendously. All six hours that I recorded! Stupendous! Congrats on being freshly pressed!

    • Thank you; don’t you just love the DVR/TiVo etc? It has totally changed my TV watching experience. Now .. I have no patience for commercials though. Cheers! MJ

  147. Hey! You’re on the cover! I didn’t watch, to answer your question… But I loved the highlights you shared of him saying she looked beautiful 🙂 And, I really loved her dress!

    • Yes indeed; Tucked amongst the pageantry, there were many moments of simple romance that delighted me. That’s what I loved most about the day. Thanks for commenting, CM’s Wife 🙂 MJ

  148. sure,that’s so romantic

  149. Hi MJ,
    Thank you for such a good read; it was very engaging.


  150. I recorded the whole thing, and then the next day, when my brother and sister-in-law came for the weekend, we sat down and watched it together. I think the men would have preferred a basketball game, but my sister-in-law and I sure did enjoy sharing the fun of it.

    • how fun! The hubbs tolerated my enthusiasm for the day and admitted later to haveing watched some of the coverage even when I wasn’t around. He called it … *ahem*.. news. Cheers! MJ

  151. Sandra Eliswa Naduvilaparambil

    my family and me live in India…and yet we got to see the live telecast of the wedding…let me tell you this much; this was THE first time my mom, my sister and me watched something on the T.V together AND CRIED…..(we do watch shows together but th 3 of us in tears…?? whoa that was a FIRST!!)
    CUTE article… why did you have to write something so sweet and make me cry again?? *sob* 🙂

    • Awww thank you Sandra. I didn’t mean to make you cry but I am surely touched that you (and so many others) were as captivated and as moved by the romance and pageantry of that day as I was. Cheers to you, your Mom & sister and thank you for visiting 🙂 MJ

  152. Moona

    I definitely watched with a smile plastered on my face the entire time, whether due to the fact that I didn’t go to bed until 7:30 that morning after they had their balcony time or due to the actual wedding and all its content. I was looking forward to the wedding for so long, buying the special edition Hello magazines and annoying people by gushing over it. I loved Kate’s dress and how coolly she handles everything, and the love that is obviously shared between the two. When she was walking down the aisle, Harry looked back at her and said to Will “wait ’til you see her” which I think shows the acceptance of Kate into the family. It was just beautiful. I will remember the wedding for always!

    • I’ve been wondering what it was that Harry said to William and now you’ve solved the mystery for me. 🙂 Thank you so much. Like you, I thought Kate handled herself with such grace and elegance. Imagine what that must have felt like to have had the world watching such a moment? She was beautiful, he was beaming and many of us, the world over, rejoiced at the sight of their love and affection for each other. Thank you for commenting .. and sharing that information as well. Cheers! MJ

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  154. I didn’t “care” about the royal wedding until the morning it was happening and then I found myself glued to the screen. You are right, something beautiful and romantic is so rare on TV these days in the midst of all the heart-ache portrayed, I enjoyed watching the ceremony and a small part of me was living vicariously thru Kate… the small “princess” in me. I too have two boys and remember the tears I shed for Princess Diana’s sons while watching her funeral. I wish blessings on the royal couple and pray safety over them.

    • You are so kind, and not alone in your prayers of blessings for their safe and happy future. Like many who have commented here, it seems that many of us felt a little embarassed to be “sucked” in and later “glued” to the screen. I am with you there; but, once I realized what was happening …and I simply let myself roll in the moments that were before me, I found, to my delight, that my spirits were buoyed at what we all witnessed. Love… romance… and a sweet intimacy in spite of several billion eyes upon them. And in a world filled with dysfunctional reality stars screaming, swearing and stomping for our attention, it was such a lovely little respite, wasn’t it?

      Thank you for visiting; I hope you come back again … Cheers! MJ

  155. Scarlett DuBois

    Yes I watched, I cried, and I repeated. I couldn’t get enough of thing the whole weekend.
    This is the best piece I’ve read so far on the emotional description of the wedding. Every one else has been so critical; they forget that two people who really love each other are sharing (not really by choice) a very intimate occasion in a couple’s life. Beautifully written!

    • Well thank you Scarlett, for your very kind words. I’m glad that what made me cry is also what touched you about that sweet day. Cheers! MJ

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  158. thor27

    Lovely couple !!! New I added some recipes on mine at

  159. I also did watch! 🙂 Historical indeed 🙂

  160. great : )

  161. thegirlwhowantstotalk

    I loved the Royal Wedding.. it was so beautiful! I woke up extra early to watch it and I missed a bit because I had to get ready for work. Then watched upto the first kiss on the balcony and left. I didn’t think that there would be a second kiss! I watched clips on the news and then on YouTube, then on Loose Women, and then again the highlights on BBC iPlayer. I also read practically every article about it on the Daily Mail website. I just couldn’t get enough! Loved it! 😀

  162. I did too -not early in the morning but in a later rep-, I enjoyed too and, as you said, they seemed not to pay attention to the huge bunch of people watching them. I think they were pretty concious of it, most of the time, but they were also enjoying their moment.
    Congrats for being Freshly Pressed!

  163. Thanks for sharing content to read.

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Better Days Blog

Learning from yesterday, living for today

Another Stir of the Spoon

Food, Art, Books, Birds and whatever...

Connie Rosser Riddle

Connecting with People in My Path

Atypical 60

A Typical Blog. A Typical Woman. A Typical Take On Life. With An Atypical Twist!

Life Write Here

“I write because I don't know what I think until I read what I say.”

Virginia Views

Country Living for Beginners

Views and Mews by Coffee Kat

Kate's views on life edited by four opinionated cats

Renee Johnson Writes

Novelist, Traveler, and More

Life Is A Journey... Not A Guided Tour

My Journey From Merchant Mariner to Mother, and Spiritual Being.


Nancy Roman

She's A Maineiac

just another plaid-wearin' java-sippin' girl

I also live on a farm

Just another weblog

Wordsmith's Desk

some thoughts along the way

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

music, poetry, musings, photography and philosophy from a woman who found her way back home and wants you to come over for a hike and a cocktail.

these days of mine

Stop in and see what's happening during these days of mine

When I Ride...

How life coaches me as I ride...



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