I’m Hot !!

And not in a good way.

Our back yard ... thank goodness for the pool!!

I used to love the heat that summertime brought – I loved being out in it… getting my tan-on. I loved the feel of the hot summer sun crisping up my shoulders at a baseball game or while sitting in the stands at the races.

Now?  I still love summer but I can’t just take the heat.

I mean it.

Anything over 85 degrees?




Walking out into 90 F temps recently, I gasped.  It felt like someone had thrown a wet dishrag over my face and I was drowning in the heat & humidity.

My naturally curly hair took one look around and went *POOF* — think “Carrot Top” on steroids.

I thought I had a bug on me;  oh no, that turned out to be sweat rolling down my forearm!


Then it came to me.

I remembered my mom & aunties staying near the fan during the dog days of summer. How, at family picnics, they’d strategically place their lawn chairs under the largest tree, hoping for the ultimate: shade and a cross breeze.  I recalled trips to town doing a “460” – 4 windows down, 60 mph.

And suddenly I understood: every summer dress was cotton and every sandal was open-toe. Every top was sleeveless and every drink was iced.  (And some were laced – ha!)

I never thought about it before.

But I get it now.

I’m hot. And not in a good way.

Hold on a minute while I change into something cotton, pull my hair up off my neck and set my chair in the shade.  Oh …  and if you block my access to the fan … it’s not gonna end well for you.

How about you? Do you love the heat … or wilt in it?

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28 thoughts on “I’m Hot !!

  1. I loved this post! It reminded me so much of our family before the days of a/c (except none of the drinks were laced!).
    Now I find myself scurrying from one air-conditioned spot to the next !

    • You and me both, Dianna. And we didn’t have AC growing up (and my mother still doesn’t) just fans and a cross-breeze. We have AC here in MI where the humidity is often over 80% (Great Lakes State-whew!) I love summer but it is a challenge for me to handle the heat … thanks for weighing in!! MJ

  2. I’m wilting…and still no rain here. I’ll be sure to pack cotton and shorts when I go up to the midwest.

    • definitely pack layers .. it can be 90 during the day and drop 30 degrees after the sun goes down … have a great trip! MJ

  3. We are in our second week of no rain and 95+ degree temps. To top it off, we have code orange air alerts – meaning the air outside is not good for you. Huh?

    I don’t like to complain about the seasons, but – I do not like the heat. Dislike, dislike. We had a pool. Technically, we still have it – but it needs a new liner and it is out of commission. I miss it.

    If you need me during these hot summer days (by the way, it is still spring!), you’ll find me inside. I don’t venture out much this time of year. (smile)

    Great post, MJ!
    ~ Lenore

    • Ultimately, the heat/humidity in Houston was a big part of why we moved back to the Midwest. Great place to live but it was insufferable for much of the year…. Just like you, I’m inside a lot more during the hottest part of the day (or in the pool if at all possible – it’s a lot of work sometimes but a lifesaver on those super hot days). And I take a fan with me out to the “man cave” (garage) so that I can stand to be out there … Cheers! MJ

  4. As a San Diegan for the last 10 years, I can attest that I’ve completely lost any temperature tolerance. A San Diegan can tell the difference between 72 and 68 (the latter is a bit nippy).

    Any thing above 80 or below 55 is out of the question.

    • Yes I am with you on that note; I can still handle the cold (layer it up baby!) but the heat/humidity creates a whole new persona in me: a cranky curly haired woman hovering near the fan!! Cheers, MJ

  5. cooper

    i love the time of year. but a s i get older the humidity does take its toll. Not having AC as a kid, my Mom always took us to the library to hang out in the cool air. No wondre i love to read.

    • No wonder Coop! I remember how cool our school was (temp-wise) also .. especially the library .. ahhh…. Wonderful.

      Cheers! MJ

  6. Naturally curly hair girls unite; mine is like that as well. Bad hair days from May to September and am learning to just go with the curls and some extra conditioner! You said it well!

    • I’ve had the same hair “do” for years (layers) because that’s what I can do with it .. but when I go home to Sask to visit, my hair is like an odd relative I’ve never met before …in that dry climate it behaves, lies down nicely, and cooperates. Not here – it’s unruly and comes with its own zip code. Crazy

      Cheers! MJ

  7. Oh…you’re hot, and in a good way. Don’t fool yourself!
    But seriously…it is 100 here today in central Texas. We started riding at 3 this morning to get it all done before lunch. Just made it!

    • 100! That is just wrong and on every level!! I cannot believe you started riding at 3 — how do your horses hold up? Wow! I’m whining and it was 81 today .. but, thankfully, no humidity (rare for here). Thanks Lissa 🙂 MJ

  8. You are SO hot! Living in Florida we live with extreme heat and humidity 8 months out of the year. But we still complain! We do learn to just live with it, though. What else can you do? My hair is almost always up from April to November. It’s really depressing this time of year when you know you have SO MANY MONTHS of it ahead. We won’t get even a hint of relief until one elusive day in October. Then it will immediately be miserable again until late November. Then from December to April it is glorious. Hang in there!

    • I don’t know how you do it, Caroline! You are a warrior. I think about your heat .. and how you run in it and I think .. geez I am such a wimp! 🙂 But thank you for the kind words .. I just have to say that as I get older I have no guage for the heat like I used to .. it’s just bloody miserable when it’s hot. And so am I!! As for me .. I’ll be near the fan or AC vent 🙂 Cheers! MJ

  9. I long for the heat all winter long and then when it gets here, I get in a bickering match with the hubby over why he doesn’t want to turn on the A/C! There’s a perfect little window of weather and it never stays for long… upper 70s, sunshine and a very slight breeze. But we’ve already passed those days by.

    Your back yard is beautiful. Love the pool! Wish I had one!

    • Oh Terri, I know that teeny tiny window you speak of … we skipped it this year .. went right from cold/rainy/blustery to OMG heat/humidity. We have similar matches about the AC but since he’s more often outside I win :). Thank you for your kind words re the yard; when we bought this old house, the only thing out there already was the screened in porch to the left — everything else we’ve added. I love the pool, too … it’s a fair bit of work to keep up but there’s no better place to be on a Tuesday at 5:15 after a full afternoon of conference calls!! 🙂 Cheers – MJ

  10. I wilt, it’s terrible. This is the first summer I’m forcing myself out into it, since I’m traveling I kinda have to. An hour at the beach today and that was enough, how do people do ‘beach days’?? Yesterday was my first day with rain in a month, it was wonderful!

    • I hear you, Jessica. I long for summer when it’s not and then when it arrives I have to curb my desire to complain. Yesterday was perfect – 80 and hot but not humid. I used to spend the day at the beach – no more. Now I break out in hives if I don’t wear >50 SPF – crazy!

      Thanks for commenting, MJ

  11. Hey, whether it’s a matter of a growing intolerance for heat, or good ole mother nature’s meddling with your body’s thermostat, it’s no fun! I’ve had very little problem with this…actually I’m usually the opposite and am always cold. But when it’s hot, it’s hot! Most Alaska houses don’t have air conditioning, and last summer on a hot afternoon I actually took myself to Wal-Mart just for the air conditioning…couldn’t take my house another minute!
    By the way, a friend of mine says she’s having her own personal summer when she has a hot flash…love that phrase!
    Hope you cool off soon!


    • I’ve used that same phrase … some of it is hormonal but some of it is just that it’s too sticky and hot!! Sunday it was 80 here but dry and with a slight wind = perfect. The day before? 81 with 70% humidity. Ugh. I can relate to your Wal-Mart trip … I take myself to the grocery store .. usually no cooler place 🙂

      Cheers! MJ

  12. I’m totally with you, MJ…75 degrees here is just a nice summer day…I love it! I don’t miss the heat in the States one bit! I would melt if I lived there now…


  13. The hotter the better in my case, I hate cold wether an A/C is the ruin of Man… I can swing my hammer all day long in 110 degree’s , Let it get cold an yu’ll find me by the Fire…

    • Ian .. thank you for visiting; You must be well used to the heat, living in MS. I love summer but those super hot/humid days just make me cranky. Cheers to you!

  14. Really well said. I’m pretty much with you on the heat. Humidity … my worst enemy. It’s why I moved to California. Couldn’t do the humidity of the midwest.

    On the other hand, I don’t do cold at all! So … I’m pretty easy. hehehe
    Just keep me between 60 and 80 degrees and I’m the happiest. Is that too much to ask??? 🙂

    • Thank you; the humidity (on hot or cold days) is definitely a “game-changer.”

      My skin loves it though … and my hair does weird things in it. A perfect day to me is about 78 and sunny .. with a light breeze. Ahh


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