Just veggin’

For about a month now, I’ve been making a concerted effort to consistently eat better. I’ve tried doubling up on my fruit (easy to do – I love fruit and there are a lot to choose from right now) and I’ve also tried to triple my vegetables.  Some days are better than others but – hey – that’s what intent is all about, right?

When I eat out regularly I can really feel the added salt taking effect.  Also, in a group setting, I can find myself at a lunch location that’s far from healthy. So .. I’ve started politely declining offers to “get out” and instead, have been bringing my lunch.  I usually leave my office and run a quick errand, then eat when I come back.  That allows me to break away from my work and I am rewarded with something tasty, colorful and delicious when I return: Win-Win!

I am gluten-sensitive (not intolerant …just sensitive. Think of me and gluten like certain relatives … we get along, but it’s really best we don’t see each too often).  To that end, I rarely eat bread, pasta, or anything containing flour.   So, for me, sandwiches and wraps are not something I can count on for lunch.   Leftovers stay in at home for the hubbs, who works out of the  house.  And salads?  I love salads but also get bored easily and … sometimes I just want to eat something warm & aromatic at lunch.

I’ve found a solution!

At the start of the week, I chop up the following (you can use whatever vegetables you want, these are just ones I like and know will hold up well).

  • 2 Yellow squash, chopped
  • 2 Zucchini, chopped
  • 1 Vidalia onion, chopped
  • 1 red (or green) pepper, sliced into bite sized squares
  • 8-10 sliced mushrooms
  • A handful of fresh green beans, cut into bite sized pieces
  • A handful of “broco-slaw” (shredded broccoli, carrots & coleslaw, found in the salad section – yum)
  • Seasonings!  I like (salt-free) Mrs. Dash ( I like regular & onion ). You can also use cayenne, onion powder or flakes, fresh garlic or garlic powder.  Get jiggy with it!
  • A splash of low-sodium soya sauce
  • Vegetable oil for cooking

easy peasy veggie stir fry; an emjayandthem photo


Chop all vegetables and set aside.

Pour about 1 tablespoon of oil into a large frying pan and, on medium heat, heat up the oil. You want the oil hot enough to “sizzle” when the veggies hit it but not so hot that there’s smoke.  (If the smoke alarm goes off .. it’s too hot.  Back that thing up!)

Gently pour your vegetables into the oil (no sudden moves or the oil will splash and burn you – done it, got the marks to prove it).

Turn the heat up to medium-high and, with 2 spoons, continually toss the veggies so that they start to cook.  Add your seasonings liberally now. Cook and continue tossing for ~5 -7 min tops (I like my vegetables to be a bit crunchy when I eat them).   If you don’t, just cook a little longer.  A good indicator?  The onions.  They will turn from milky white to nearly clear when cooked.

When you’re nearly ready to turn the heat off, pour a splash of low-sodium soya sauce over the mixture and toss to distribute.  Let mixture sit in the pan for a few minutes then eat or let cool and store in the refrigerator.

I love to eat this stir fry mixture with:

  • Grilled chicken or turkey
  • Grilled Salmon, tuna or mahi-mahi
  • I’ve even thrown a leftover burger in there…

You could add chopped tofu if you’re into that; I’m not, it’s a texture thing for me **shudder**.

And that’s it.  The combo of veggies easily makes 5-6 servings and keeps wonderfully (unlike pre cut lettuce that turns orange 5 minutes after the bag is opened .. ugh).  It’s handy to have on hand when I’m tired or get home later than planned; this is important to me because those are the moments temptations are likely to win.

Fixed any new dishes that you’re really enjoying? Please share! 

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16 thoughts on “Just veggin’

  1. This sounds delicious – my hubby wouldn’t go near it though. He’s a meat and taters man.
    I would be sad ( & probably a lot thinner) if I couldn’t eat bread and pasta.

  2. I fix it mostly for me the hubbs is a meat & starch kind of a guy, too. But he has been known to take a spoonful of these and add them to his plate. I don’t miss pasta at all but every once in a while I will indulge in toast with breakfast. My favorite? Sourdough … mmm. I just can’t too often because I pay for it every time. Thanks for weighing in, Dianna 🙂 MJ

  3. I bought one of the Jack LaLane juicers and for my sweets fix…I put big chunks of watermelon in there, turn it into juice and freeze it in popsicle molds, stick and everything. Of course this works with any kind of juice. It’s great after being outside to come in and get one. Sounds like you are having fun with the creative aspect of this food thing. Inspirational!

  4. I have discovered I am no longer Reeses’ Peanutbutter cup fan ever since I started having dark chocolate for my afternoon snack. Who knew? I might try this mix of veggies as I am trying to consume more as well.

  5. cooper

    that looks thoroughly tasty….do you deliver?
    And for me, life without sandwiches is not life at all. I understand your reasons for staying clear but lunch is the meal i enjoy the most. i love big sloppy sandwiches…

    • Ha! Cooper … try ’em, they’re not hard to make and taste wonderful :). I still do love a good sandwich, especially on my Mother’s home-made bread, but I just can’t indulge too often. 😦 Cheers! MJ

  6. I don’t know how you do it…my husband wouldn’t get near that stuff either…looks tasty although i haven’t tasted most veggies…im still learning…hehe But I’ll thin away while he stays the same or fatter…hehe :0)

    Oh and I would cry if I couldn’t eat pasta or bread. I love pretty much anything with pasta. :0)

    • We had a huge vegetable garden when we were kids (and I used to have to weed it – ugh) but that spawned my love of veggies. Fresh beets out of the garden, steamed with butter? Heaven. Swiss chard? Mmmm. I like most fruits, too. The hubbs is pretty much meat & potatoes/rice/pasta kind of guy but he will take a small spoonful of this and he has commented – tasty! Maybe he was just being kind, but I think he actually liked it.

      Don’t miss pasta, still miss bread. Once in a while I’ll have a sandwich or splurge on toast. I just can’t too often … Thanks for weighing in 🙂 MJ

  7. I’m gonna “get jiggy with it”!!! You are so cute. You know I love this recipe.

    • I’ll bet you already make something very similar … I was thinking Cayenne might be fun to add to this, too. Cheers, MJ

  8. Tasty! For the past several months, I’ve been trying to eat way less meat for the reason of trying to eat and feel healthier. And I can tell a difference. The days I do eat meat, I feel a bit more bloated and such. I applaud you for eating more fruits and veggies and I like your lunch strategy. Good for you!

    • I hear you, Leah. I grew up on a beef farm and we had beef nearly daily; it feels foreign to cut it way back but I have. And I feel better for it.

      Lunch is a struggle, socially. I’d rather not eat alone but I just can’t continue to “go along” with the herd. Won’t. Do. It.

      All the best, MJ

  9. This sounds delicious, MJ! I take my lunch every day except one, but it’s usually leftovers…I absolutely love stir-fries!


    • It is delicious and easy to make … and … the hubbs actually asked for it last night!! (( This is a man who doesn’t eat too many veggies … )). So it’s a hit to boot 🙂 Cheers!! MJ

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