On Passion

Uh huh huh .. a lifelong Elvis fan, yes I have found my inner Elvis!

Passion is defined as having a “powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, such as love or hate” about a given topic.  We all know someone who’s passionate about their sports team, fitness, travel or even gardening.  Most I know care deeply for loved ones, homes and pets.

If asked, I’d have to say the following:

I’m passionate about my marriage.  We are surrounded by couples in distress, and that has made me even more attentive to our union.  But here’s the thing .. hubbs and I are not all that similar. We have different interests but similar philosophies.  One of the reasons we enjoy time together is because we  give each other the space to pursue what we love and then make it a priority to come back together again.  He loves to compete and is an avid sports fan. I’ve never seen anyone happier than him as he’s readying for a golf date on a Saturday morning. But .. he’s happiest when he returns, having competed and laughed with friends, excelling at a sport he loves, and all with my blessing.  When he’s away, I do what brings me joy … read, write and play with music and technology.  We don’t need to be alike or together all the time to be compatible. And when we are, we’re interested and interesting to each another.  And the best part?  After 19 years, that spark is still there.

I’m passionate about being a good example to my boys.  I let them see me work hard, laugh loud, get frustrated, mess up and keep on going.  They know  that, generally, I’m pretty easy going; they also know that if they cross the line they’ll hear about it.  I love that they know me, respect me, and most of all, value me.

I’m passionate about how I dole out my time and to whom.  I think of our grand kids, for example, and how much fun it is to answer questions and just play with them, marveling in all that they do.  I relish slow walks with the elderly dog and power walks for myself.  I’m passionate about sharing homemade salsa and the conversations it sparks with neighbors … about helping when I can, and chats with friends and family and strangers in the coffee shop.

I’m passionate about a meal lovingly prepared and liberally shared. As someone who loves to cook, there’s no better person to cook for than someone who loves to eat. Recently, we had friends in for an impromptu meal… nothing fancy, just hearty Midwestern food: roast beef, mashed potatoes & gravy, corn on the cob, salad and dinner rolls.  These friends often go out to eat so when they (shyly) accepted our invitation, they stepped into boisterous conversations peppered with requests to pass the butter.  To my delight, they relished every morsel. Our youngest and I shared a smile when our guest looked up, his buttered face accompanying his wide smile.   Moments like that reinforce that, while I enjoy cooking,  what I really enjoy most is sharing the meal with others I care for.

I’m passionate about the “little” things in life that make it delightful: the heady smell of lilacs in Spring, the sweet sounds of northern songbirds at daybreak, roadside fruit stands, the wind in my hair, the sun on my face and Michigan summer nights that require a “hoodie.”  I’m passionate about writing my blog, chatting up vendors at the farmers market, and days without schedules.  I’m passionate about “big” things, too: exercising my right to vote (I’m a new citizen), being on time, leading by example and doing the right thing.

I’m passionate about learning. Learning from others, learning from my mistakes, learning what’s worked for me and what hasn’t. I’m passionate about trusting my instincts, that it’s OK to be wrong but more important to be accountable.  And learning that, at 48, I am still capable of learning and growing, changing and evolving. And learning that life is still so exciting that I don’t want to miss … a thing.

What I’m passionate about comes down to this: it’s what’s not negotiable. It’s what I could never, ever leave behind.  It’s how I behave and who I am whether anyone is around to know. I know, and that’s enough. It’s honing the traits and values that I’ve carried with me from middle school to middle age.  It’s all of that and what’s yet to come.

What inspires passion in you?

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27 thoughts on “On Passion

  1. I love it so much that you’re passionate about your marriage! I truly believe it from all the wonderful things you write about your husband. I meet so many unhappy couples… The happy ones give me hope that I can have that someday too. 🙂

    • I know what you mean, Jaclyn. We seem to be surrounded by unhappy couples of late … those who are divorced, currently in a divorce war, about to initiate divorce, or recovering from a divorce. I know the “run rate” is 50% but lately it feels .. about 80%!! I’m passionate about our marriage because of who I am married to; he’s not perfect and neither am I but I think we have done all right because we communicate really well. I’m a talker .. and he’s a great listener. His stoic Virgo nature gently but firmly pulls my Gemini circus balloons back into orbit and my Gemini twins shake up his steady world just enough to make him not want to color inside the lines all the time… In my experience, it’s about .. balance. Cheers! MJ

  2. Well said.

  3. I absolutely love this post. You & I are passionate about many of the same things. (Like being on time for example. It goes against my grain to be late.)
    I, too, am passionate about spending time with my family and friends.

    • I had a feeling that we were very similar on that front, Dianna. And the late thing? Surprisingly if I am the one that’s late I can handle it better than if I have to wait on someone else and their actions make me late .. grrr. I don’t do well with that. Thanks for weighing in! MJ

  4. cooper

    I love your definitive set of values. It’s something I’ve never been too certain about myself…always questioning the, well, true-ness of my passions and cataclysmically trying to turn them into more than they are. Great post, my friend.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, and I would have to agree with you on every one of your passions. Your last paragraph summed it all up quite nicely! The only additional passion I might add would be exercising and all the benefits it has provided for my body, my mind, and my soul. Well done!

    • Thank you, Karen; I knew I forgot something! But .. I couldn’t really “count” it when I haven’t been doing it consistently my whole life … but I do agree with you on the benefits .. not to mention how well I sleep on the nights I’ve worked out. Cheers! MJ

  6. great post – passion is in too short supply when we have to expend energy on lesser things

    Elvis has always been a passion of mine and listening to him sing lifts me up when life gets me down.

    • So talented, so handsome and easily .. in my opinion .. the hottest man that ever lived. I agree; his voice can transport you.

      Cheers! MJ

  7. What inspires passion in you?
    For today I would say connections and connecting!
    1. I just drove in from the Dallas area from visiting daughter #2. While there we shared a wonderful lunch with an ole MSU classmate. We re-connected in January and just got together!
    2. My MSU friend who I write about in this week’s post called and wrote me an e-mail about how much she loved the post…and no she didn’t mind that it was so personal.
    3. In another e-mail, a blogging friend has located a young woman who was very influential in her young life. Upon my urging and suggestion on how to find her, she did!
    Hope this isn’t too long…but please know how much your posts speak to this reader…today it was right on time to share the power of connecting!

    • I love what you wrote; connecting (and re-connecting) … boy if that doesn’t make life worth living, I don’t know what does.

      (( and not, not too long, to the contrary .. I’m very touched that what I wrote “spoke” to you … ))

      Cheers! MJ

  8. I am passionate about my marriage. I am hoping…sorry no I am confident that our marriage will last. We are no way alike either. He likes different music, movies, activities, etc. But the one thing that we do have in common is that we love each other and we are both passionate about our marriage. :0) Great post. :0)

    • I’m glad you enjoyed this post and am pleased to hear of another woman who is passionate about her marriage. Cheers! MJ

  9. This is a very inspirational post in fact.
    It made me realise that I used to be passionate about so many things and now I’m not, I kind of don’t care about much… so it’s time for me to rethink and change my attitude back to what it used to be!

    • Thank you, Surrey Gal … and if you don’t change it back, perhaps you will find new passions to inspire you? Cheers! MJ

  10. Dang girl, I feel like I could have written that (once again)! Well, I WISH I could have written that, because it is so excellently written. But everything you said really spoke to me. Are you sure we’re not the same person? 🙂

  11. alanamokma

    Josh and I are “taking a lesson” from you – enjoying our separate interests (him – cycling and me- discussing personality types) and then we both feel more energized to be together. We’ve also noticed that I am more sexy to him and he more appealing to me when we see the each other pursuing things that they love to do!

    • I love that you shared this, Alana. Don’t you think that our culture pressures us to be the same? To find contentment in our same-ness?

      I think it’s invigorating and exciting to be with your partner when their face lights up over something they just pulled off — a challenging bike ride, a superior round of golf, a fantastic meal – whatever it is that lights their spark inevitably shines light on mine 🙂

      Great to hear from you today!

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