Welcome to Canada, eh?

photo from Carl Court, WPA Pool/Getty Images

Dear HRH William and Catherine:

Welcome to Canada, eh! 

The young Royals… the handsome Prince and his beautiful bride, arrive in Canada today!  ( for details on the Royal tour, click here ).

I’m Canadian, born & raised and while I also have my American citizenship (yay!), there’s still part of me that remains intrinsically Canadian.  Given the right surroundings, my dialect easily reverts back to words that sound a bit like “oout” and “aboot” (out and about), I reference objects that baffle my children … like a “chesterfield” (couch) and I invite others to “supper” (not dinner, for dinner is at …lunchtime). 🙂

His Granny, our Queen, is on Canadian’s money, in the classrooms and many locales all over the country pay tribute to our British roots: cities like Prince Albert and Regina, Saskatchewan (where I’m from), provinces named Prince Edward Island and Alberta and streets named “Confederation.”  The list goes on.

In April, I wrote about the wedding and connected with so many of you; I also wrote about HRH Diana, Princess of Wales and pondered on if had she still been with us what that would have been like and now … Newsweek … deemed it appropriate to Photoshop an aged image of Diana walking next to Catherine. Diana, at 50 (her 50th birthday would have been tomorrow, Canada Day).

We just can’t get enough can we?

I don’t know about you but positioning the most famous woman in the world – Diana … Goddess of the Hunted .. next to Catherine … feels like we’re putting a target on Kate and releasing the hounds next.

It’s too much.

At the end of the day, there remains a young man who lost his Mum at a tender age; a young man who is striving to find his place on this .. their first Royal tour.  There’s a savvy young woman strolling confidently next to him, her long legged stride matching his step for step. Her face, accompanied by determined “set” to her jaw, reminds me so much of Diana .. but a young woman, nonetheless, who is determined to be relevant and to get it right.

I’ll be watching to see how they do … as I am sure she will, too.  But I wish the hounds could be restrained so we could let them do their jobs.

Oh .. there will be record breaking crowds straining to see their smiling faces and her fashion choices and yes there might be Quebecois protestors and most definitely wee children waving flags.  However, when it’s all said and done, these two young people, the future of the British Monarchy … will most likely enchant a nation and quite possibly the world.

It’s Canada’s 144th birthday tomorrow, Will & Kate.  Enjoy our country, the mountains, valleys, plains and people.  Hear our cheers welcoming you and tomorrow, on your Mum’s birthday, we’ll be waving our flags, singing “O Canada” and celebrating her, too.

( click on screen below to start an amazing Domino tribute! )

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12 thoughts on “Welcome to Canada, eh?

  1. They are a lovely young couple. I know the residents of Canada will be thrilled to have them visit.

    Oh, and by the way, here in the south: dinner is also in the middle of the day and supper is at night!

    • I think so, too, Dianna. The kitty video? That was a nod to “Sundae Girl.” Now that you mention it, the dinner/supper thing, I do remember that having lived in Texas and it made me very comfortable to be around others who had “dinner” at lunchtime and supper at night!

      Cheers — MJ

  2. I love reading about your ties with Canada. I was born in Mexico and now have American citizenship. Sometimes I feel suspended among cultures and I love to read other’s take on that unique experience. My mother’s family is originally from Fredericton, NB.

    • Thank you; you describe it perfectly .. I feel suspended sometimes. I am “too” American for certain Canadian relatives and still “very” Canadian to some American family… it’s a unique position to be in and I don’t know many people who can relate; thank you for telling me that you could. Cheers! MJ

  3. I have to admit, I didn’t realize that was a video! I just thought it was a photo. I’m glad you replied to my comment so I could view that amazing video! That sweet kitty probably wondered what in the world she had done!
    And Sundae girl appreciates you thinking of her!

  4. Agreed, MJ! Hopefully, William and his bride will be able to withstand the tremendous pressure they find upon them!


    • absolutely!! I caught some of the CBC.CA coverage of their “walkabout” today in Ottawa; I enjoyed seeing them meeting the veterans. Very touching … and, as expected, she looks smashing! Cheers, MJ

  5. I sort of feel for Kate Middleton — you know if that can be appropriate for a woman that will never have to work a day in her life. The Dianna comparisons are already too heavy and no one should have that hanging over them.

    And I thought the Newsweek thing was creepy and generally in poor taste — though perhaps not by modern media standards, but I think that’s why I stay away from most of it.

    • I agree, Steve. The only thing that feels reassuring is that they appear to have married for love, which is what Diana reportedly wanted for her boys. Of course, Kate is beautiful and well educated and had plenty of time to “acclimate” but I wonder how one ever could really be prepared for what that life brings. I wish them the best .. and agree, the Newsweek cover … weird.

      Thanks for commenting!! MJ

  6. I happened to click on your name on another post (Freshly Pressed), I’m also a Canadian living in the US. Just a green card for now though, I’m not ready to give up my Canadian citizenship. I feel like it’s my “out” in case something bad happens to the US, I can always go home. My Hubby was born in Mexico, and he has citizenship here, but the cultural roots are there. Our kids are the first generation “Americans” in the family 🙂

    • Here’s the thing .. you don’t have to “give up” anything 🙂 Unless you choose to, that is. (There’s a formal) process to renounce another citizenship.

      For me, not being able to vote was the deal-breaker. Having said that, it took me a while realize that becoming a citizen didn’t mean I was turning my back on my heritage; instead I was embracing, in the most sincere way possible, my adopted country and all that’s been given to me here.

      Cheers! MJ

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