Fashion Fitness?

It used to be that we exercised to lose weight and look better in our clothes.

Spanx, the company who revolutionized women’s shape wear with their light weight “firming” undergarments, recently introduced products designed to help us look better while working out (or on our way to/from the gym).

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Hey, I get it, I mean who doesn’t want to look their best?

Except that being fashionable while exercising isn’t a priority to me.   Why? Because I exercise at home.  But even that’s not “it,” the real reason is that, when I work out, there ain’t nothing pretty about it.

I sweat, puff and grit my teeth.

I groan, grunt and swear.

I spill water, drip sweat and my face?

My face ends up puffy, red and hot.

I am anything but cute, feminine or even remotely attractive.

What I am is focused, determined, strategic and disciplined.

And that’s OK because here’s what I’ve learned:

The cutest workout gear will not make me any more inclined to want to workout than the comfy mismatched stuff will.

It’s my choice.

And, of late, I’ve chosen to exercise. And *surprise* I’m having fun with it! (Hello Turbo Jam!)

I’ve been huffing, puffing and sweating … wearing my old stretchy shorts and a the hubbs’ old cotton tee.

However .. I might consider buying myself a pair of those swanky Spanx pants for travel, movies and trips to the grocery store.   Why? Because who doesn’t want to look cute standing in airport security, deli or popcorn lines?  🙂

# # #

Do you exercise regularly?  If yes…. what’s your “fashion fitness?”

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19 thoughts on “Fashion Fitness?

  1. I have fallen off the exercise wagon. It’s true and sad. I do have some Turbo Jam disks though, and all of your excitement is beginning to rub off. Perhaps I’ll be puching and jamming along with you in the very near future. As for the workout wear – it’s atrocious! When I went to the gym I was conscious of wearing the latest in fitness fashion. But for the ole living room with no witnesses – sturdy and comfortable kicks fashions’ butt! I’m like you, save the spanx dollars for the white pants and slinky dresses.

    • I am enjoying it so far … the leader gets a little grating so I could not handle that tape more than 3 x a week. But .. for me .. I think the key will be mixing it up: TJ, The Firm (oldie but a goodie), walking, swimming and the odd bit of yoga thrown in for good fun. I have no spanx .. yet .. but one day … LOL Cheers Renee 🙂 MJ

  2. My wife is replusive when she works out….so sweaty and red faced, I tell her “shower up first then I’ll talk to you.” It’s the same for me when I mow and come into the house. Anyway…as far as working out goes….if being chased by Canadian geese along the nature trail counts as exercise then put me down for 30 minutes last Sunday. Damn birds.

    • yep 30 min of angry Canadian Geese chasing after you counts for something and as for the wifeykins, tell her I feel her fashion pain 🙂 Cheers !! MJ

  3. cooper

    why does EVERYTHING we do have to include a fashion statement? it’s like all the goofy crap bicyclists wear. when i was a kid, shorts and a t-shirt. period.
    pretty soon there will be clothing lines for other special activities…like food shopping, resurfacing the driveway and shaving the cat…

    • That, and the $$, are the 2 of the reasons I don’t go to a gym. I know myself well enough that I’d feel compelled to “look” the part. Me? I’ll take something that can absorb the sweat and washes up easily!! Cheers! MJ

  4. This is funny, because I do have a couple of “cute” work out items – and I never work out in them. (I look nice going to the grocery store on Saturday morning, though :)) I rarely work out, but when I do, I wear old, baggy clothes.

    As a side note, I do laugh when we go hiking and pass women all dolled up with make up and perfume. I don’t get it…

    • that is funny ( looking nice @ the grocery store!! ). I haven’t seen what you described but then I am not a hiker – that’s crazy!! Talk about bear bait :). Cheers! MJ

  5. I never quite understood the eyeliner for when you swim. But I do know southern girls never leave the house for any reason without their makeup…my daughters included. I guess it’s southern discipline of a sort.

    • I will admit to eyeliner at the pool 🙂 (not now, but “back in the day”) and maybe I picked it up living in Texas, but I also don’t leave the house without a little makeup – eye pencil & lip color. My eyelashes are light and my eyes disappear without some help .. It’s been my experience that when I look my most atrocious is when I’ll run into someone … and wished that I was feeling foxy, fixed up and fine! Cheers! MJ

  6. The exercise wagon sits outside my window – waiting for me to climb on board. Been there – done that. Not ready to get back on any time soon. If I do get on the exercise wagon, I will not be wearing or resembling anything cute. THAT is for certain. 🙂

  7. I’m definitely a fashion fitness “don’t”. Or maybe a “before”. I like to be covered up. I won’t even do sleeveless at the gym. I also always wear bike shorts under my regular shorts. I’ve been flashed so many times at the gym, and I don’t choose to be an exhibitionist at the gym like that (but in other situations…).

    • Now that is funny “maybe a ‘don’t’ – you crack me up! I’ve never thought about it but you’re right, I”ll be that happens (flash) more often than not – augh!! Another reason I’m ok with working out at home. Thanks, CC, for your input!! 🙂 MJ

  8. As I am in Africa, the heat outside is overbearing, so when I run at outside, it is at night. I run with my shirt off, reason being the himidity makes the shirt wet far faster than the sweat. But my standard attire is shorts and a t-shirt. It allows maximum movement. Comfort over fashion for me!

  9. Oh, this is funny!
    My exercise program is walking early in the morning. What do I wear? a comfy pair of denim shorts and just a short sleeved shirt. Nothing fancy. It’s just comfortable.

  10. Hey, I’m proud of myself for anything I do that approaches exercise! I do NOT dress for the occasion! It’s the one area of my life that I put function over form!


    • abso-tooting-lutely! Maybe one day I’ll go buy something “cute” to work out in and then I think … why? 🙂 I’d rather have something “cute” to go OUT in 🙂 MJ

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