The road less travelled

Advising one of our boys recently, I found myself in a deep discussion about doing the right thing.

I reminded him that,  in spite of someone’s hatefulness, when in doubt, he should always take the high road.

He tilted his head and gave me a look that said … explain please?

So I filled him in on the nuances of the “high road.”  How it’s a road most often  traveled alone.  It’s usually headed away from the masses.  It’s far from comfortable.  There’s plenty of goading, very few luxuries and not many rest stops along the way.

Then I assured him that when he’s on the high road he’ll know it because of how his heart feels. He will walk taller, stand straighter, have a whistle in his heart and a song on his lips.

He will know.


He will know he’s on the high road when he doesn’t see any of the “preachy” people he knows walking with him.

He will see the man who could take the extra cash and look the other way but doesn’t because it’s not the right thing to do.

He will see the woman who fed a lingering child without being sure how she’ll feed her own tomorrow.

He will see the couple working multiple jobs who still make time to check in and talk with an elderly neighbor.

He will see some with enough, a few with nothing, and most …. walking alone.

He will not see the Sunday Christians, the holy rollers or the damnation givers.

He will see himself in every single one of them and that’s when he’ll know:  he’ll know he’s following his soul’s journey to do what’s right  ..  in the eyes of God.

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27 thoughts on “The road less travelled

  1. “High Five!” Love what you say…Love when you say it.

    • Thank you so much. I really struggled to write this because I so didn’t want to offend anyone. But … sometimes the words write themselves.
      You’re so kind, thank you for your uplifting words!! MJ

  2. I was thinking of something along these lines recently…that I believe our best instinct is to do good for others..we just feel better when we are kind, generous, helpful, accepting, etc. That doesn’t mean being a saint or a martyr, but I believe the essence of living graciously is what you describe so eloquently in this post.

    Thank you for the inspiring words!


    • I couldn’t agree more; “living graciously” that’s it. Thank you Sheila. Your comments always make me think and I love that you “get” what I’m trying to say.

      Cheers! MJ

  3. This is very clear. Wish I’d had this too back in the day. I used to tell the girls to live above reproach…in the long run, they would be glad they did. Daughter #1 repeated that about a week or two ago in one of our daily conversations. ooooo…we’ve come a long way. Very good lesson that sounds more like an invitation, or listening to a story…not a lesson.

    • Thank you, Georgette. Isn’t it powerful when you witness them “getting it?” It was a hard topic for me to write about because I had to balance between being truthful and worrying about offending someone. In the end, I just went for it. Glad you enjoyed it, MJ

  4. Ding dangity, MJ – this is excellent. As Georgette said, your words are very clear. Would you please put together a book of all your tips, thoughts and advice. So many of your posts would help with day to day things, if only there was a quick reference guide. (smile)

    • Thank you, Lenore. I’ve been toying with the idea and I appreciate your sweet words of support more than you know. Glad this resonated with you … and was clear,

  5. Wonderful advice. And a well-written post. And you touched on something sensitive: the church-goers whose 6-day-a-week actions don’t reveal where they spend Sunday mornings!

    • Amen sister. That’s exactly where I was going with that … I think it’s great to go to Church, I think it’s even greater to live what was learned there 🙂

  6. Very well spoken.

  7. Lady, I love the way You think. Hubbs and the kids have a gem. Thanks again. Sincerely, john

  8. The nice thing about taking the road less traveled…you don’t bump into very many folks. 🙂 A very good blog that should be read by more than just your usual groupies.
    Take care,

  9. Missjlouise

    He will also know because he will have the true definition of peace, freedom, and live with out fear!

    So encouraging to hear how you talk with your son! Its amazing how much they understand. My 4 year old acts like he’s not listening when i’m explaining the wisdom of life. Then just at the right time he will repeat ot back to me …when I need it most.

    Its so exciting bring up men of God

    You are an encouragement xx

    • Thank you so much for visiting … and, to your point, just when we think they haven’t listened at all .. they parrot back their lessons (good and bad!). What is exciting to me is to see his development unfold before me and trust, inherently, that he is a good, kind, honest and decent young man. Thank you for visiting & please come back again 🙂

  10. Very true indeed. I’d only add, if I may, that when you’re on the high road your conscience is completely clear because you know you’re living according to what you truly believe is right, the best way. Regret is also a powerful teacher – whether we think we’ll regret doing, or not doing something (pursuing our passion), either way it’s one of the most useful ways of illuminating the best path.

    • That is absolutely true — I really do believe it’s the “lightness of being” – being honest and doing the right thing – that paves the way along the “right” path. I do think that regret is a powerful teacher but I find regret is a slippery slope; one that must be respected or we’ll be pulled into a ditch of despair and remain there. Cheers! MJ

  11. We all come to many forks in the road of life. It is our choice which way to continue the journey. We can choose the road less traveled, the one showing how different we are by the power of God or the way that is broad and easy, yet leads to destruction.

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