A lone wolf

Recently,  I realized something about myself that I had never acknowledged before. It’s not serious, but it’s given me insight as to why I do (or don’t do) certain things.

Which way to the bargain corner? photo credit


You see, coming from a rural upbringing, I’m used to being resourceful. Frugal you might say.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m no martyr.  I like to buy things that inspire me but, of late, not much has.  I have simple tastes and have been happiest with a box of garage sale books and $.99 music downloads from

I’m not a name brand shopper.  I don’t care about the latest & greatest.  If it fits and flatters my body, I buy it.  (And I am hard to fit.)

In the past, I’ve been invited to spend the day shopping with other women at an outlet mall.   Instant panic and beads of sweat ensued.  Now I know that there are many who would enjoy this. Me?  A stick pin to the eye would be less painful.

I think it’s mostly due to my background: being the youngest of 5, shopping was a twice a year excursion that translated to a painfully long day.  By the time it was my turn to finger the goods, I didn’t care what I got.  Plaid pants and a purple bubble top?  Sure! Orange jumpsuit?  Super Duper!!  Stand around all day, starving and hoping for a diversion?  Rather have a migraine, thanks.

To this day, I avoid shopping in herds.  Why?  I’m a lone wolf shopper.

If something has worn out and needs replacing, I can get it during my lunch hour.  In, out, done.  No purse holding necessary.

Christmas shopping?  Not a problem: make a list, check it twice, research online and *poof* done.   And … buying for others? Just plain fun!

Grocery store?  No worries, mate.  Just print off my grocery list, check the items needed. In, out, done.

So…  I’ve been invited to a Miche purse party and I won’t be in town on the party date.  No problem; the hostess sent me her web link to peruse.   I feel a bit obligated to buy something because she’s a hard working gal whom I know could use the money.  Except for the fact that I do not need another purse.

I have a small collection of $5 and $7 handbags from the bargain bin at big chain stores.  I change purses with the season or … when I feel like it.  I’m a Gemini; it could be a Tuesday and I’ll declare – let’s go pink today!  Otherwise, I stick to my basic black (winter) or a linen looking in summer. That’s it.

I have never carried a $200 designer bag and I never will. Why? Because if I don’t have $200 to put in the bag, I don’t need a $200 purse.

Back to the Miche purse party.  The premise is that you buy a basic “shell” and dress it up with interchangeable covers, straps, and charms.  A moderately sized Miche purse with 2 covers and some snazzy straps prices around $120.  They are fashionable and trendy. Super cute.  I understand the concept but, for some reason, I resisted ordering.

And this weekend, it came to me why:  

Farm girls don’t have purses with wardrobes.

Does this look like a girl whose purse sports a change of clothes?

In my heart of hearts, that’s who I am.  I still am that braid-wearing, pony-riding, calf-wrangling girl who cleans up with Jirmack shampoo and some Bonne Bell lipgloss.  I still am the girl who attended Bridal showers in the United Church basement, where brides got what they got and there was no such thing as “registering” (ugh).  I am still the girl who can fix a fence, deliver a foal, drive a tractor and prepare an entire meal without ever opening a box.

I don’t enjoy shopping in herds and I don’t like spending money on “stuff” I don’t need.

I’m a farm girl and a Lone Wolf shopper.  In, out, done.

 * * *

Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like. – Will Rogers


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30 thoughts on “A lone wolf

  1. I wouldn’t say I grew up poor, but I definitely came from a financially conservative family. I remember my mom clipping coupons and carrying a calculator in the grocery store to be sure we stuck to budget. This has very much shaped how I view shopping today. I love nice things, but I love a deal even more!

  2. My kind of person….hate to shop; go to grocery store only when absolutely necessary. Grew up on a farm, the last of four…wore hand me down clothes from sister, cousin, whomever. Don’t do purse shows; Salvation Army thrift shop has many to choose from and I found a Christian Dior for $.50; wasn’t the name but the size that I liked and later found it was a CD.
    Loved the post and the photo.

  3. Pat Katz

    I actually prefer shopping by myself, too, Marilyn. I can tell in short order whether this is a store in which I want to linger – or if I’m ready to move on – and whether something fits or looks decent – and I’m ready to put my money down. There’s so much halting indecision and consultation in group shopping. It gets onerous pretty fast.

  4. I’m so with you on this one! I Detest shopping in groups or “shopping” at all. And to let you know you’re not alone, in addition to being a farm/ranch girl myself (for 43 years) I just two years ago started to carry a real purse around…it also matches my horse;)

  5. Love the quote from the wise Will Rogers. I agree with you on purses…they are something to babysit, watch over, always keep in my sight, can never find a pen in, the list goes on. And when I “change purses”…oh my gosh, I have to turn around and drive back home to retrieve the important thing I left in the other one.
    My shopping style? With my daughters…one lives four hours away and I see her every few months. The other lives in CA and I see her once a year.

    • The only time I’ve ever enjoyed shopping was when I had money and nothing in particular to buy … and was near some really nifty, eclectic shops. Now THAT was fun. Otherwise .. for me .. it’s work. Cheers! MJ

  6. Well, I do like to shop, but either alone or with a girlfriend. But I don’t buy expensive things. I would never, ever, ever spend $120 on a purse!

    Love the picture of you!

  7. Me too – In out done! Exactly my style – hate crowds and clothes fitting, well, let’s just say – Hate it!
    My purse style is the same – one for fall /winter and one for spring/summer
    I don’t care if “What Not to Wear” tags me some day – I wouldn’t shop in New York City anyway
    I go straight to the clearance isles and they better be marked down two or three times
    Prayers for your day

    • Oh – Clinton from “What not to Wear” would have a field day with my closet – but I do think it would be great fun to have someone come in and give me a total makeover – especially if I wasn’t paying for it 🙂 MJ

  8. You and I are a lot alike. Most recently on this subject!

  9. I like to bargain shop a lot. I love sparkles and glitter and makeup and shoes and big turquoise jewelry and ruby rings and fight fitting jeans. Phew, need to catch my breath. But don’t blame me, blame my Mom. She made me this way 🙂

    Great post, MJ, and adore that photo! I have one like sitting on my computer desk that my husband loves. Me in a hideous outfit with long blonde hair riding a much cuter horse.

    • Oh you and I would definitely get along – glitter and shoes and makeup and turquoise jewelry? OOH you are my kinda gal. I love to get out there at “get ‘er done” but I also enjoy dressing up and feeling pretty and feminine.

      but – having said all that — I don’t think we should have to spend beaucoup $$ to do so …. thanks for your kind words on the photo; that’s an old one from the 70s, I was about 14 there at attending the county fair 🙂 MJ.

  10. Oh my gosh! I loathe shopping. Loathe it.
    If I have to shop – I will do all I can to get what is needed online. Please make it be online. Please do NOT make me have to step foot in an actual – gasp – store! Although, I love roaming the aisles of Target. Once a month I hit Target for our groceries and essentials, that’s it. But I enjoy THAT trip.

    Did I mention I loathe shopping? I do. I loathe it.

  11. I thought I was the only one left, MJ. I don’t wander through stores aimlessly either and I am not a fan of watching others do it either. Like you, I know what I am in search of and it is in and out with as few side tracks as possible. Love the picture

  12. I’m somewhere in the middle on this issue. I like to shop, but hate to spend a lot. Never spend full price. Love clearance racks. Like to shop with a friend or sister, but not in groups. Too much pressure. Name brands are fun, but definitely not a top priority.

    • I agree with you on the group thing: too much pressure. I am too impatient to stand around, holding garments and purses, while someone tries on stuff only to walk out with nothing … ugh!!

      Thanks Terri 🙂 MJ

  13. The ONLY person I like shopping with is my sister. We both love a bargain and automatically head to the sales racks at the back of whatever store we’re in. But that happens only once a year ’cause we live so far apart. Other than that, the stick pin in the eye is my preference.

  14. Well, I’m with you on a few things. I don’t buy expensive purses. I buy nice mid-priced purses and usually buy two a year. I like to get a new one for spring/summer, and then a new one for fall/winter. I always donate the old one if it’s still in good condition. I don’t hang on to old purses because I know I’ll want a new one next season and I’m not a purse-changer. That reminds me that I need a new fall purse! Also, I don’t care about labels at all, but there are certain brands that I know are excellent quality and the style I love (like Ann Taylor Loft for clothes and Fossil for purses).

    However, I do LOVE shopping with girlfriends. Especially thrift store shopping or outlet mall shopping. But hey, I’m not a farm girl 🙂

    • I always love to hear your take on things, Caroline :). You make many good points … I’m not a shopper but there is one time that I really do enjoy it: buying for others! Fun fun 🙂

  15. Ok, never heard of this purse idea. I like nice things, and I have some nice purses. But I don’t need this either! And I am really not a fan of party shopping. I think it makes people buy things they don’t like, either from the friend obligation factor, or from a need to impress others around them. While I don’t think shopping has to be done alone, I must admit, I am most comfortable either shopping by myself, shopping online, or shopping with my daughter. When I buy, I buy nice, but I don’t shop because something is a good deal, or trendy. I buy because I like, or because I need.
    Fun post, great insight! Sheila

  16. Oops, forgot one thing: I LOVE to grocery shop, and my favorite person to go with is my husband. When we do it together it is so much fun. I can do it by myself, did it for years, until we started going together. But now I go when he can join me. Makes a seemingly humdrum chore special because we’re together!

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