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The funny thing about Joy is that you only really find it when you’re too busy having fun to go looking for it.

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Today, I’m joyful because it’s Friday. It’s Friday and I have several projects to wrap up and then I get to skip out into the sunshine and enjoy the glorious “Indian Summer” weather we’re having.

I’m joyful because my office is closer to orchards than it is the mall.

I’m joyful because I have Honeycrisp apples in my house and on my desk.

I’m joyful because Autumn’s beauty is starting to emerge and boy is she spectacular!

I’m joyful because 15 years ago I declared that I wanted to live in the four seasons again, with a screen door, a dog and have the boys know our families better. And we do.

I’m joyful because tomorrow brings the Vision Board class I organized … for others but just as much for me.

I’m joyful because our Tigers won last night and, in our excitement, the person we immediately called was my 81 year old mother.  Why? Because we knew she’d be up watching it, too, out of solidarity to us here in Tigers-land. She cheered, we cheered and that win was sweeter because we could share it.

I’m joyful …  because I am.

What’s brought you joy of late?

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27 thoughts on “on Joy

  1. I hope you have a great time at your class and because of you I bet so many others will too!
    What’s brought me joy lately? Watching my determined boy get better and better at being a hockey goalie and riding my horses through the fall color here. 🙂
    happy friday!

    • Thank you; I am sure looking forward to it.
      Good on your boy! It’s so fun to see rewarded by their efforts isn’t it? And … yes a horseback ride in the fall colors? Heavenly … Cheers! MJ

  2. So glad you are having a joyful day, living in the sunshine and enjoying this beautiful fall weather! My joy today is one of anticipation … my husband and I have a weekend bicycle trip planned, and I’m counting the hours until departure time. A year ago I would have never dreamed I could look so forward to sweat-producing exercise! Hope you continue to enjoy your day … and your weekend.

  3. I’m joyful because a medical bill I though was not covered by insurance IS covered by insurance. Woo hoo! Have a wonderful and joyful weekend, MJ,

  4. My youngest turned seven and tonight his friends celebrate with him.

  5. Thank you for spreading the joy!
    Daughter #2 is driving in from Big D and we’re going to plan Thanksgiving at my mother’s tomorrow!

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  7. MJ, I really enjoyed your blog post tonight — about all the everyday things in your life that have brought you joy today. We are just beginning to get our FAV’rite apples, Honeycrisp, and that has brought us joy, too — YUM!!!

    I included a link to your post on my blog tonight. It goes along with what I was writing about gratitude and joy. I’m happy you could share the Tigers win with your mother! My mother lived to be 90 and was legally blind, but she followed the Atlanta Braves faithfully and could picture “her boys” on the field during the game, even though she couldn’t see them. 🙂

    • Thank you so much; I do think I have to officially declare Honecrisp as my favorite apples, too. I have eaten so many this week but they’re just so yummy.

      Thank you for sharing your story about your Mom and her “boys” – I can picture that scene right now. My Mom is an ardent sports fan but she is particularly excited to have someone to watch a team with even if that “someone” (me and my family) are miles away; we share the experience via the telephone.

      I will pop over to check out your post 🙂 MJ

  8. Oh my gosh, that is the best picture EVER! So darn cute! I’m pinning it.

  9. I love fall. It brings me joy.

    Having my daughter home from school for the weekend.

    An adorable almost-one-year-old next door who loves to toddle over to my yard and visit! 🙂

    • Me, too, Terri (loving fall – my favourite).

      So glad you have your girl home; you will have some laughs and good talks and hugs and tears = all needed. Enjoy that little one toddling around, too. Cheers, MJ

  10. I’m joyful for this beautiful Indian Summer. A day to work outside, then watch my Hawkeyes play Penn State, then relax at home. A day trip and picnic (old school) with my wonderful wife and two of our three teenage girls tomorrow. Good health. Abundately blessed by our Creator. Joy.

    • Your response brought me joy, Rich. These days are so brilliantly bright and pleasant, I don’t know how to feel anything but joy.

      Enjoy the game, the picnic and everything else 🙂

      Cheers, MJ

  11. First, I love your new header (I need to change mine from time to time)
    I’ve enjoyed reading all the comments your readers have left about what brings them joy. What’s brought me joy today (other than this gorgeous weather)? One of our engine customers made the field in a big race tomorrow. And my son, who has NO mechanical ability AT ALL texted me that he replaced a brake light bulb in his car. Yes, it’s a trivial thing, but it made me happy!
    I enjoyed your list of things too!

    • Thank you; that photo is one I took on a country drive last September. The colors here are just about perfect right now so I want to get out and take some more shots soon :).

      It has brought me joy to read others comments on joy; I think we need more of that in this world, don’t you?

      Go Marshall!!
      – MJ

  12. MJ,
    I’m intrigued by your vision board class. I’ve had a vision board for a few years and keep it right on my desk. It’s actually three sided and looks a bit like a cubicle – can we say that I have a rather large vision of where I want to go! But you can’t take a voyage until you know where you want to go. I hope you’ll share some of the points of your class with us!

    • I will most definitely share my experience & lessons learned; you can count on it !!

      Your 3 sided vision board sounds very detailed and precise … which parts have manifested for you? 🙂 MJ

      • As I’m looking at it – I am impressed. Some of the things manifested differently than I expected. For instance – “It’s lovely at the top” – words I cut from a magazine. While we were on our western adventure there was a place on Beartooth Loop named ‘Top of the World’. The sign said – ‘It’s lovely at the top of the world’. Eery isn’t it! And I just thought of it.
        Of course there’s the Eiffel Tower and huge word ‘PARIS’ which I saw again last fall. Then the horse which has manifested into horses. There is also a cabin, words such as ‘memories’, ‘travel’, ‘writing’, ‘adventure’. The word ‘son’ over a baseball field – he played college baseball. I’ve had this vision board for years and all of these things were just dreams. But one of my favorites is a picture I had cut out of a magazine of the Louvre beyond a pond. While I was in Paris last fall, I went to Tuileries Garden and snapped a few photos – one of which was a pond with the Louvre just beyond. As crazy as it seems, I’m a believer. Put the energy out there and make room for its boomerang return.

      • Isn’t that ever so interesting? Wow! I enjoyed all of your reference points — and from what you’ve described it seems like most of the images and words you included have manifested. That’s one point that the teacher made – know that some images might not make sense and/or seem to be what you thought they’d be. A friend who took the class with me was surprised that she didn’t have more words because she is a writer and a very sociable woman. All of her board was images and the common theme in them was peace, tranquility and home. The exact opposite of her chaotic work/office life right now!!

        Goosebumps 🙂 MJ

  13. I LOVE honeycrisp apples! Just noticed they’re back in the produce department after months of absence.

    What makes me joyful? Feeling in sync with those closest to me; giving and receiving grace; the beautiful fall weather we’ve enjoyed recently (very unusual for SE Alaska in October!); and anticipation of the changes coming to my life. ~ Sheila

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