Frankly speaking

On this, my 325th post, I decided to feature a guest writer.  Meet Frankie the wonder dog …. AKA Captain Cuddles. General Zozie.  Mozey-Dozie.  Frankie 6 Paws.  SuperFrank.  Frankie Bear.

Meet Frankie … our family dog. 



I’ve been trying to get my paws on this thing for a while now but Mum’s a little protective with it. I usually just stay near her as she writes; she laughs and smiles a lot when she does.

I’ve been trying to get on here because I want to tell you how she came to be mine.

You see Mum & Dad had talked about getting the boys (my adopted brothers) a dog for quite a while. It seems they’d visited the shelter a few times and always left empty-handed. Well, that’s where I come in.

I was just a little ball of fluff when I found myself there. Oh the people were nice, but it was a loud, scary place and I didn’t like it very much.  To top it off, they stuck me in with 6 or 7 older, bigger pups. You ever been tossed into a playground with a gaggle of goons? That’s what it felt like: wrestling for attention, not to mention food. I still eat my crunchies away from my pack, even now.

The day I met Mum will live forever in my mind.

my first weekend with my family

I spotted her long before she saw me.  And as they always did, those undignified clods surged the kennel door, clamoring, clawing and yapping for her attention.  And that’s when I made my move… by staying perfectly still. I sat as tall as my 11 pounds could stretch, and I pushed my chest out as far as it would go.  I cocked my head to the right and gave her my most curious look (see above).   And then it happened:  She stopped and reached into our pit of puppies.  Could it be? Could my dreams really be coming true?  I heard her ask, “Oh ..look at you; what’s your story?” She picked me up and cradled me from below.  Shyly, I tucked my nose into the crook of her elbow and kept my head down, shivering with nerves and delight.  She cooed softly and I felt us moving as she walked to the “visiting” room, whatever that was.  She sat on the floor, cross legged, and put me down in front of her. I did the only thing I could think to do: I ran right back to her! She laughed and picked me up again, and then looked me in the eye.  I looked back and then burrowed my face into her neck and licked her hand as politely as I could. She whispered, “Are you sure?” and my eyes pleaded “Yes, Yes! Please pick me.” And she did.

A day passed. I got a bath and yelped a little when poked with something sharp. One more big sleep and my loneliness fell away when I saw her coming for me.  Me! She took me to meet my new family; it was the best day of my life because I not only got her, I got him plus two glorious boys of my very own!  And every day, for all of my 11 years, I’ve had one or the other working out of the house.  They have to leave sometimes, and the boys go away more often, but when they come back to me, it still feels like that very first day.  I’m older now and I don’t run as quickly; it’s hard for me to get up the stairs or onto my boy’s bed, but I still try because they need me so much. I take my job – loving them – very seriously.

I've guarded yards; Rin Tin who?

I've guarded babies

I've guarded hearts ... and they've guarded mine.

Mum says Christmas is nearly here; I know this by the jingle of the shiny things on the door and the boxes under the tree that I’m not supposed to sniff.  I know she’ll bring me squeaky toys and a new bed but what she doesn’t know is that I get to feel Christmas every day.  Why?  I have a fur-ever family. I wish all animals could be as lucky as me.

Rappy Rolidays!

Thinking about adopting a fur-ever friend? For tips to consider, visit  the Humane Society by clicking here .

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42 thoughts on “Frankly speaking

  1. What a delightful and happy story Frankie! Will you come back soon to tell us more about your life?

  2. MJ, you may not believe this, but I’m sitting here with tears streaming down my face. This is the most beautifully written story of pet adoption I’ve ever read. So sweet. Your little Frankie is a lucky guy, and I know that he knows that.
    I’m guessing that is your son in the picture (where Frankie’s guarding hearts)? He looks a lot like my Marshall!

    • Dianna .. I believe it. I cried writing it with him. He’s such a sweet soul and he always has been. That day is one of my most vivid memories of him; thankfully there have been many, many more. He’s such an integral part of the family and we’re so grateful. Anyone who’s loved a pet will understand.

      Yes, that’s our younger boy in the photo and that is a familiar,daily pose. When he gets home from school (or anywhere really) he usually lies down next to Frankie .. who promptly rolls over into a state of bliss. And I agree .. he resembles your boy in that photo :).

      Cheers! MJ

  3. Frankie, you are truly lucky AND talented. Perhaps MJ taught you, an old dog this new trick.

    But you know that you didn’t just catch her heart that day, you got the whole family. And now you’ve got the blogosphere where anyone with a heart who reads this will give you their heart, too.

    Have you thought about putting this piece up at the local shelter?

    • Thank you, Elyse. You make a great point! I will forward to our local shelter today; I believe they have a place on their websites for “success stories” and he is definitely one!

      Cheers!! MJ

    • Elyse, thank you for the idea; I shared this post with the local Humane Society office (where Frankie was found) and rec’d this reply:

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful story! I sent it to all our staff. May your family enjoy more years with Frankie. You are the reason we do what we do. Thank you for spreading the word about rescuing a pet.

      Linda Falstad
      Community Development Officer
      Humane Society of West Michigan

      • I know someone at my local shelter, and I will forward it around here in No VA, too. Perhaps it will get widespread attention for the puppies!

  4. Those pictures are wonderful, and so is your story. -kate

  5. Your pooch has written the sweetest story! Thank you for giving him a furever family, MJ. And thank you for sharing his story with us. Like others have said, this was read with tears of joy. I am so happy for your little pooch.

  6. This is such a sweet story. Thank you for sharing it with us, and I would like to share it on FB.

  7. alanamokma

    Marilyn, your writing from Frankie’s perspective REALLY drew me in! I am not typically an animal type person, but reading his view on how he came to be part of your family was heartwarming. 🙂

  8. What a sweet story! I believe, if possible, all children should grow up with dogs…nothing else like it! Our first family dog, Sable, had a story much like this, and she was a constant companion to our kids for many years. We still talk about her frequently. Our next two, Nickie and Pete, were funny little guys that made their own contribution to family stories. Poeople and dogs…we need each other!

    Thank you for a sweet start to my day! ~ Sheila

    • I agree … as a child, we always had a dog and lots of kitties and they were all wonderful in their own way. I’d have a kitty now, too, but hubbs is deathly allergic.

      We do need each other and the furry kid thanks you for “getting it.”

      Cheers! MJ

  9. Beautiful post, MJ! Sounds like Frankie is lucky to have found you guys!


  10. What a sweet dog! Precious! And congrats on your 325th post!

  11. If my Bella could talk, I wonder if she’d say that she loves us the way we love her 😀 Great post!

  12. Wow MJ, I mean, Frankie…wonderfully written!
    In 2000 we adopted our Shelby dog from a shelter too, she was only an 8 week old puppy then (she’s in the Gravatar pic w/me). I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again someday and I so hope that’s a *real* long time from now.
    Oh! and congrats on the 325th post!

    • Thank you, D, I’ll pass along your sweet words to Capt’n Cuddles; he’s currently snoring next to his boy.

      I love that Shelby is in your profile pic 🙂 and yes, I wouldn’t hesitate to adopt through the shelter again but .. after Frankie .. we’re so spoiled that it will take a while.

  13. I was “okay” until I saw Frankie’s puppy photo, then I got all teary-eyed. I miss my dog. Tell him that he did a good job writing for you. 🙂

  14. Frankie, you are just the sweetest thing, and your people are so lucky to have you! And you’re a great writer too, just like your mum! 😉

  15. I love that he’s in the wedding album and love that you have shared your story with the Humane Society. Sweet dog, your Frankie.

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