On Releasing

A recent article I read made me think and, in turn, inspired me to write this post.

Picture yourself standing on a dock and everything you want to release from your life has been placed into a small boat; picture yourself untying the boat from its moors and giving it a gentle push.  Picture the boat floating away and, with it, all that you want to be rid of.

* * *

I’m releasing relationships that drain my soul and pull me down; I’m no longer responsible for  their happiness.

I am releasing my need to say yes to everyone but myself. I am learning that “no” is not a four letter word.

I’m releasing old habits and opening the door to new. I’m making room for wonder, splendor, excitement and creativity.

I’m releasing fears about what’s to come and trusting what my Mother always said: that I’m capable enough to handle what comes anyways.

I’m releasing my tendency to give it all away; I’m learning not everyone deserves some of what I’ve got.

I’m releasing.  I’m releasing. I’m releasing.

What will you place in your boat?

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35 thoughts on “On Releasing

  1. Wow, isn’t that a great question? I’m releasing my need to control the future and opening myself to new and exciting possibilities.

    Hope you are having a great weekend, MJ.


    • And what a great answer you gave 🙂

      I am having a great weekend; stopped on my way home to get groceries so I don’t have to go anywhere today. Can enjoy the sunshine streaming in, putz around in the kitchen, and luxuriate in a day with my boys – hubbs, son # 2, and Frankie the Wonder dog!

      Tomorrow I’m off to take a workshop ~ Whee!!

  2. Excellent!

  3. Me too! Me too! Me too!
    Release and surrender – hopefully my boat never comes back to the dock!
    God Bless

  4. Sounds like good New Year’s resolutions!

  5. I wish I could say I was releasing the urge to be thinner, but the minute I put it in the boat, I swam out after it and retrieved it, dragging it back with me like the old sweatshirt from high school we’re always throwing in the Goodwill pile and taking it out before we arrive. That said – here’s the irony – cooking up a storm for friends coming over for dinner. Happy weekend.

  6. richripley

    I’m putting in that third donut that I always seem to eat right after I’ve devoured the first two. I’ve already sent the “let’s keep everyone happy” attitude away; and “NO” is my favorite answer to practically everything now that involves a stupid question being directed my way. Good blog. 🙂

    • Yep – pack up the “keep everyone else happy” and ship it out to sea. Your “no” statement sounds a lot like my hubbs; he really has no problem saying “no.” Cheers! MJ

  7. Great post!
    I’d love to load something in the boat. Need to think about this… so many things to chose from. 🙂

  8. Good for you. Mine keeps floating back. Perhaps, an ocean would do the trick.

  9. I’m putting my tendency to go along with negativity on the boat. Quick, push it out. Away. Far far away!

    • Yeah!! but I find that it’s affected by the people around. I’ve lysoled the “Negative Nancies” and the “Discourageraptors” and replaced them with lots of battery chargers (see link here )

      🙂 MJ

      • Just read it — how did I miss it before. Thanks — it is perfect. Only battery chargers for me.

        Anyone who hasn’t read it, should!

      • It’s fun to make a conscious decision to step away from the “discourageraptors” and step into the light – with other like-minded people. The only problem? Sometimes they’re in short supply!

        Cheers for your day,

  10. What a great concept! There are relationships in my life I’d love to release, but feel as if I can’t because they are tied to other relationships that I don’t want to release. But maybe there comes a time when you have to take a stand. When you see that a particular relationship is toxic, not only for you, but for those you love, maybe you make some tough decisions.

    • I know just what you mean, Terri, and I’ve had a couple like that. I’ve had to take a stand; it wasn’t pretty and there was some fallout but ultimately, my life’s better for it.
      Good luck to you,

  11. Oh, MJ, I loved this! I especially liked that “no is not a four-letter word” and your comment about giving it all away–important advice that I need to follow. You’ve certainly given me something to think about, and I may just have to write a future post about “my boat.”

  12. MJ, I keep seeing your name on blogs that I comment on, so I thought I’d check your blog out. I really like it! And this post about releasing is so good. This is one of those things that I go back to frequently. I send the little boat out, and then sometimes pull it back in; not quite releasing it all the way.

    Oh, I’m the other MJ, btw! But you can call me Michael or Mike, just don’t call me late for dinner! 🙂

  13. cooper

    excellent imagery. my trick has been to see my issues/problems/resentments as leaves falling into a moving stream. when the leaf hits, the water carries it away…

  14. I really like the image of the boat being filled up with the junk..I also liked Coopers image of the leaves falling into the stream. Both are centered around water…cool, refreshing, rejuventating water. I will be thinking on this one over my morning coffee.

  15. I released a lot of email that I was hanging on to…I released my paper planner and committed to digital…I released a lot of physical possessions to bless someone else…and I’m attempting to release guilt for letting go of some of my traditional “to do” list…Christmas cards…that sort of thing. I stay in touch in other ways, but I do NOT need a monster chore added to December…just a few of the things I’m letting go ~ Sheila

    • Excellent choices. I like your thoughts on releasing physical possessions so as to bless someone else; I’m going to work on that this year. Thank you, friend!

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