on Choices

We’re in the grey days of winter.  Those grey January days that can drag. Those January days when it feels like forever since we’ve seen that golden thing in the sky.

I really can’t complain for we’ve had the mildest West Michigan winter I can remember.   It was 50 F just two days ago; it’s in the 20s this morning… and snowing, blowing and, generally speaking, an icy mess out there.

300 area schools around us closed; youngest boy is happily snoring and me? I’m very content to be working from home today.

a very good day to stay in; image

I’ve had years of commuting and am grateful that today’s not one of them.  I’m delighted to leave the white-knuckle driving to someone else.

doesn't that image just make you cold? image

These are the days when we reach for our warmest gear.  Our coziest sweaters, our warmest socks and our thick Artic-worthy jackets.

Gale force winds? Um .. no thanks; image

These are the days when you check and make sure there’s an extra blanket and boots in the car … just in case. These are the days.

I’ve know a few friends and colleagues who have the same options as me but will brave the elements anyways. They don’t have to, and they’ll tease me for choosing to stay in.

from my back porch lookin' out

They’ll give me grief on Monday that I chose this today …

my cozy home office

and him as my office mate.

The kitchen's up there; when's lunch??

What would you have done? And, do you have a choice?

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28 thoughts on “on Choices

  1. Same as you. Stay home and watch the snow fly outside my window.

  2. I would have stayed in. I have some flexibility, and the option to work from home if absolutely necessary. But it’s a choice I don’t make lightly. Too often, in these northern states where we pride ourselves on our ability to endure extreme weather, it becomes like a competition to see who is bravest, who is toughest against the elements. And sometimes that’s just stupid.

    • That’s the thing: I don’t choose to stay home too regularly but have learned that driving 2 hours to go 7 miles while gritting my teeth and swearing under my breath is really, really bad for my mental health. 🙂 I’ll get more done today at home anyways b/c I don’t have to deal with that commute – and other drivers!

      I’ll take the teasing and I know I’ll get it; you’re right, though, sometimes making the commute — is just … stupid.

      Cheers! MJ

  3. Enjoying the snow from my office with a cup of “Joe”

  4. Home! Your home environment sounds like the perfect place to weather the storm. The office mates are better, too!!

    Beautiful backyard shot, MJ.

    • It’s cozy and good. Frankie’s underfoot, it’s still snowing and I am glad to be right where I am.

      I love that backyard shot .. and a similar one’s now my header 🙂

  5. I think I would have stayed home too. I don’t envy your weather there. I remember those days all too well in NY, Ohio, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota. Have been in California for 13 years. It would be tough to go back with the weather, but LOVE the people back there.

    • Yep, the people here make these weather days all worth it.

      When we moved to MI from Texas (hubbs is from here) everyone thought we were crazy. I don’t love the ice but I sure do love the seasons 🙂


  6. You made my choice, too. Stay with the dog. There must be something good to come out of Wi-Fi other than longer workdays.

    • Frankie the wonder dog is fairly well fed today; he’s curled up in his little bed and smiling as he snores.
      Why? Me, hubbs and youngest boy are home today (no school). Oh the life of Frankie.

      I love my high speed (thank you Comcast) and remember those days of dial-up … ugh!! we are so spoiled now. As long as the power stays on, I’m good 🙂

      Cheers! MJ

  7. I’m with you, MJ! There have been times in my life when I’ve had to brave the elements and ATTEMPT to drive in those conditions. But no more…and I’m SO very thankful. Sounds like a wonderful indoor day for you! So glad for you.

    • Yep, it was a pretty productive day. I made headway on a big project I’ve been working on all week AND got a few loads of laundry done. That and my cozy doggie being nearby and it was a pretty nice day.

      Still snowing & now evening events are being cancelled right & left.

      Grateful to be home 🙂 MJ

  8. I would have made the same choice…in fact, I did. Won’t see the grandkids this evening ’cause it came my way on top of yesterday’s rain which froze. We just got spoiled because it was so mild until a few days ago. And, yes, your yard is beautiful!

    • We had the same thing! Rain yesterday then about a 30 degree drop in temps … then snow and tonight’s forecast is in the teens.

      My Mom used to quip to us kids, “Good day for a house” and it is. 🙂

      Sorry you can’t see the grandkids tonight; hopefully soon.

      I love that view of the yard .. MJ

  9. Just now seeing this. Evening plans? Dinner at home, a fire and movie night provided you still have electricity…brrr…perish that thought. Do you happen to have MLK off? Frankie is probably glad to have the company.

    • Nope, don’t have MLK off, drat. Frankie is very happy for the companionship + he’s eaten quite well tonight 🙂

      We’re tucked in to the “rumpus room,” and he will be right by my side all night. 🙂

      Cheers to you! MJ

  10. I’m with you on this one, MJ. Terrific choice. And VERY FINE OFFICE MATE, I might add! Stay warm, my friend.

    • Yeah, I talked with a few office mates and they were all leaving early and wondering why they’d bothered. Not I, I thought, rather smugly – ha!

      Frankie took a few calls and helped me with a project; he also enjoyed a very hearty lunch, having got a bit of mine, Hubbs and boy #2’s. He’s so slick no one knew the difference 🙂

      Hugs to you, too!

  11. Love the pictures of your gorgeous surroundings and cozy office. Nice new banner too. Stay warm!

  12. Pretty photos. I would much rather watch the snow fly from the cozy comfort of my living room. I had my slippers on all day during the most recent storm. It was a snow day for the kids so we had a blast playing board games all day. If I have to drive in snow, I panic. Of course now it’s bitter cold so everything is a sheet of ice, even worse to drive in!

    • Thank you; I’m with you … I’m enjoying being inside looking out. It’s snowing again now … big, fat fluffy flakes, like Christmas snow (the one we didn’t get). I’m glad you had a good time inside vs. being out in it.

      I don’t mind driving in the snow but the ice is a whole other story. Eek!

      Cheers for your day,

  13. I don’t blame you one bit. I’m enjoying my Saturday in comfy clothes and catching up on blogs. And we have sun out today!

  14. I remember when we lived in Midland, MI, that it seemed like a badge of honor to show up for work regardless of the weather. But I agree with your choice…some days it’s better to stay home and not fight mother nature! ~ Sheila

    • Oh definitely. There’s a certain smugness exhibited by those who did show up — and hey, they did brave the elements, after all. But if you don’t have to do it, why? I just don’t care enough to get the “awesome snow driver badge,” I guess 🙂
      Thanks for weighing in, Sheila

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