On Wandering

On challenging days or just when I’m feeling less than inspired  … my heart wanders.

My heart wanders back to summertime birthdays and aunties who slid paper wrapped coins into cakes to delight us.

me & Aunt Irene .. the coin lady!

My heart wanders to grade school games of kick-the-can and fox and geese.

My heart wanders back to holding on to Grandpa’s massive shoulders as he carried me through the snow to protect my “pretty” shoes.

Mary Jane shoes: image

My heart wanders to frosty mornings when bus driver Elliot called to say the bus wouldn’t start (too cold at -45) and that meant no school for us.  Whee!

My heart wanders back to my parents’ date nights and watching Dad hold the door for her, and catching his grin as she sashayed through giggling.

Mom & Dad dancing (and singing) at our wedding

My heart wanders through the smell of wild sage growing on the family farm, the one five generations called home.

... the road to home ...

My heart wanders to the wind .. and to that dry lonely air that kissed me hello.

My heart wanders back to hockey games and burgers with onions and Vico chocolate milk and Jim Shetterly tying my skates just a wee bit tighter.

Vico's where it's at!

My heart wanders.

Where does your heart wander to?

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38 thoughts on “On Wandering

  1. oh mj. back to idaho/montana. ya made me cry.

  2. I love this! This is a poem that captures so many things dear. Now this is something I would love to write “My heart wanders”. My favorite part? “he carried me through the snow to protect my “pretty” shoes.”

  3. My heart wanders home.

  4. This was lovely! I also loved the Mary Janes memory with your grandfather.

  5. Sweet post! I like to think of family times from the past, funny things my dad would say or do, visits with my grandparents…times from my children’s young years…holidays when we’ve had a lot of extended family around, and there would always be a group sitting at my mother’s kitchen table, talking, talking, talking. Just being together, that’s the best! ~ Sheila

  6. God, I love this post, MJ.

    I wander Pittsburgh streets, trying to find my way home.

    Thanks for sharing your journey!


  7. BobG

    Thank you for sharing your wanderings with us.

    My heart wanders to trips my parents took us on when I was a child. I remember camping, the smell of a campfire and pines in the morning; the sound of a small stream, or trout jumping in a lake. It brings back the sound of the birds, squirrels, and the chilling night scream of a bobcat or cougar. So many of those places are gone now, victims of development and careless tourists, so they are special places only in my mind these days.

    • And thank you, Bob, for sharing yours. Those childhood memories as you described – the sights, the smells, they just come to life again don’t they? Lovely

  8. Mine wanders back to high school…to the football field. That’s where I let go of all my frustrations and family dysfunction…much to the chagrin of the opposition :D. Thanks for waxing nostalgic!

  9. I like this!

    Mine wanders to family get-togethers at my grandparents’ house, playing with cousins, getting one of those squeezy hugs from Grandpa.

  10. I love ‘buckle shoes’. And, there is no better chocolate milk than Canadian chocolate milk. Truth. I don’t know why – I just know it is truth.

    Thanks for letting us wander with you and your heart. I enjoyed it.

    • You are right – there is nothing like a cold glass of Vico – nothing. I’ve searched and sampled but that’s the only one … Thanks for wandering with me, LD 🙂

  11. My heart wanders back to my parents…I miss them so much. My hubby and I live where I grew up so I am lucky to be home…but I miss my parents. I was an only child…and now carry the memoreis of all three of us. And I loved Mary Janes!!!!! Still do:) But yeah…I do miss the old fashioned way of life…the good old days.

    • I can imagine that it’s bittersweet living where you grew up – on one hand comfortable and familiar and on the other – reminders around you all the time of their presence. Thank you for your comments and please come visit again 🙂

  12. Oh, yes, black patent leather Mary Janes. My favorite! Lovely thoughts.

    • I didn’t really enjoy dressing up as a little girl but my parents insisted on dresses, tights and Mary Janes for the girls. And now when I see a little girl in the same I smile and understand – so pretty and feminine. Of course, we packed our snowmobile boots and snow pants so we could still go out and toboggan with the boys! 🙂 Cheers MJ

  13. Thanking God for giving us the gift of memories….and so thankful the good ones far out weigh the not so good ones. Lovely post!

  14. cooper

    To my grandparents cottage on the north shore of Long Island. the sand road shaded by massive maple trees. a 20 yard walk to the beach. the front porch at night with jalousied windows and the bed with a hundred pillows, feeling the breeze through the window and just feeling…

    to one friday night before christmas lying on the living room sofa, only the lights of the christmas tree and the fireplace fire flickering in the room. The Music Box Christmas album on the stereo…again….feeling safe.

    The, of course, my hometown. Once dozens of little local it’s just a big outdoor mall.

  15. Mine goes home, too. To Connecticut.

    What a lovely piece.

  16. Great post idea! And I love the photos.

  17. Just lovely, MJ! Those made me smile. I’ll have to work on a mind-wandering post of my own!

  18. I think I am the odd ball. Mine wanders forward – to things I plan to do or want to write – or places to visit. The holidays bring out the backward glances at grandparents and school functions – the occasional old boyfriend – shh! Don’t tell my husband. LOL

  19. Wonderful. You say it so well. My heart wanders to places I used to live and to my grandmother’s farm.

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