Sparkle on!

It occurred to me recently that I have always loved sparkly things.

I remember lovingly stroking the sequins sewn into our Figure Skating costumes and smiling with delight when my role dictated a turquoise, purple or fuchsia ensemble.

mesmerizing to a wee skater like me;

I remember smoothing back the fringes on my suede cowboy jacket and feeling the weight of them as they fell back into place.

wish I still had that jacket; this one can be found on

I got my ears pierced at 12 and have enjoyed dangly earrings ever since.

There were years – many years –  in my corporate existence when I had to abandon all that for the conservative;  the pearl button earrings (dullsville!) and the matte fabrics dictated by  headquarters robotics.

Remember those 80s power suits?

Those days are behind me now.  I work in the small satellite office of a national company and while I don’t break out the glitter, I do incorporate some fun elements into my day-to-day life:  chunky turquoise necklaces paired with simple black sweaters, a sequined fuchsia scarf to top off a grey shirt and simple hoops paired with a doorknocker ring.

One of my favorite pieces; image from

But what I’ve learned over time is this:  My preferences make me happy.  I still love hoops and I still love rings. I still prefer lip-gloss to lipstick and shiny, bouncy hair over something  … controlled.

Own it and wear it frequently; image

Fashion magazines tell us that – at middle age – we women ought to be making “safe” choices, steering towards the classics and playing it safe with our makeup and hair.

I say life’s too short to wear boring, uninspired clothes.  It’s my intention to live out loud – to live authentically while enjoying all of the details and nuances that life throws my way. I’ve realized that I like being known for my fabulous jewelry, my unruly hair, my hearty laugh and my  passionate disregard for fashion’s so-called rules.

Maybe I won't be quite this vibrant as I move forward but you get the idea;

How about you?  Are you comfortable expressing your personality via fashion?  If not, why?

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38 thoughts on “Sparkle on!

  1. I love the notion of living out loud–as I do it–boldly–always!

    Great post, MJ!


    • Yes! It takes courage to grow up and be who we really are (e.e. cummings).

      There are days, like today, when I’m fighting a cold and just want to retreat into an all grey palette but I’ll add some color anyways just because I know that – in an hour or 2 – I’ll be glad that I did.

  2. Oh, I am so there with you…I love sparkles and soft, strokeable, snuggly things…my day-to-day work garb (in a solo practice law firm) was black with bright, fun touches (LOVE Chicos). Now that I am no longer employed and have relocated to the coast of Maine, I wear black or blue jeans with bright tops or scarves. I, the colorful earring lover, now wear the same pair of earrings for days, even weeks at a time. However, my black and sparkly self is only lurking beneath, waiting for the chance to spring forth!

  3. I don’t worry too much about fashion – anyone who knows me knows I’m not a fashion plate! But I think I’m a little conservative, but above all – COMFORTABLE!
    Love your style!

    • Yep – me, too. Fashion smashion. It’s important to be 1) comfy, 2) cozy and 3) happy and not necessarily in that order!

      Shoulder pads and panty hose, uncomfortable heels, slips and too tight anything were happily tossed some time ago 🙂 MJ

  4. Okay…I’ll fess up here. I’m a teacher and I write lesson plans. I also write my wardrobe plan depending on the weather…cold weather choices and warm weather choices + the jewelry. Early in the morning I can’t remember what I have to put together nor am I inspired at that hour…so it’s written down. One thing…I never wear heels. I’m with Dianna…comfortable.

    • Understand – you want comfort and functionality – I get that! But you are smart to have it all written down – wow! I tend to put “outfits” together and then throw in something snazzy for good measure. My Mom and I both love jewelry and she has excellent taste; of late I’ve been wearing things she’s given me .. just because.

      I only wear heels in summer with dresses or as boots in winter but .. at 5’3″ I need a bit of a heel in every shoe 🙂


  5. You go girl! Love those ladies in those wild clothes. “When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple…”

    • Get your YaYa on! 🙂

      I gave my Mom a copy of that poem about 25 years ago and she gave me a look that said “what the???” and proceeded to hang it up .. behind her bedroom door. It’s moved further out over the years and is now in the MIDDLE of the room where all can see it – yes!


  6. I fully agree, I will always be a girly girl. I think Audrey Hepburn said it best, “I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”

  7. Hhmmm…not a sparkly person, but I like color with black. I like a look that is classic, but simple. I wear heels nearly every day because at 5’2″ I love being taller! I like bigger jewelry than I used to, and wear it every day too. Working in corporate settings for most of my life, I’ve had a business/business casual wardrobe. But now that I’m working relief and looking to work for myself, I plan to transition…a little more casual, a little more fun! ~ Sheila

  8. cooper

    As long as your sparkly thing do not include Edward Cullen, you’re good to go…

  9. I recently got my hair cut in a bob that was just under the chin. I am beginning to think I am compromising somehow. This is a middle-age haircut and while I am 48 I am not sure I want this haircut. I kept telling the girl who cut my hair I wanted it to be flippy and kicky. Next time I am asking for more layers while the length will be at my shoulders.

    • Can you use a round brush to flip the ends the other way? If not .. by all means speak up and get the cut you wanted! A bob is never in my future; my hair would look at it and say “yeah right.” Too crazy, too curly.
      At least you have options 🙂


  10. I’m not at all into fashion, but I know what I like and feel comfortable in. Sometimes that includes a great colorful scarf, or a neat piece of jewelry which I’m really beginning to like. And for me, that has to be an age thing because I’ve never cared for jewelry before. But now, turquoise is my FAVORITE – goes great with stuff I already have! Lately, it has been my sorrels and fur bomber hat. Whatever. My mom digs all that sparkly stuff, more than enough for the both of us!
    I bet you were so stinkin’ cute in your sequined skate outfits!

    • Yep – it’s funny how that age thing comes into play isn’t it?

      We were pretty snazzy in our sequined skating outfits and our Mom’s Avon lipstick! Great memories .. for sure,

  11. I’m all for self-expression and I buy clothing and jewelry that speaks to me, without a thought as to what is expected from the rest of the world.

    • yay on you TerriTerri! I am becoming more that way .. just tonight I “spent” a Christmas gift card at a favorite store and everything I bought was royal blue, turquoise or purple. Fun 🙂 MJ

  12. I am all for wearing what makes me comfortable, speaks to my personality and does not acknowledge old age!

  13. I am a comfort gal. If I am wearing something in style or considered fashionable, it’s a fluke. (smile) I’m all for loud and proud – and for me, that is jeans, turtleneck, sweatshirt, socks and sneakers. Heaven.

    • LD you crack me up with your “fluke” observations :). I hear you on the comfort side — and it has to be practical .. you are raising 2 little boys after all! MJ

  14. I’ve never been a sparkly girl, but I do like necklaces with some weight to them, much like your turquoise. No heels for me at 5 ft. 9 in., and my feet are very happy about that. I always wanted a fringe jacket!

    • I love my turquoise and find myself going back to it frequently. The funny thing is … one of the very first necklaces I ever bought was turquoise – and I still have it 🙂
      I still miss that fringed jacket!! MJ

  15. I am so not a fashion person. In fact, my fashion is so understated, probably the same why my outward personality is. My sparkle is inward and shows in my blog. But fashion? Not so much!

    • Your sparkle does indeed shine in your blog, Leah! Yeah I’m not into fashion so much, either, in fact I kinda enjoy bucking the “trends.”

      Example — a friend offered me a really good price on a $200 purse. My response? “If I don’t have $200 to put IN the purse, why do I need a $200 purse?” My $7 K-Mart bag is just fine, thanks.

      🙂 MJ

  16. I love, love, love that last picture with the colorfully clothed women doing their thing. You know that’s going to be us in later life – just kicking around as we see fit!

    • You got it, Renee. Yep – that’s how I see myself, too — living out loud, being my crazy haired, colorful self. Cheers! MJ

  17. I had to smile when I read this. As I am not a slave to fashion, and comfy for me rules, I do like shiny earrings and necklaces. Weakness, here. I think you can dress up anything with just the right accessories. My daughter made me a pair of earrings from vintage watches. She took out the faces and “guts” and put tiny, shiny things inside the casings, added some beads (they dangle) and voila! My favorites! The fun thing about them is that they are not exactly identical, but do have the same “style”. I keep telling her to make more and sell them, but when do kids actually listen to their mothers? lol This is great and a good reminder to be yourself. 🙂

    • Your daughter’s creations sound fun and unusual and there’s a reason such items become our favorites. She could sell them on if she were so inclined. Thanks, Carla, for your input! MJ

  18. Helen

    You go, Marilyn – love ya!

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