On detours

A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery while on a detour.  ~Author Unknown

I’m deviating from my path by taking tomorrow off.   I’ll get all my weekend “to-dos” done in the wee hours of the morning but mostly, mostly I want a day without conference calls, meetings and a lot of other people.  A day tucked up next to the weekend; a day that’s mine.  I’ll putz, I’ll clean, I’ll read, and I’ll play.  Friday night with find me hanging with the hubbs and by Saturday morning, I’ll be up early again, happily prepping for the small dinner party we’re hosting that night.  It will very closely resemble my best day. Because all of the weekend chores will be done, I’ll have given myself the gift of extra time to putter in the kitchen,  stirring and sauteing, sampling and assembling all of the delicious foods I’m serving, some for the first time.

There are work colleagues who’ll question why I’d “burn” a vacation day to do things such as this and my answer, as always, is “because I can.”   They don’t get it and that’s fine. I do. And I’m smiling as I write this.

When’s the last time you deliberately detoured from your path?

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37 thoughts on “On detours

  1. Love that quote! Sounds like a wonderful day, MJ! Since I don’t have a structured path right now, I guess I’m detouring a lot. And loving it!
    Enjoy YOUR day. I totally understand using a vacation day for that!

    • I love that quote, too, Dianna. It’s been a really nice time off so far .. Hubbs and I went out with friends last night for a bit, got to sleep in a bit today b/c a snowstorm meant no school for youngest boy. I’m up and puttering and doing exactly what I planned on – yay!!

      Cheers for your day,

  2. All the time MJ – I’m a pretty spoiled rotten girl as I get to fly by the seat of my pants everyday!
    Enjoy your “extra time” and have fun Saturday night with your friends!

  3. Author Unknown could have well been married to someone like my husband. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I honestly can’t remember my last detour, but you make it sound so wonderful I will have to remedy that. 🙂 How nice for you to have a whole weekend of “best days” Enjoy yourself!

  5. I love the kind of day you describe! And as much as I enjoy taking vacation days for vacation…well, when I was working full time that was the case…I also love taking a day to just be! The luxury of time is actually the best luxury there is. I don’t have to have a lot of fancy things to fill my days when I have time. When I am pressed for time, I try to make up for it in other ways…I buy more, or need more, to make up for having less time. Does that make sense? ~ Sheila

    • Definitely – love to save days for a special trip, etc. but sometimes saving a day just for me means I value my own peace of mind, too.

      I don’t need fancy stuff or trips to distant lands as much as I crave cozy times at home with my loves, my books and my music. And yes, you made sense 🙂

      Cheers! MJ

  6. cooper

    i love detours. you get to see things one normally would not see.

  7. Good for you. I think a little “mental health day” now and again can be incredibly restorative. When I take one, it usually doesn’t include anything too unusual — just some extra time to putter, or read, or walk.

    • I like how you think – time to putter, read, walk and just “be.”

      We’re in the middle of a fierce winter storm right now – and snow is coming down hard, almost like rain. Everything outside is white and soft and being inside looking out (and not driving in it) is just the best place to be. Cheers! MJ

  8. oh i soooo get this. that’s all! enjoy!

  9. BobG

    Sometimes you have to take a day off “just because”.
    I remember doing the same thing, and having people asking me why I wasted a vacation day not doing anything special. but wasting time was what *made* it special.

    Hope your vacation day is a good one.

    • You are exactly correct – it’s the “wasting” that makes it wonderful – we are choosing to “spend” it on ourselves.

      Thanks for weighing in, Bob G!

  10. Love the quote…it is very true! Enjoy your detour and soak up the scenery and the views:)

  11. You are talking my language. I love to putter and rarely get to. A day to rearrange the photos, clean the plant leaves, read, slow cook a meal, etc., is just the best. And it often turns up the volumn on our energy when we get back to the schedule. I may putter Saturday too in sisterly solidarity! Have fun.

    • Please – the thought of you puttering in Sisterly Solidarity on Saturday is just too much to resist 🙂 You always seem to understand what it Is I’m bumbling to convey!!

  12. That extra day added to a weekend allows us to tackle some weekend projects, and actually make progress. Hubby would rather have several three- or four-day weekends over the course of the year.

    • Yes – I am like your hubby – I’d rather have lots of small weekends than 2 long holidays and nothing between. Bests to you! MJ

  13. I love entertaining my friends…planning the menu, shopping for the ingredients, prepping the food, setting the table…anticipating the conversations and the laughs…it is the perfect day!

    • Me, too, Jeanne! I am making Beef Tenderloin for the very first time – and while I am not nervous, I am anticipating how it will turn out .. I love to try new things and make wonderful dishes that delight our friends. I was bored with all of the other foods in my “repertoire” and so it was time to mix it up and take on something new.

      Cheers to you 🙂 MJ

  14. I’m sure my happiest day sounds like a total bore to others, but I don’t mind. I’m too busy being happy, right?

  15. It’s your vacation day, MJ – you can do what you want with it. Good for you for taking a detour. Enjoy!

    • It was a perfect mix of laziness in the morning, hard work doing things that needed attention, R&R in the afternoon and supper out with the hubbs at night 🙂 MJ

  16. veronicahaunanifitzhugh

    i decided to take a vacation from my problems in 2005, and i am still sight seeing. 🙂

  17. I love that photo! Hope your day off was a good one.

    • Thank you, Leah, I loved it, too. It was a good day off – a perfect combo of lazy morning, busy mid-day, restful pm and then out for a date night with hubbs! 🙂 MJ

  18. Please, please, please. Can I join you. I promise not to get in the way. I’ll even slice the onions for the saute …

    This sounds perfect!

  19. I do this too! I’ve often taken a day off to just catch up on things around the house, and especially if I have company coming. I’ve even done this just for the heck of it. I’m sort of a homebody at heart and love to have an extra day to hang out at home.

    • yep – you and me, both. A clean home is a happy home to me… sometimes I do it for ppl coming but just as often I do it just for me!

      Cheers! MJ

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