The Spark

I read an interview with four contributors to the Oprah magazine. Each were asked the same questions; their answers made me think about how I’d respond if I were asked. So … on that, here we go …

I’m most creative … when I’m cooking.

If I were a color, I’d be … Turquoise!

I often imagine myself … in the country.

I really wish I knew how to … stick to an exercise program for more than 2 weeks.

I’d love to spend a lazy Sunday … cooking, reading, blogging & singing.  Read my best day for more.

I’m most excited about … Voting this Tuesday; who will win Michigan? 

My secret talent is … remembering song lyrics/artists. 

What sparks your creativity?

 Your turn; how would you answer?

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31 thoughts on “The Spark

  1. You are talented! I wish I had a mind for lyrics.

  2. I’m most creative when I am daydreaming.
    If I were a color, I’d be orange.
    I often imagine myself in the country.
    I really wish I knew how to play an instrument.
    I’d love to spend a lazy Sunday continuing to do what I do on Sundays. (Being lazy and grateful)
    I’m most excited about eating ice cream again after Lent. (Sad, eh?)
    My secret talent is clogging. (And, I plan on keeping it secret.)

    Can’t wait to hear the results on Tuesday, MJ. I’ll be happy when a candidate is finally chosen, as the back and forth is maddening.

    • I love that you actually answered, LD. I can totally see you being Orange, playing a saxaphone, in the country and running for office. And, when you won, declaring every day an Ice Cream Day!
      🙂 MJ

  3. Thanks for the topic for a new post! Always enjoy learning more about my blogging buddies!
    (There’s a local restaurant where they play oldies (50’s and 60’s) on the Musak. Marshall & I love it when we eat there. He’s familiar with most of them, but I play my own version of “Name that Tune”. It tickles him (& me!) when I name it in just a note or two!
    But I have more difficulty with naming the artists sometimes….

    • I can picture you doing that, Dianna. So neat that you and Marshall have your special lunches together; fun stuff!

      I should add that I am best at naming the lyrics and artists that I like/follow!

  4. I’m most creative … when I’m collaging.

    If I were a color, I’d be … green!

    I often imagine myself … in South Africa.

    I really wish I knew how to … draw realistically.

    I’d love to spend a lazy Sunday … reading, eating, and sleeping.

    I’m most excited about … where Sara and I might find ourselves living next.

    Thanks for asking, MJ. Hope you are having a happy Sunday.


  5. I am creative when making cards.
    If I were a color it would be Dusty Apricot. (used to have towels and linens that color) My sister-in-law described it as Rusty Rose.
    I often imagine myself as fit and trim. (not the dog food, thank you)
    I really wish I knew how to cram all the things I want to do into a day.
    I’d love to spend a lazy Sunday in a hammock with a really good book.
    I’m most excited about spring being “just around the corner.”
    My secret talent is so secret, I don’t even know what it is.

    • Fit & trim- not the dog food – HA HA HA!

      I loved your answers and I can “see” the hammock you pictured…. I think I felt spring in the air a few days ago, too.


  6. I’m most creative … when I feel happy and content.

    If I were a color, I’d be … auburn.

    I often imagine myself … someplace warm, with sun and sand!

    I really wish I knew how to … run!

    I’d love to spend a lazy Sunday … watching chick flicks and reading books.

    I’m most excited about … seeing my oldest son in a couple of weeks.

    My secret talent is …. whistling through my thumbs. 🙂

    • … I enjoyed reading your answers, Terri. And I really get the “I’m most creative when I am happy & content” – amen to that!

      On the running, have you ever tried the “Couch to 5K” program? It’s a progressive walk/running program. I’ve got friends who’ve had great success with it …

      Whistling through your thumbs?? who knew?? 🙂

  7. I might have to borrow this idea for my blog! It’s still exciting to vote, isn’t it? Good luck on Tuesday!

  8. I’m most creative… when I’m writing
    If I were a color I’d be…a swirl of soft pink
    I often imagine myself…younger 🙂
    I really wish I knew how to…play an instrument
    I’d love to spend a lazy Sunday…reading on a beach somewhere
    I’m most excited about…my kids
    My secret talent is…hmm…I’ll have to think on that one.

    Arizona is voting tomorrow, too. It’s not my primary, but I will be thinking of you as you vote for the first time. I’m excited for you!

    • I really enjoyed your answers, Jeannette.
      To clarify, I have voted before (first time in 2008) but I guess it never gets old so I probably make it sound like it’s a first! And .. it kind of is!!

      A soft swirl of pink sounds lovely,

  9. cooper

    I’m most creative … when I’m creating.
    If I were a color, I’d be … creamed spinach
    I often imagine myself … caring
    I really wish I knew how to … be happy
    I’d love to spend a lazy Sunday … sitting on the beach reading
    I’m most excited about … deep fried M&Ms
    My secret talent is … certainly can’t get into that here. this is a family blog.

  10. I’m most creative … mad — I am hilariously funny when steam is coming out of my ears.

    If I were a color, I’d be … Royal Blue — not because I am either Royal or Blue, I just like the color and it brings out the blue in my eyes!

    I often imagine myself …being hilariously funny on a talk show. On Johnny Carson, to be precise. Of course, he’s dead. But I don’t think that changes the likelihood.

    I really wish I knew how to … play the piano. I took lessons as an adult, but my teacher died and I took it personally.

    I’d love to spend a lazy Sunday … cooking, reading, blogging & singing. That works for me, too.

    I’m most excited about … the fact that my ancient dog, who I expected to kick the bucket two years ago, is about to celebrate his 14th birthday.

    My secret talent is … well, yours is remembering song lyrics/artists. Mine is remembering one verse of one song and singing it over and over and over again.

    This was fun. Thanks MJ!

    • This was my favorite thing to read this morning … “but my teacher died and I took it personally ..” HA HAHA!

      I love that your ancient dog is still going strong; ours will be 12 this summer!

      And I do know of your propensity to sing one verse over and over – hilarious!

      Thanks for the grins,

  11. MJ, sadly, I remember lyrics – and they are often wrong. Isn’t that funny! I shudder to think what this says about me. Yikes.

    • Oh I have a few I’ve realized were wrong several years after learning them a certain way – it was a “whoops” moment. Sing anyways!


  12. PS I’ve nominated you for some blog awards today over at These Days!

  13. love this little exercise!

  14. alanamokma

    I’m most creative when I am dancing.
    If I were a color, I’d be orange.
    I often imagine myself … sitting in coffee shops chatting with friends or at a blues/jazz club.
    I really wish I knew how to “sell myself.”
    I’d love to spend a lazy Sunday napping on the couch with my hubby.
    I’m most excited about the time I get to spend with my career coaching client.
    My secret talent is … I can recognize people from the back of their head.

  15. Ok, just catching up…
    I’m most creative when I am motivated.
    If I were a color it would be cranberry.
    I often imagine myself at the beach.
    I really wish I could play the piano.
    I love to spend lazy Sundays between the kitchen and the internet!
    I’m most excited about launching the “next” chapter of life with Rob.
    My secret talent is…I’m always optimistic and hopeful, a true Pollyanna!

    Fun post, thanks! ~ Sheila

    • I love that you are always optimistic and, having “known” you for at least a year and a half, I can attest that this is indeed, true!

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