Walking distance

I work near someone whose personality grates on my nerves.  There’s no conflict; I make the effort to get along because that’s the right thing to do.  Having said that, her voice is the last thing I want to hear on a busy day, a quiet day, an aggravating day or, for that matter, any day ending in “y.”


I read this quote and it not only gave me perspective, it made me laugh, too.

Tuck this away for the next time you find yourself in a similar situation:

“Don’t let others drive you crazy when you know perfectly well that it’s within walking distance.” ~Author Unknown

Have a great day friends!

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26 thoughts on “Walking distance

  1. Helen

    Ha! Good one, Marilyn 🙂

  2. That is priceless, MJ! Thanks – I’m sure that will come in hand for ALL of us!
    Have a good day….

  3. Easier said than done, some days! I’ve got one of those coworkers too.

  4. This is priceless, MJ. Crazy is always within walking distance for me. Hell, it may be within sneezing distance.

  5. I’ve worked with several of “those types” of people and what I’ve come up with is this; everyone has their own “journey” and that person might be having a real difficult time with their own life. I saw a guy two nights ago at the gas station who used to drive me crazy. Inconsiderate, loudmouth, pompous fool, alcholic. Now he’s dried up, remarried and cleaned up his act. A nice guy, but six years ago…woof! Good luck friend! 🙂

    • You’re right, of course. I felt a little guilty even posting it b/c as much as this person drives me around the bend, there is a part of me that wonders .. why? And I know it’s that I can’t get past how she’s got one set of rules for herself and another for her staff. Epiphany? I don’t respect her. Simple as that.

      But – you do make a great point to stop and consider the humanity behind the human – and I will.

      • alanamokma

        Whoah. Do we work in the same office?? lol. Wow. I feel the exact same way about a female in my office… and came to the same epiphany – I do not respect her. It is really difficult to be friendly with someone I do not respect. Is this part of what Jesus meant when he said, “love your enemies?” Wow. Sometimes I think I may still be at my workplace because I have not yet learned to love her. 😦

        I agree with Rich – She may very well be in a place in her (personal and possibly even professional) life that she is unhappy with, and it just seeps out of her. I know this is the case for my co-worker.

        ::sigh:: It’s difficult to love those who drive you crazy. Thanks for your thoughts on this, MJ!

      • My Mom always told me that people are put in our paths for a reason – sometimes it’s to teach us and sometimes we’re to teach them. I haven’t yet figured out what which role I’m to take with this person; I don’t respect her and find it distasteful how she treats other, so there’s a very big part of me that wants none of that.

        Then, there’s the humanity in me that makes we wonder as Rich did — is there something more to the story?

        Having said that, I don’t think that being miserable in one’s life gives someone the right to be miserable and difficult with others. ((Not that you inferred that )) but there’s a Motherly part of me that withholds attention from her b/c I refuse to acknowledge her atrocious behavior and “reward” her in any way.

        Complicated, isn’t it? Good to “see” you again, Alana .. MJ

  6. While visiting I noticed the current number of visitors since you started: 60,660.
    I like that number. Congratulations, MJ.
    Oh my stars, that quote is EXCELLENT!! And yes, I am well within walking distance. Wow. That is brilliant.

  7. I found a rubber stamp with that on it awhile back. Had to have it! Where would we be without a sense of humor?

  8. MJ, I so needed to read this today. I think we all have one of those people in our lives and it can just usurp the energy right out of the room. Thanks a million!

  9. Hilarious and so true!

  10. Nice quote … I’ll have to remember it the next time the “certain someone” in my world is driving me out of my ever-lovin’ mind (as my mama used to say). It’s not just the sound of her voice, but also the volume, the continuity, the facial expressions and body language that go along with it–pretty much everything. On and on and on … 🙂

  11. Great line. I think it is my new mantra.

  12. Love this quote! And yes, I’ve known these people too. Sometimes I’ve wondered if I am in the role of the offender to others. Have you ever felt that for some reason you couldn’t put your finger on, someone just does not like you? The few times I’ve sensed this, I’ve wondered…is it me, or is it them?! I don’t think I’m difficult to like! But I can’t be objective about myself. Just makes me think a bit about what makes me react with dislike toward someone else. Maybe this person isn’t aware that they are creating the feelings of dislike in others? Or maybe they are, and they like the power of that. I’ve seen that on occasion too. Complicated, isn’t it?! Good luck with your office situation! ~ Sheila

    • I hear you, Sheila, and, in this case, I know it’s not me. She’s universally disliked. But I understand what you’re saying .. sometimes the situation is so off-putting, you’re sure it must be YOU!
      Welcome back! 🙂 MJ

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