Elton, Redford & me

So there I was, working for local Houston radio station, KFMK, when I found myself signed up to staff our booth at an industry trade show.   I was about 21 at the time and you could say I was a bit green to the ways of the world.  Oh I thought I was all that and a bag of chips, but now I can only look back and chuckle.   What I lacked in experience,  I made up for in moxie.

Taking a break from our booth, I noticed a line forming in front of competitor station K-Lite’s booth.  Wondering what all the fuss was about, I soon found out.

And there they were – two handsome look-a-likes posing with fans.  Finishing up my duties, I grabbed a spot in line with the others. Probably could have taken my KFMK name tag off, though.

The funny thing is, more than 27 years later, I still sing Elton John’s songs, Robert Redford still makes me swoon, and royal blue is still my favorite color.

Dreams really do come true! An emjayandthem photo

How about you? Ever met a doppelganger?

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42 thoughts on “Elton, Redford & me

  1. The one in the middle has “class.”

  2. Oh, what a neat photo! Did you show this to your co-workers? Did they “raze” you for hob-nobbing with the competitor station??

  3. Don’t ever lose that picture! I agree with Leroy.

  4. What a jewel of a photo, MJ! Ah to be 21 again…. not really. (smile)
    It’s funny to see the ‘young’ Elton John. Good stuff.

  5. Good for you, MJ. Love the photo! You were darling.

  6. Gorgeous color on you!
    My ex husband was mistaken for Weird Al when we went on a cruise in 1990, people kept buying us drinks, lol.
    And I dated a guy in LA who looked just like Christian Slater.
    Elton John… My all time favorite!! And my favorite song of his, “Someone Saved My Life Tonight”… My sister and I used to do the chorus in perfect harmony 🙂

    • Thank you, Sandi. Love that color to this day.

      Love your ex(es) stories – great! And yes, Elton John, hard to pass up his music. I can’t name a favorite, I love so many of them. MJ

  7. cooper

    OMG…I worked at KILT in Houston….

    • Shut the front door!

      What are the chances??? 🙂 MJ

      • cooper

        I was there ’79 – ’80 which I’m sure was before your time…and what a lovely experience it was….cough

      • 84-85 for me 🙂 It was a cut-throat business environment but a great learning experience …. Cheers! MJ

  8. That is an awesome photo – and you are still that beautiful! Love your storytelling and am so excited to meet another Michigan blogger 🙂

    • Aww, thank you Mrs. Weber. I am a Michigander by way of Canada-TX-CT-NY-TX-MI 🙂 It took me a while to get here but I definitely call it home now 🙂 MJ

  9. I met a “real mccoy” once….former major league baseball player, Reggie Jackson. He was just getting out of his limo as I was walking by and as he turned around I said “hi Reggie” and stuck out my hand and he smiled and shook it. I got the feeling he felt that I was part of the welcoming committee but I was just “passing through” where he was. Nice man, no taller than me, huge hands….the size of ball mitts. No lyin’. then I kept on walking.

    • That is awesome, Rich. What a moment!! I’d remember that always … sounds like you played it cool. Not sure I could have been that composed ;). Yay Baseball’s here!!

  10. I spend a certain amount of time at the Sundance Institute hiking and such. It’s not uncommon to run into well-known people such as Redford and other actors there.
    I did meet Elvis once years ago; he was visiting a sifu of mine who was an old friend and showed up at our kwoon unannounced with a bunch of large bodyguards.

    • Well if you run into Mr. Handsome Redford, please smile adoringly at him for me, wouldja? 🙂

      And you met Elvis? ~sigh~ I knew he was into martial arts but I didn’t realize how much. Neat!

  11. Looking good MJ! To be photographed with a Redford look-a-like is nearly as good as the real thing. Isn’t that a lucky dude.

    • Thanks, Renee. I loved seeing the happiness in my face; I remember barely being able to sit still. Being that close to a Redford-look-a-like was rather wonderful, must admit.

  12. I am a man, so Robert Redford does not make me swoon, but I will tell this. As far as music goes, Sir Elton is #3 behind only Elvis and one Bob Seger. My wife and I caught him and Billy Joel in concert a couple of years ago. Just fantastic. If you have ever been in love and don’t love Sir Elton’s music, then…well I don’t know what to say.


  13. Wow, he really does resemble Redford!

  14. That picture is priceless. And, I agree, he really does look like Robert Redford!

    • Based on the wide smile I was giving, I think it’s safe to say I enjoyed being in the middle between those 2. Fun, fun, fun!! MJ

  15. They look pretty happy to be sitting next to such pretty girl! What a fun photo!

  16. That is awesome, Other MJ! My wife has the pics from her days back in the day, doing radio and tv. Pretty cool to see today.

  17. Oh, wow, MJ!!! What a keeper you have there!! Didn’t know you ever worked in Houston! We live in the Houston area now.

    • Thank you. At that time, I lived in the West U. area. Hubbs and I later lived in the Katy area for nearly 10 years!! We moved to MI (his home) in 2000. Cheers! MJ

  18. Great picture, MJ. Robert Redford was one of my earliest crushes — and this guy is a ringer!

    • I think so, too — he was one of my earliest crushes, along with Elvis. This guy really looked like him – yummy!!

  19. Love it! And I too love Elton’s music. And Redford is always a winner in my book.

  20. Lucky Duck! I love I just learned another interesting MJ fact!

  21. all i can say is you are still beautiful after 20+ years

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