Go ahead

Let them see your brokenness; let them see the cracks in your armor – for that’s how the light gets out.

Will you let us see your brokenness?

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32 thoughts on “Go ahead

  1. Love the photo! I’m guessing that it was taken in spring? Oooo..and the new wood grain layout. Cool. (I really do like it…I’m not being a smart-_ss for once) 🙂

    • Thank you, Rich. The photo was taken last fall on the homestead :). I kinda like the wood grain layout; it was time to change things up. 🙂 MJ

  2. I freshly pressed on the Donkey Whisperer blog you inspired me today with this post. I pray all is great and peaceful in your life.

  3. I like this look! You are so adventurous to do this. And, yes, your message is perfect, too. The Judd ladies are amazing, each one unique…beautiful, talented, smart…and always so wonderfully vulnerable, yet strong rising above it, seeing the big picture.

    • Thank you; I was ready to change it up but I like the 2 or 3 column format and the ability to have lots of widgets.

      I agree – the Judd ladies are something else — I like that they aren’t afraid to admit their mistakes or are too shy to learn from ’em. Cheers! MJ

  4. Love the new look!!! And what a song…! The first time I heard it was at the funeral for a friend of ours who had been killed in a racing accident. Not a dry eye in the chapel.

    • Thank you, Dianna. I love that song (originally sung by Mercy Me) but I liked this arrangement as well. Happy Sunday to you 🙂 MJ

  5. Awesome new look!

  6. Wow – nice new look you’ve going on here. And your thought for today is perfect. Let’s all let in a little more light.

    • Thank you; I enjoyed changing it up a little.

      “This little light o’ mine, I’m gonna let it shine …” Cheers! MJ

  7. Hi I was trying to say I freshly pressed your post “Go Ahead” on my blog the Donkey Whisperer as you inspired me this morning. Sorry I was not clear trying to type on my tablet is not so easy feel more comfortable typing on my p.c.

    Your blog has taken off have not been on in a while enjoyed this post “Go Ahead” today. Thank you for sharing. Melody

  8. Love the new looks and the message… it’s tough showing your brokeness, but oh so awesome when you find people willing to support you while putting yourself together… like Adele says, “Nobody’s perfect, Trust me I’ve learnt it” 🙂

    • Thank you, Sandi. I agree … it’s hard to do but more do-able with support. We’re all in this boat together 🙂 MJ

  9. What an amazing thought for why we should show our brokeness. Love the new look, MJ!

  10. Beautiful song, beautiful thoughts! I completely agree that a light can shine through our mistakes and losses. I have found this to be so true in my own life, opening myself to help someone else on their journey, and I have been fortunate to have others be open and share with me when I needed it. Thank you for sharing, I had not heard this song before! ~ Sheila

    • I am so glad you enjoyed it, Sheila. The broken pieces are just part of our story, right? MJ

      • You know, it never feels like it in the moment of broken-ness, but sometimes I think those times are when we are most truly in touch with ourselves…the moments that bring clarity and understanding. Looking back, I am equally grateful for those times as I am for the times of pure joy.

      • I think you are so right, Sheila. I think those raw moments are where honesty and truth live. Great introspection on your part, thank you! MJ

  11. Ohhh…nice new look for spring 🙂 As well as good thoughts to provoke us into sharing ourselves even when it might feel a bit difficult. Just lovely.

  12. cooper

    Sometimes getting past the connotation of “broken” is the hardest part; same is true for “vulnerability”, yet both point to the same fears. We are who we are…it’s the years of being told (from various sources but predominantly the media and madison avenue) that shame reigns down on those not meeting the standard, that who we are falls below what we SHOULD be…

    acceptance, acceptance, acceptance…

    • Absolutely …. the hardest part is letting it through. I think most of us hide that, for fear that others will judge us. In reality, it’s the angst and the mistakes that bond us more often. Cheers to you, Coop, and I hope you’re free from the work situation and soon. MJ

  13. I really like your new theme! The word “broken”…I know what people mean when they say that. My husband says it a lot. People have reached the end of themselves. They are like you said, letting the light be revealed…when I pray for others is when I am the most open, vulnerable…”broken” and it always involves tears. It’s like I am so full that the tears aren’t so much from emotion…they are more evidence that I am running over, over flowing. Thanks for the introspective invitation.

    • Yes … over flowing .. what a thoughtful way to put it. Thanks, Lissa. I wanted to mix things up a bit with the theme; glad you liked it, too 🙂


  14. I LOVE Wynonna, and LOVE that song.

    Letting others see our brokenness is not an easy thing. I tend to hide mine at times, but when I find the guts to let others see is when I find the love and support I’m so in need of.

    Beautiful post, MJ. So few words that say so much.

    • Thank you, Terri. I agree; I’m very capable and am, generally speaking, the “go-to” gal. When I step back from that, when I let others step forward, I heal my need to be “needed.” Brokenness. What a thought!


  15. MJ! Love the post, love the song and so LOVIN’ this new layout!

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