Whatever to the ever

When I got home from work last night, it was hot and muggy. Housework beckoned but so did the yard.  The yard won because well, there is a pool out there.

Old dog happily accompanied me as I hooked up the hose and watered my plants.

He supervised from the hill, the sun warming his old bones.

Next it was time to grill which meant I had to come in the air conditioning to retrieve the meat.  Notice I said “we” because Frankie is always willing to help. But first, he took his scheduled break on a cool floor.

You can’t see him in this photo but he’s there … he’s always there.  He was off to the right of the grill, his nose just far enough away to avoid being singed.

When it was all said and done and he’d had his allotment of meaty morsels, he retired to the condo for the evening.

An old dog, even more than an old spouse, always feels like doing what you feel like doing.  ~Robert Brault

* * *

How about you?  Does your pet take part in your routine or do you take part in theirs?

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36 thoughts on “Whatever to the ever

  1. Cute post, and I love the quote! Sundae takes part in my computer routine – by sitting on my lap!

  2. Cooper, our 14 year old dog always came along — he was always cool with whatever we wanted to do. Now, in failing health, we cater to his every whim. The old way was better ;(

    • I know what you mean … Frankie (12) has slowed down quite a bit. I hate to see it as it’s hard to face, isn’t it? He’s lying under my computer desk on the cool lino as I type 🙂 MJ

  3. Your Frankie looks like such a sweet soul.
    As to your question….I’m gonna say both. However, lately it’s been pretty one sided and Shelby, she’s been trying to keep up with us…not easy in this heat, not easy with them old bones. 🙂
    You got me thinking: might be time for some Shelby time!
    Gonna be super humid and in the 80’s up here today…may sneak down to the lake with her for a walk in the water.

    • He is the sweetest one of all … I hope you and Shelby had a walk in the water today. Hot & muggy here, too, and he’s mostly been inside. I’ll take him out later tonight to water at twilight; he likes that. 🙂 MJ

  4. This has me grinning ear to ear. Frankie is a wonderful companion, MJ. And yes, our pooches always want to be part of whatever we are doing at the time. I wouldn’t change it for the world.
    This was lovely! Thank you for sharing.

    • I’m glad to have put the grin there for ya, Lenore … yeah he’s the best. What would our lives be without our furry friends? Lonesome! MJ

  5. winsomebella

    Great quote, wonderful pics and to answer you, I think Rosie and I have a good mix 🙂

  6. My dog is my shadow. Her food sits in her bowl all day. When we sit down to dinner, she goes to her bowl, takes out one kibble at a time, brings them over to the table and eats them at our feet. She wants to eat dinner with the family apparently.

    • I thought he was the only one who did that; he likes to eat when at least one of us is sitting at the table. They are pack animals after all … Thanks for popping in! MJ

  7. Grilling with some ice cold Leinie’s Summer Shandy…Mmmmm. 🙂

  8. Frankie is adorable! I’m moving home so I can get a dog 🙂

  9. Looks like you are Frankie’s best pal! My Lucy follows me around, just happy to be where I am. Guess that’s why dogs are such great company.

  10. Minnie Mouse takes part 24/7 in m life and I am also in hers. I appreciate her life and heart so very much…I am honored to have her and to care for her each day. She is 17 years old and such a sweet girl…she is truly the Queenie of My House My Minnie Mouse:) We are very in tune with each other MJ…I know when she is not feeling well and she knows when I have stuff going on. In her older age I am more in tune and aware of her daily life…making sure she is eating and drinking and using her poo poo box…our animals are such blessings to us:)

    • Aww I didn’t realize Miss Minnie Mouse was 17 years young – she doesn’t look it :). I know what you mean about being in tune, last night Frankie came over by my chair and just sat there. He didn’t lie near me, he didn’t go in his bed. I knew what he wanted … I asked, “do you want some more crunchies perhaps?” (He’d had some with some supper mixed in.) He immediately started prancing and pawing and I filled up his dish again. He does that sometimes … takes the crunchies on their own. He had his fill and then came and plopped near my chair, this time for good. You’re right, they are such a blessing and a comfort. I treasure my time with him b/c I know he’s in his sunset years. MJ

  11. If I open the back of the 4 Runner to start packing…Otis is already in there and found his spot by the time i get back w/ the first suitcase…

    • Ha! I can see it now — like a flash of black lightening 🙂 I am so glad that Otis found his way down your road and into your heart, MJ

  12. Housework can definitely wait. That sweet doggie enjoyed the time together, I can tell. And your food looks delicious! Is there anything better than food cooked outstide on the grill?

    • That’s what I thought, too — I cleaned a bit once the sun was gone. Frankie enjoyed being out there with me and we did so again last night; He really enjoys “twilight” watering in the front yard … where he can sit under the maple tree and gaze down the road like he’s king of the hill 🙂

      Nothing better than grilled – yum! MJ

  13. Oh, what a sweetheart! I want a dog again but have to wait until I can convince my kids. Sigh. I love that quote at the end, too. So true.

    • What’s to convince? Usually it’s the other way around isn’t it?
      He’s 12 .. arthritic and ornery sometimes (not with us, with any sound “out of place”) .. but then there’s way too many times that he’s just the sweetest. When I get home from work he sits up on his haunches and wraps his paws around my arms like he wants to hug me .. I always get a smooch on the hand and I swear he smiles. 68 lbs of love & devotion, that’s Frankie. He’s the ultimate “shelter special!” 🙂 MJ

      • Aw, he sounds precious! I had a pound puppy, the love of my childhood for almost 14 years. She was my best friend, a true angel on earth. Haven’t owned a dog since I was 21. My daughter is very afraid of dogs, any size. And cats, too. She will cry and hole herself up in her room when my brother brings his dogs on a visit. She’s really petrified of them. Breaks my heart because I LOVE dogs!

      • awww. Well I certainly understand. Still 😦 MJ

  14. cooper

    Nice lookin’ rhodas. Can I move into your backyard for a week…or two…or maybe six months????? I’ll be happy to cook…

    • Is that what they are? I was hoping someone would identify ’em. Sure, c’mon over. I’ll supply the Leinies and you can clean the pool & cook!!

  15. Dogs are great companions! Ours always followed me around…I think they knew I was the mom, and they were attached!
    Love your backyard! ~ Sheila

    • They surely are wonderful companions. You’re right, there’s something in them that knows who the Mom is 🙂 Thanks for the compliments on the yard .. it’s been a labor of love. It’s my favorite place to be!

  16. I love your new header! And what a great post. I love including our pets in our daily lives. So of course, they participate with us. They love to be in the yard if we’re out there, or the kitchen if I’m cooking (although that one gets old). Your dog photos are awesome!

    • Thanks, Leah. I took that picture whilst enjoying some Michigan cherries … mm!! Frankie loves to be in the kitchen, too, but sometimes I have to move him (like when he decides to nap between the stove & the fridge – ack!) Cheers! MJ

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