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Ta Da!

Renee over at WritingFeemail gave me a blog award recently and today, I accept (via this post!)  Renee is generous and kind, well traveled and lovely.  She embodies what this is all about and I’m touched that she feels I do, too. Check out her writings here and thank you, sweet friend, for the honor.

Rules of  acceptance:
*thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post done!
*share 7 things about yourself
*nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire
*contact your chosen bloggers to let them know (this might take me a bit so please bear with me)

I’ve done up a few of these “about me” posts before so I am not sure how many amazing and enthralling facts I have left.   To that end, I’ll do my best to share something I haven’t yet before:

1.  I once wrote a fan letter to the Bay City Rollers and tucked my sister’s picture in with all my gushiness; she was older and far more sophisticated than the dorky 12 year old doing the writing.  I thought her picture would seal the deal and that Woody would write back professing his undying devotion. Surprisingly, I never got an answer.

why Woody, why?

2.  When I went back to the farm last fall, my brother directed me to a box of stuff from my university years.  Mixed in with the textbooks, class notes and cassette tapes was something that didn’t surprise me in the least — a photo book on Elvis.   He was my first crush and I still think he was the hottest man that ever lived; now that I think of it, I might have mentioned this before … heh heh.

Lawdy Lawdy Mizz Clawdy!

3. I met Donald Trump at NYC’s Plaza Hotel; he was polite and kinda hot.  He had a lot of bodyguards.

Why hello, MJ, and thank you for visiting the Plaza Hotel. You’re not bad yourself.

4. I flew on the corporate jet a couple of times; other than the ease with which we boarded & took off, it was a little over-rated.


5. My sister’s boyfriend landed a two-seater propeller plane on our gravel road and my parents let me go up for a spin. Seeing our farm and all my favorite places from up, up there?  Way cooler than the corporate jet, I can tell you that.

not quite this rustic

6.    Two places I’ve visited hold the most appeal for a return visit: Walt Disney World and Washington D.C.  You can draw your own parallels … hee hee!

it’s a small world after all …

7.  It’s my birthday today!  I love my birthday ~ always have and I always will :).  Usually today is the first day of summer, but I learned from Renee that it can change from year to year.  Really?   Ah, the stuff you learn out here.  Regardless, celebrate with me, won’t you?  Join Hubbs who affectionately refers to this day as  …  the longest dang day of the year. HA!

a few years back, good friends made me the BEST birthday cake ever!

And happy birthday to H.R.H Prince William who turns 30 today.   It’s wonderful to know that he’s found joy in his life; when I see a photo like this one, it’s hard to miss the body language of his parents, isn’t it?

And now to 15 bloggers I want to share the love with today — please visit and tell them I sent you on over. Everyone on my blogroll is there because I love their work but I am listing those bloggers that I know think might enjoy receiving awards. Cheers!

  1. Sandi at
  2. DM at
  3. Guy at
  4. MJ at
  5. Coop at
  6. Darla at
  7. Elyse at
  8. Adrienne at
  9. D at
  10. Dianna at
  11. Rich at
  12. Lissa at
  13. Lenore Diane at
  14. Sheila at
  15. Butch at

Thank you again to Renee for the love; I sure do do appreciate it!

Extra Elvis shot b/c it’s my blog and I can! Hunka hunka hotness!

all photos from

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45 thoughts on “‘Tis lovely

  1. “Elvis”….he’s not my cup of tea, but I wish that he were still around. What an interesting man.

    Thank you for the award. Now that I know how to post photos I believe that I can come up with a respectible reply. Thank you again.

    “Two seater plane?!!” That would be awesome!!

    Happy Birthday “Hot Stuff”. 😉

    • He was an interesting/talented/tortured soul. To me … he was the stuff dreams are made of ~Sigh!~

      You’re welcome for the award; I’m looking forward to that “acceptance speech” 🙂

      The 2 seater plane was way cooler than the stuffy corp jet filled with Braggerty McBraggerts. *Yawn*

      Thanks for the bday wishes .. MJ 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday – and oooh, what a parting shot!!!
    So tell me, is this a new “One Lovely Blog” award? I received one quite some time ago, but the badge is different!
    Thanks so much for including me in your list of receipients.
    Hope your birthday is wonderful!

    • oh yeah, I know. Mr. Hotness in his day, yes he was.
      I am not sure if it’s different … but you are more than deserving and I hope you’ll accept it 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday To You.
    Happy Birthday To YOU!
    Happy Birthday Dear MJ!!
    Happy Birthday To Yooooooooouu!!!
    p.s. Thanks for the award 🙂
    p.s.s. “…the longest day of the year…Hahahahaha.

    • Thank you sweet D 🙂 It is the longest dang day of the year .. that phone is still ringing.

      I had a great day …went & had my fortune told by a good friend who champions me … it was big fun all day.. Oh, and I worked 😉


  4. Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your Award

  5. Congratulations, and happy birthday, young lady.

  6. Let me do my Frosty the Snowman impression for you … “Happy birthday!”
    Huh? Huh? Pretty good, eh?

    Thank you for the lovely award, MJ. I do appreciate it. I’m surprised to hear you are such an Elvis fan. I wonder why you have not mentioned this in past posts? (giggle, giggle)

    • I know, shocking isn’t it? Truth be told, I like most of his music but mostly? Mostly I just like to stare at his beauty. OHmyLOrd he was gorgeous

      Congrats on YOUR award, too 🙂 MJ

  7. Happy Birthday, MJ — hope you have a blast. And may Elvis be always slim in your eyes.

    Congrats on your award, and thanks for sending it my way. The best thing about these is that you get to check out new blogs — there are several new ones. Because I don’t want to work anyway.

    • Thank you … in my mind he is always slim and toned and in black leather – hooah!

      Cheers to you on the award and yes, please visit the others .. they are wonderful 😉

  8. First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    Second, I’m flying over the Atlantic at 37,000 feet at the mo, so I’ll make a proper acceptance after I’m back in China a million hours from now.
    Third, if you ever go to Disney World you better let me know! I’m 1.5 hours away 🙂
    And last, that pic of Di, Wills and the monkey makes me sad. Body language is amazing in hindsight.

    • Thanks Sandi 🙂 and if I go to Disney, if you’re not in China, I am totally calling you up.

      Wasn’t that photo of baby Wills profound? What the heck was Charles pointing at?

  9. Tracy Mogg

    Loved your blog Marilyn. Happy Birthday Again! Never can be wished too many. Hmmmm, LOVE the cake photo :0)

  10. Happy Birthday ~ and thanks for the love you sent my way!! Wishing you a wonderful day and a blessing filled year!

  11. Happy Birthday to you….Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday dear MJ…Happy Birthday to you!!! Wish I could help you blow out your candles! Ok these pictures of Elvis…wowie!!! I was never an interested fan but hey looking at these pictures…hmmmm…he looks dang good:) Congratulations on the One Lovely Blog Award! You are very deserving and I always look forward to your blog posts:) I love how you write! Congrats and celebrate….wishing you the best!!! Happy Thursday Night:)

    • Thank you HRCG; yeah … EP was legendary for both his talent and his fine looks. Sorry but there’s just no one to compare. I hear others chat about George somebody and I think Pfft .. not even.

      Thank you for visiting & the kind wishes … it was a very fun bday … Cheers! MJ

  12. Happy birthday and thanks for the kudos! I’m betting you’re spending time w/ your family enjoying the day.

    • You’re welcome 🙂 I had a good day and a great night with the fam, you’re right .. and now .. a bite to eat and off to bed… Cheers! MJ

  13. Congrats on your award! So well deserved. Yours IS a lovely blog.

    Happy Birthday! You’re 30 today, right?

    Donald Trump? Hot? Got a kick out of that one!

    • Yeah, 30 that’s it … truth be told … 49 today!

      Donald Trump was pretty handsome in his day … but I think confidence is attractive. I’m odd like that
      Bests to you Terri,

  14. Happy birthday, MJ!

  15. Happy Birthday MJ, from another June baby 🙂 The DC/Disney compare is very cheeky indeed 😉 Lovely Blog indeed!!

  16. Jude

    Happy Birthday! You should have sent Woody your pic. He’d have responded fo sho!

  17. Thank you, MJ. I am always encouraged by you.

  18. I love Washington, DC too. There’s just something amazing about that place. Love the history. Congrats on your award!

  19. You are most welcome and much deserved. I love the fun facts about you and will check out the sites of the ones you’ve selected to pass on the award to. Congrats!

  20. Thank you, thank you! And what a fun post! Love all the things you shared! I agree, Disney World is worth revisiting…and maybe Washington, for the museums!

    What a nice compliment, to be included with so many other bloggers…some I’m already familiar with, others not. But I’ll get to check them out. Thanks for the suggestions!

    And finally, a very happy belated birthday! I’m sorry I missed this on the day, but I was out and about, and not reading for pleasure last week, only for work! (Now that’s a shame, isn’t it?!)

    Hope your day was wonderful. Thanks for the great photos! ~ Sheila

  21. Pingback: Blogger Awards | Flamidwyfe's Blog

  22. How did I miss your birthday? Happy belated and thanks for sending folks my way. Don’t you think the new kid…Adam Lambert…is a reincarnated Elvis? Crazy the resemblance

    • You’re very welcome, Lissa. I do see the resemblance you speak of … and he’s crazy talented as well. Cheers! MJ

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