Shine on

Now isn’t that a handsome pooch tucked into the new shiny award below? Yep, it’s about time that a canine connection was recognized here in the blogosphere!   You read that correctly: Frankie the dog has taken over the controls here at Emjayandthem.

Rom’s buddy Dianna at These Days of Mine shared this award via her kitty cat, Sundae.  Despite what you might think, I’m not anti-kitty.   I’m cat-neutral. Not that I know any cats personally. Unless you count that fat cat across the street who lies in the yard and stares at me; it’s not like we’ve been introduced though because Rom doesn’t let me cross the road. I think he laughs at me for that. Whatever.

Anyways, so on to the award.  Apparently the rules have been edited over time but here’s what I understand we’re to do:

  • Answer some questions  
  • Nominate other dogs blogs
  • Include the award here
  • Pay the love forward by telling others they’ve been nominated
  • Pay the love back by linking back to the one who nominated you (dance with the one who brought you, so to speak)

What is My Favorite Color?   It’s a tie between black & white.

What is My Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink?  plain ole H2O works just fine for me.  I’m partial to tap, shaken not stirred.

Yes I really am that subtle!

What is My Favorite Animal?    Duh! Dogs.

when I was just a pup

when I was just a pup

Do I Prefer Facebook or Twitter?   I prefer Myface.

What is My Favorite Number?   5:15.  That’s when Rom gets home and all is right with the world!

I’ve been part of every important milestone in this family. This pic was taken on my brother’s wedding day; I had a purple bow on!!

What is My Favorite Flower?  I really dig Rom’s peonies ’cause I can operate in super stealth mode in there.

can you find me?

What is My Passion?   Sleeping, eating, greeting, napping, stretching, sniffing, eating, dozing and grilling!

trying to be mannerly and not stare at the food directly

Many of Rom’s readers have award-free blogs, so we decided only to name those bloggers that we know have furry friends to share this with.  BUT we invite all of you who wish to accept this award to please do so.

please visit

Otis the Texas dog at When I Ride

Shelby the farm pooch at The View out Here

Minnie Mouse, a very feisty cat at Hot Rod Cow Girl

Lucy, a hat wearing, passport toting dog at Reinventing the Event Horizon

Loca the frisbee flipping poodle at Hunting for Bliss

The old cat over at Rich Ripley’s house

My Florida dog-friend Chewie at My Fascinating Life

Siblings Wilbur and Cherokee & any extra pooches being “dog-sat” over at Lenore Diane’s

and Lucy-pie, the dog who favors crazy poses, at Into the Mystic

And special thanks to Sundae-girl for the shout out.  Have a great day, friends!

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” ~ Immanuel Kant

peace out

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28 thoughts on “Shine on

  1. Cute squared!! How funny is the pup high five!?!!

    • I know! Believe it or not, it was an accident. I was taking his picture and he was sitting nicely, at the last minute he tried to give me a paw … instead I caught a “high paw!”

      happy belated birthday, anna 🙂


      • That’s too cute, they love to ‘shake’ I know! Thanks for the b’day wishes MJ.


  2. Thanks MJ….I’ll let Snicklefritz know that she’s been awarded. 🙂
    Now I have two blogs to write, nominations to pass out and some photos to take! My last blog led to two others that I posted before the intial blog was posted….so three for the price of one “idea”. Has that every happened to you?


  3. I love animal posts, MJ! Smiled at Frankie’s passions–only a pet could write that. Congrats on your award!

  4. Frankie is adorable?

  5. Stop it!! I loved each and every one of your puppy pictures!! The peace out ‘high paw’ was awesome! Oh MJ, what a grin I am wearing now. This was excellent. Frankie truly shines.
    Wilbur and Cherokee wanted me to thank you for their mention. The would say more, but they are enjoying a nap by the air condition vents right now. 🙂
    I still plan to respond to the other nod – writing seems to be taking a back seat for the most part.

    Happy July!

    • Frank’s a lover not a fighter; on walks he greets every dog like a long lost friend … the others don’t always greet him the same. He loves all, discriminates against none and even gives the chipmunks a pass. I hope you’ll feature Wilbur & Cherokee’s “take” on things :). Enjoy the peace out … and your July … ahh summer!


  6. Aw, what a love that Frankie is! He’s got it figured out…take life easy, and take care of those you love! Cute post, from one dog lover to another…and yes, I’m cat neutral also…not really anti-cat…but due to allergies in the family, just haven’t ever really been around them much. ~ Sheila

    • We’d have a cat, too, if hubbs could handle it but he’d be forced to live in a bubble so that won’t work. Glad you enjoyed Frankie’s post 🙂 Cheers! MJ

  7. Frankie! Shelby says, “Thanks man”!!!
    Oh…and she thinks you’re ever so polite to not look directly at the food. What manners. 😉
    Congrats on the award. 🙂

    • Welcome! Yes, he’s actually very well mannered; we get compliments on that all the time. Of course, he’s not stupid. He knows manners = extra food!! 🙂 MJ

  8. Aw, loved the pictures. The last one reminded me of my dog who we taught how to shake hands/paws. She’d often just raise her paw up first, like she was trying to high five us, too cute.

    • I love it when they do that 🙂 He’s old and arthritic now so his high paws aren’t so high but he still tries. Breaks my heart. MJ

  9. Darling post! You nailed it with every picture and caption. Yes, I’m allergic to cats but T-Bob is a member of the family. Gives new meaning to being allergic to family members. Congratulations on this award…Frankie is steering nicely. “when I was just a pup” …love that photo.

  10. I just told Lucy that she got an award, but she is sleeping soundly and, well… she’s been a bit obnoxious this evening, so I won’t try too hard to wake her. But she will be VERY excited to hear this! Thank you!

  11. Somehow I missed this MJ….Minnie Mouse is so very excited and will be doing her thank you post soon….Frankie is a sweetheart:) Minnie is that way too as just about every milestone in our lives the last 18 years she was in the middle with us:) Thank you much for thinking of Ms. Mouse…she says Yes, thank you Frankie and MJ….this is Meowsy Cat-Cool:)

  12. Pingback: Minnie Mouse Won “The Shine On Award”….Meowsie Woo Hoo Award!!! « Hot Rod Cowgirl

  13. Frankie’s totally adorable! 🙂

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