Have you ever met someone whose personality immediately drew you in? Who, at first glance, seemed like someone you’d like to know better?

Not long ago, this happened to me.

I found myself seated next to another lady while both of us were getting manicures; I couldn’t help but overhear her conversation with another patron. She was articulate and engaging on the topics they discussed (health and health care). When the other lady finished and left, this one turned to me.   For a time, the conversation was pleasant.  Smiling inwardly, I thought, this is fun, because I love to meet and talk with new people.  But it was when she ventured off into alternative care that I felt a smidge of unease.   Bear in mind that I don’t take issue with alternative remedies; I personally think there’s a lot we can learn by going back to the basics – good nutrition, proper sleep, etc.  But, this was  different: I saw her eyes brighten and noted when she licked her lips and leaned in closer, almost conspiratorially.   It hit me that the two-way info exchange had stopped; now she talked at me about energy fields, colon-hydrotherapy and her stance against vaccinations.  Well, “to each his own,” I thought.  A break in the conversation allowed me to sit quietly for a moment and that’s when I heard it, a ringing in my right ear, clear and steady, like an alarm going off.   I smiled while trying to follow her stances on modalities, PH balances and the like.  I found myself a little sad, too, because before me was a woman with a quick and seeking mind.  Before me was not someone seeking conversation or friendship, however: before me was a soul whispering hear me, see me, affirm me.

When it was time to go, she smiled warmly and introduced herself as Jane, slipping her business card into my hand. I smiled back and told her my first name, too, but refrained from sharing my contact information. Instead I minded that little alarm, the one that very clearly said no.

“Intuition is always right in at least two important ways;

It is always in response to something.

It always has your best interest at heart”

― Gavin de Becker, “The Gift of Fear”

Have you ever been in this situation? How did you handle it?

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24 thoughts on “Seekers

  1. Funny you should mention the “ringing in your ears.” Gripped by that “ringing”, I flee in one way or another.

  2. I turn off the ringer on my phone, pretend it’s rung and have a fake conversation 🙂

  3. Hmm….I don’t get any ringing, but I have had the sense you talk about…the sense that something isn’t quite as it seems, however friendly the person is toward me…the sense that friendship is being offered too quickly…the sense that there is just something that is “off.” I am not cynical or suspicious as a rule, so when I feel these responses within myself, it gets my attention and I do just what you did…nothing obvious, but I inwardly withdraw. Not sure if my intuition is always right…there isn’t always the chance to know that. But I feel this way so rarely that when I do, I don’t ignore it. Great description of this type of interaction, spot on! ~ Sheila

    • Yes, that sense that “something isn’t quite as it seems” … and I always listen to it. I’ve only gotten in trouble when I’ve ignored it. I’m glad you “heed” the heart, too, Sheila! MJ

  4. So many times it’s someone with an agenda. No thanks. Interesting about the ringing in your ear!

  5. Good for you, MJ. Your intuition is right on, my friend. I have been where you were and responded similarly. Love the notion of intuition being the GPS of the soul. So true!

  6. Oooooo. I have that book, and it’s great. One day when my husband and I were leaving a movie theater (at a mall), we were just getting into my car when a woman approached the passenger’s side (where my husband was sitting). In a nanosecond I had a warning flash across my mind: a small poster that someone had taped to the movie theater door, warning people to stay away from a particular woman- with a pencil sketch of the woman- flashed in front of me. Then all of a sudden, as my husband was trying to get his window down to see what this woman wanted (thank goodness they’re electric windows, and I hadn’t started the car yet), all I could get out of my mouth was, “No, no, no, no, no!” She saw me and decided to walk away. As she turned, the word predator flashed through my mind.

    Since that time, I have taken a few classes to learn how to connect to my intuition, and to trust what I get. Thanks for a great article!

    • What an experience for you and your husband … did he have a lot of questions for you? Did it make sense to him?

      I would love to take a class to explore this further, although I don’t think I need it per se .. just find it interesting.

      Thanks for weighing in!


      • My husband didn’t really say much. I told him what I experienced, and he pretty much grunted. He didn’t dismiss it, though.

  7. Whenever someone starts talking about their (or my) colon I act like I hear someone paging me and say “that call was for me…I gotta go.” I run into this situation frequently as I work in retail for a company that stresses “helpful and friendly” so I’ll run into a kook once in a while and either get away from them OR if I’m feeling tired or ornery…just disagree with them and call it a day. Our company dietitian was in last week spouting the “benefits of eating pumpkin rinds.” I choose to walk away from that, after stating that the only way our customers would injest said pumpkin rind is if it had been soaked thoroughly with vodka. (this didn’t faze her the slightist…she’s in her own world where no ones opinion matters but hers).

    Good post…I gotta tend to my colon…it’s acting up ya know?

    • Yes, that word has a way of sounding alarm bells all on its own.

      Pumpkin rinds? Just IMAGINE what that would do to your system — eek!

      You have a good, level head, RR, and a wonderful sense of humor; I’m sure both have gotten you out of and away from many sticky retail situations 🙂

  8. You are a very intuitive person, MJ. And I suppose I am as well. But knowing that, means we can listen to our guts or ears or whatever it is that says ‘flee’. Take the card and shred it. You don’t need anything she is selling.

    • You’re right – the card didn’t make it into my pocket! There is still a part of me who wants to be nice and accepting of everyone. Then there’s a part that says, “um … no, not this one. Too much for you.” And that’s who I listened to here.

      Thanks Renee!

  9. Oh, yes, I’ve encountered this. No ringing in my ears though. I usually just smile and be polite, and as Georgette commented, I flee – physically, if possible, or mentally!

  10. Oh that is the worst. I don’t get an audible alarm, but that moment is when the “fake plastered polite” smile appears on my face and further engagement from my end comes to a halt. So sad.

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  12. Glad I came over here to read this as well.

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