Rocking or Retreating

In the past, when stressed, I would have retreated.   I would have retreated, grabbed a bag of Lay’s and maybe even gotten on the phone with my cousin for a long-winded rant.

I’m stressed.

I can feel it in my stomach, I can see it in my eyes and I can sense it when I wake – there it waits, starting at me like the relative you’d rather not see at Christmastime.

This time, I didn’t retreat.  I rocked. As in rocked it out on my treadmill.  That’s right, peeps, last night I hit a new milestone – a 20 min run.  5 weeks ago this 49-year-old Grandmother couldn’t run 90 seconds; last night I ran almost 2 miles.   Huffing and puffing, sweating and soldiering, I ran.

I ran through my anxiety, my fears, my stress and my sadness.  I ran and I ran and I ran and when I was done, I felt better. Clearer.  Nothing was solved, for that’s beyond my control, but what was better was …me.

I rocked my babies in a chair like this ..

Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair; it gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere. – Anonymous

How do you cope with the stresses in your life? Have you found new methods of managing it?

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32 thoughts on “Rocking or Retreating

  1. You rock MJ, for sure! I might even get inspired to dust off my own treadmill.

    • Hey, thanks Sweet Pea. I have thought about running outside but I like the comfort & security of my treadmill … although I have almost fallen off it before (stepped too far out – oops). 🙂 MJ

  2. Cheers to the endorphins that make things better. Rocking can soothe but running I see gets you where you want to be.

    • It does. I always loved to run. I don’t know why I stopped. Isn’t that the question? Why did I stop? Now that I have found it again, I can tell you that it’s my happy place 🙂 MJ

  3. YAY for you, MJ! This morning, for the first time in a couple of weeks, I actually did my 30-minute walk. You had inquired about my MIL, and she’s improving. Hubby and I will get at least a week’s break from staying overnight with them (YAY!), as other family members are stepping up to help (YAY again!).
    I’m glad that running is helping you deal with your stress: much better for you than the Lays!

    • Triple Yays for you Dianna :)!! So happy to hear your MIL is on the mend and … (not to be selfish but) that you and MM get a break. It’s stressful, doing what you did … and a break is well deserved! Whoop Whoop!

  4. Yeah! Twenty minutes, non-stop! Fantastic. God bless the person that brought about the running routine in your life for without it you might just be sitting and rocking, going nowhere.

  5. Good for you, MJ. Congratulations. I’ve been working out regularly since June, and it has made a difference in the stress (rocking vs. retreating). Alas, I haven’t worked out since Friday, and I can feel myself being pulled to the side of retreating. I won’t retreat, though. I’ll workout today, and I will rock through the anxiety.

    • I cannot believe the difference and, like you, if I take a day or two off, it could be easy to slip to the dark side but the surprising thing is, I find myself missing it. Who knew?

      rock it out Sistah!

  6. Good for you MJ. Keep working out, though remember that it’s okay to be sad, or want to still have a couple of those potato chips (in moderation). When I’m stressed out I continue to read the Bible, or devotional (it’s more than coincedence that what I read in those usually addresses what I’m dealing with in the here and now) and I sleep. The situation is still there the next day but Rich Ripley will have both pistols loaded and ready for it when it re-appears. (I’m speaking metaphorically..mind you. I own no pistols, but my yard is full of acorns right now…so the issue that I speak of may get lots of nuts thrown at it in reality.)
    peace to you MJ,

    • It is not possible for me to eat a potato chip in moderation, not possible.

      And I know what you mean … isn’t it amazing how when you do stop to read scripture you end up reading exactly what you needed to? Funny how that works!! You have great advice there, RR, acorns & all 🙂


  7. You’re doing awesome!!!

    • Yes! I feel awesome and I am so pleased to have a healthy way to deal with the stress that life inevitably throws at me 🙂

  8. C @ To Grow & Bloom

    Thank you for your comment on my blog yesterday 🙂

    Working out is a great way to relieve stress but I know how easy it can be to just want to sit in a chair and eat chips! What’s getting me through my divorce is staying as busy as possible and meeting new people.

    • You are very welcome and I am following your blog as well 🙂

      Definitely is a balancing act. I worked out like a fiend last night, and I am making some popcorn and enjoying the debates later tonight.

      I wish you peace and patience as you work through your divorce. It’s not easy and I found there were a lot of “what if” days than not, but it is survivable and you will learn so much about yourself in the process.

      Bests to you “C”, I hope you visit again

  9. I know just how you feel. Good for you for doing something positive with the distress you feel! When I wake up with that uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach, I know from the physical feeling I’m stressed, regardless of where my thoughts are at the moment. I tend to go either to mundane chores…just move to some automated activity that gets me busy, or I look to inspiration from strong people who have shared their words of wisdom…quotes and readings that help me focus, resolve, act, or accept. Stay strong! ~ Sheila

    • You are smart to listen to your body and move to something that’s easier to handle … good on you.

      Take care, Sheila, and thank you as always for your thoughtful and kind comments,

  10. So proud of you!!! This makes me so happy. 🙂 I’ve been running and sweating through my stress as well… it’s such an accomplishment to meet goal you never thought you could.

    • You, sister girl, kept me motivated. What you don’t know is that your Christmas post about your very first run stayed with me well into the middle of this year!! I couldn’t agree more, it feels so good to do something you never dreamed was possible. 🙂


  11. I hate to hear you’re stressed, my friend, but I can understand why. It’s amazing, however, what exercise can do to lessen anxiety. Keep rockng and rolling, dear MJ!

    • …. Having this outlet has given me a lot of mental release that I never realized I needed. In the past, I’d just sit and stew and make myself sick — no more.

      Hugs to you dear Kathy! MJ

  12. That’s great, MJ! My SIL recently bought a treadmill, and I love it! Too bad it’s in another part of the state. What a great, natural stress-buster!

  13. Way to go! Running is stress relief for me too. So is writing. Sometimes it’s as simple as going to bed early and getting a solid night’s sleep.

    You’re right. Worrying gets you nowhere and doesn’t change a thing. Unfortunately, it’s a habit that can be so hard to break! Looks like you’re finding healthier ways to deal with your worry.

    • Yes, running, writing, and sleeping .. can’t underestimate a good sleep. I was up late watching the Tigers (Cabrera!) and of course the debates .. so I feel a bit draggy this morning.

      It’s hard not to worry but I am definitely trying to do it in a healthier, more productive, way. Thanks Terri.

  14. cooper

    good job. if i ran for 30 seconds I’d need de-fib paddles. As for dealing with stress, if there is no nail gun within reach (just kidding), a walk or playing drums or sitting on the beach.

    • I thought the same thing when I started and look where I am 5 weeks later? 🙂 If I had a beach nearby I’d surely go walk on it!! Thanks Coop

  15. Way to go! I like to move my body too—preferably outdoors— because then I have the double benefit of exercise and nature.

    • for sure — I like to walk outside with old dog but he’s not able to be an exercise partner anymore. His sniff and stop approach does make me slow down and appreciate nature though 🙂 MJ

  16. Obviously I’m getting caught up here, but I’m so happy to see you rocking the C25K!!! You go girl!

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