Inside the snow globe

Call me crazy but I love snow.

Fresh snow.

Fluffy snow.

like Buttercream frosting all over the yard; an emjayandhtem photo

like Buttercream frosting all over the yard; an emjayandthem photo

Falling snow.

Drifting snow.

I love snow.

dollops of fresh snow; an emjayandthem photo

dollops of fresh snow; an emjayandthem photo

I love the promise of new snow, the strength in heavy snow, and the crunchy, crunch crunch of seasoned old snow.

I love snow.

We face the west; an emjayandthem photo

We face the West; an emjayandthem photo

One of the best things I love about snow?  When I’m inside the snow globe looking out!

How about you? Any snow in your neck-of-the-woods?

* * * *

“All seasons have something to offer” – Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle

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29 thoughts on “Inside the snow globe

  1. I really do love snow. Especially right now when I’m sitting safely inside curled up in a blanket. My kids are beyond thrilled we had a white Christmas. We have 10 inches on the ground and another six inches coming today! I’m sure by March, I’ll be sick of the white stuff, though.

    • When we lived in Houston, I very much missed the seasons. I know there will come a point when we’ll be weary of it, too, but for now … oh it’s so pretty!

      Enjoy the snow! MJ

  2. Like the “snow globe” thought. Thanks for sharing with photos. Just a light covering of snow here in central Illinois.

    • It was a good day to be peeking out; I’m on the mend from the flu bug and cozied up under a quilt for an afternoon of dozy reading = perfection.

      Enjoy the light covering of snow there in IL, I have a feeling it will change soon, Butch!!

  3. Crazy! 🙂
    I’m a south Florida girl… our white Christmas is the sand on the beach… hehe No snow in my neck of the woods!

  4. Snow in Dallas on Christmas day and the 26th held the kids over one more day with us further south. I loved that snow.

  5. I’ve got a foot of snow in the yard, and it is 14º F outside. I’m ready for spring already.

    • I understand; I’m far from that … but there will come a point in March that I’ll be ready for it to go. Till then, I’m loving it!

  6. I love snow too, unless I have to shovel. But there are few things more beautiful. This morning I woke up, opened up the shutter and saw a bright red male cardinal on a tree dusted with snow. How can you have a bad day if it starts like that?

  7. It’s snowing here now! 🙂 I’ve seen snow many times, but every time it snows I’m super excited all over again!! 🙂

    • Agreed! New fallen snow takes me immediately back to childhood, of recesses spent slipping and sliding, of skating parties and tobogganing with cousins for hours at a time. Drifting snow makes me think about school getting cancelled (smile) and last minute change in plans, including being “storm stayed” at a friends house.

      I love snow!


  8. It’s no secret how I feel about snow! I’ve always loved it, always. Yup and I’ve been known to shovel, a lot….excellent exercise!
    I think it’s great how you described it as being in a snow globe. I’ve never thought of it that way and I love it. It’s perfect.
    Hip hip hooray for snow!! (It’s so much better than a hot sweaty day).
    Happy New Year MJ.

    • Welcome to my little snow globe, D :). Snow lovers unite!

      I don’t mind shoveling but, as you know, we get that wet heavy stuff and I’ve been known to wrench my back doing it .. I leave it to the guys whenever possible 🙂

      Bring on the snow 🙂

      and a Happy New Year to you .. MJ

  9. I love snow, too. Grew up skiing and sledding. I’m at mom’s house now, starting the process of what needs to be done now that the occupants are both gone. Last night we got about 8- 10″ of new snow. Everything outside looked so pretty today.

  10. I’m not a fan of cold weather, but I do love the beauty and serenity that a heavy snowfall provides. In my neck of the woods, we’re still anxiously waiting for that first snowfall of the season (some winters it never comes). Enjoyed your photos and descriptions!

  11. No snow in Virginia Beach, but other parts of our state got some.

  12. We’ve still got plenty of snow left over from our early December storm. And there have been a flurries since then too. I like snow for the light it brings. The days feel too short and dark without it. And it makes the landscape so clean and pretty. I like snow too, most of the time.

  13. Like you, I live in Michigan…have for the last 60++ years, so there’s plenty of snow here. However, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I love it…simply that I tolerate it. It is beautiful when It first comes down…I just wish it would go away before we have to get out and drive in it.
    By the way, Happy New Year!

    • 🙂 I do love it … it brings out the little kid in me. I don’t particularly like the ice in the driveway or the slush on the roads .. but new bright snow falling down just makes me grin.

      Cheers and a Happy New Year, too 🙂

  14. I love snow for the seasonal touch…I have to admit, other than at Christmas, I like seeing it mostly on mountain peaks, rather than at my front door! But now and then a little is good! Makes everything sparkle and look beautiful, and who doesn’t love that?! Most of all, I love seasons. I don’t think I could ever live in a climate that only boasts one season. I like all four! ~ Sheila

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