on Racing

I read a quote last night that stuck with me:  “If you’re always racing to the next moment, what happens to the one you’re in?”

Wow, is that ever my life right now.

List-maker, do-er, chief domestic engineer.  Full-time staffer, Mom, wife, Nana, cousin, sister, friend.

The weekend was just here, right?

We had a full day Saturday so Sunday was my cook-a-bunch of stuff/get the laundry done/talk to my Mom and such kinda day … then came Monday, and it started all over again.


where is it?

Somewhere in there is room for me, right?

I think the reason that quote hits me so hard is that we just had 10 days off — 10 glorious days over Christmas to enjoy — 10 days we spent …  s i c k.

I’m glad we had the time off to rest … but those best laid plans of fireside chats and trying new restaurants and sleeping in … were replaced by extra blankets, Vicks  Vapo-rub and soup.

Now, we’re back in the trenches.  Back in the guts and the glory without the time off we worked all year to get.


Anyone else need a “do over” button?

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24 thoughts on “on Racing

  1. Aw….I clicked the “like” button for your post, but not because I liked you spending your 10 days off being SICK. Sure hope you can get a little while for YOU, MJ. I know that isn’t always possible, but take it easy when you can, ok???

    • It was a drag, a real drag. Yes I am grateful we had the time off, for neither one of us could have worked, but geez.

      I have a full plate this week but hope to get an hour or 2 to myself this weekend!! 🙂 MJ

  2. Dang. That stinks. That is a long time to be sick.

  3. I’m so sorry you spent your days off sick! I can so relate to your post! I too feel like I’m constantly racing to the next moment, or constantly preparing for my next move! Maybe your sickness was a blessing? It did force you to rest eh?!!! 🙂

  4. Yes, there is time for you but you have to find that time…carve out small blocks. I remember those days of always racing into the next moment and I wish there were a do over button for some of those days. I would like to rewind and redo some things I did. That is the past for me; I can only move forward and remain present in the moments of my life.
    Take a few minutes and breathe mindfully!

  5. You need to decide what you need most, is it an hour in the bookstore, tub, doing some creative endeavor, together, alone? Then make time for a little reprieve as often as you can.

  6. I am desperate to find time to write, MJ. I’m living in the moment, for certain, but like you – the moments are for others.

    • I hear you, LD. I haven’t been writing as much lately but I haven’t been inspired to, either .. I trust my instincts and back away until I “feel” it come to me again. I hope you find your times soon, too.

  7. Yup, I’d love a do-over. With my luck, though, It’ll be a Monday and not a Saturday or Sunday!

    • I’d take a Monday! Know why? No one’s in it 🙂 Just the thought of one day off – mid-week – with no one home sounds positively decadent to me……. I’m plotting right now!! MJ

  8. I think y’all need a nice long weekend… healthy weekend!

  9. Yes! A do-over would be welcome. This Christmas season was mostly about work…Rob worked Christmas and New Year’s, covering the little island clinic that is currently short-staffed. I went down and spent the week between Christmas and NY with newborn baby Jack…that was sweet, but it was also time apart. And now we’re full speed ahead. We are taking a few days off the first part of February, and I need it! I feel so organized and productive and motivated…until I’m suddenly done, pooped, can’t find the energy to do another thing! I think I hear a beach calling my name!

    Hope you find your sweet spot soon! Maybe you should kidnap your husband and go away for a weekend…when I’m out of town, I leave my chores behind me…one of the best parts of vacation, whether it’s a long getaway or a weekender! ~ Sheila

    • Yes we are in a similar scenario … I think I will kidnap hubbs and stay IN … no phones, no clocks, no place we have to be … whee!

      🙂 MJ

  10. Doesn’t it just feel like you’ve been robbed when your vacation days turn into sick days? And didn’t you have a very similar experience sometime in recent years?

    I feel so rushed and obligated so often. And when I’m sitting doing something I enjoy as opposed to doing something I SHOULD be doing, I have to remind myself that it’s okay to take a break.

    • Yes! Robbed is the word!! I feel like I am whining but I am really, really upset about it. Worked for MONTHS to save that time off … ugh! And yes, it happened last year and the year before – think there’s a lesson there?

      I read a quote by actress Anne Hathaway who recently married. Something to the effect that she “joined the hordes of women no longer celebrated the holiday, rather just cooked for it.”

      I thought: that is me. Drat!

  11. Oh — do you get MLK day? So sorry you were robbed of those 10 days. I was fine over the holidays and then when we put the last holiday guest on the plane — the coughing and upper respiratory started, just when I needed to be in form for the start of a term. Scary — but not as scary as Linden. 🙂

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