What Lingered in Linden

So a road trip yesterday had me stopping for coffee and a bite to eat at the Linden Hotel in S.E. Michigan.

This is an old town, the hotel was established in 1840 and a sign on the front stoop says so.

Known for their home-made goodies and excellent lunches, we were told this would be a good place to stop after a meeting earlier that day.

But what we didn’t know is that the hotel is supposedly haunted.

I noticed something was up right away; having turned my (android) phone off while in meetings, I expected a full charge when I powered it back up.  It was .. and then it wasn’t.  Saying nothing, I watched as two main screen images superimposed themselves over each other.  I also noticed I wasn’t getting my work emails and the time display was stuck on one time.

Making general conversation with the waitress, my colleagues asked about the hotel’s history.  Smiling, she said, “oh, would you like to see our ghost book?”

Immediately one said “no, not me, I’m scared of that stuff.” She replied, “oh you’ll be fine” and stepped away to retrieve a binder filled with photos and anecdotes from previous visitors.

Intrigued, we asked her to tell us more.

“Well, I’ve worked here for many years and often come in to find the silverware upside down or unwrapped.  We’ve had bartenders witness bottles fly off the bar and cooks hear someone call their name.  The most activity is in the upstairs ladies bathroom and in the mens room on this floor.  There’s a little girl here, she died in a fire, she plays upstairs.  The others we aren’t so sure about.”

My colleagues smiled and went back to their food and I looked at my phone again. Nothing. The time was frozen at the time we entered the building: 2:02 pm and the battery was almost dead.

One photo in the book caught us all by surprise, especially when she told us the story behind it.

Apparently a group of local folks who do Civil War reenactments did so on the upper floor of the hotel while it was under renovation.  See the soldier by the chair?  Folks who participated noticed him after the images were developed; no one knows who he is, as every other member was accounted for.

Weird hey?

While the experience was unusual, I can tell you I wasn’t scared. I also don’t mind telling you that  there was no part of me that was going upstairs to the ladies’ room: I trust my intuition!  I had to giggle when my colleagues bade a hasty retreat after they were “visited” by yellow lights in the mens’ room.  Suggestion or real?

I am not sure what to think about all this but I do know this: we were a full 70 miles west of there before my phone returned to normal, the time reset and 67 new emails showed up.

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What do you think?  Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever visited someplace haunted? Were you visited by something while you were there?

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32 thoughts on “What Lingered in Linden

  1. I believe the spirit world is real. absolutely. I also believe that what we call ghosts are not dead people at all but spirits from the dark side wanting us to believe they were once people.. I believe they are fallen angels. (demons). Read a book many moons ago called “Satan is alive and well on planet earth” by Hal Lindsay. Interesting topic today. Don’t you just hate it when your cell phone doesn’t work 🙂 DM

    • I think it’s real, too. I don’t know what they are, and I’ve not considered what you suggested, but I do believe that some have malice while others don’t. I only say this b/c I felt absolutely no fear, no adrenaline, nothing. But … I do believe demons/dark spirits exist and that’s why I don’t read books or watch movies about them – just the previews of “paranormal” movies are enough to give me the Willies! No thanks, this girl has an active imagination already.

      On the cell phone — the thing is it’s my work cell phone so I felt like I should check for emails and it was weird to 1) not have any and 2) see the time/images “frozen.”

      Thanks, DM, for weighing in!

  2. Oh, I have so much to say about this post! First of all, I’m glad you weren’t afraid, but I can totally relate to “no part of” you going upstairs! When Marshall & I were both interpreting at Bacon’s Castle, one afternoon, it was stormy and rainy and dark. He went up to the garret (attic),and when he came back, he told me that I “had” to go up there. Nope – I couldn’t get past the first few steps!
    That picture of the Civil War soldier is amazing. So strange about your phone, too.
    But, on a somber note, I had just read a news report this morning from our local tv station about a house fire last night in a town about an hour from us. An adult was killed, and three children under the age of 5 are missing. Heartbreaking. I thought about that when I read in your post about the little girl at the hotel who was killed in the fire.
    See? I told you I had a lot to say about your post! Have a good day, MJ, and stay away from those haunted establishments!!

    • I had a feeling you might, and I remembered your post about being spooked at Bacon’s Castle. You were right not to go up there, either.

      I’m sorry for the news in your area, very tragic, and especially when little ones are involved.

      I’ll stay away; it’s not my intention to “go looking” for anything supernatural — no Oijia Boards for this gal!!

  3. I am so easily spooked. I would’ve been the rude lunch guest who went to eat in the car 🙂

  4. I totally believe in spirits… but I’m not afraid of them. I think that it’s an honor for them to present themselves to you. What an awesome opportunity you had to visit there!

    • I wasn’t afraid; I have times in my life where I was .. and I have had times in my life that the living gave me shudders (see my post called “Sometimes I just know). Just thinking about that guy still sends a shiver down my back.

      I don’t know what this was but I am telling you the truth – my phone was messed up for some time. Crazy!!


  5. What a great post! Other than occasionally have a sense of “presence,” I’ve never witnessed anything like this personally, but I have close friends that I know well and trust not be be crazy who have seen loved ones appear shortly after their deaths. I SO would have gone up to the bathroom!

    • I have always had a very strong sense of my intuition and have “known” things before I should have. see this post:

      Having said that, I can’t say I’ve ever been anywhere like this. The experience was weird, but not rattling.

      There might have been a time in my younger days that I’d have gone up to the bathroom; not now. I’ve learned that the only times I really get myself in Dutch is when I ignore my instincts.

      Thanks for chiming in, Arlene!! 🙂 MJ

  6. Spirits or ghosts, I totally believe in and have no doubt the little girl was fascinated with your phone. My son thinks the home I live in is haunted and I have had strange things happen here. I do not talk about it much because I think people will think I am crazy. As late as last night, my dog passed by me into the living room and about 12 o’clock a light flashed across my bedroom….like a beacon like. I just sort of ignore these things thinking there is an explanation but sometimes I just know when someone else is here. Those are the times I pay attention to. Usually after a death in the family, I have these things happen.
    I always know who is calling before answering the phone…is that intuition or is that a “knowing” ….and I believe I have a guardian angel who is with me at all times.
    Very interesting post. I will go back and read the other post.

    • You are either very brave or just used to all the activity 🙂 I don’t think you’re crazy but I think I would be spooked if I had to deal with it.

      I would love for you to write more about your experiences …. and I know who is calling long before caller ID came into play; my youngest son has it, too. He’ll just calmly announce, “oh that’s so & so” and he is always right!

      I love that you have a guardian angel with you at all times; comforting.

      My Dad has visited me many times and I don’t feel he’s a ghost at all … just checking in and his visits always are wonderful. 🙂 MJ

      • I think it is great that your son has it too! I sometimes find I do not talk about this part of my life very much. I do not know why. When I read a blog like you, I put things out but I have not framed a post, or story, as yet.

      • it is something we have in common and I think it gives him comfort that he has someone to talk to about it; I never did. I know what you’re saying .. most of us aren’t conditioned to think about or explore that part of our lives very much. It’s counter-intuitive to everything we’re taught. But I’ve learned I have more than 5 senses and sometimes that 6th one is the most accurate 🙂


  7. Can you imagine wanting to communicate with humans who are as close as breath and their fear blocks you from connecting? Energy cannot be destroyed – it only changes form. How can we be so primitive to think that a dead body means the spirit has somehow evaporated into nothingness?

    The mystery for me – why are there lingering souls? What causes souls to stay in a location? I know there’s the usual thing about unfinished business, but my guides – and those of other trusted sources – refer regularly to our loving soul family and all the Love that exists on “the other side”. There is so much love at every dimension that I don’t understand the unsettledness of souls who hang around.

    As there are different ages of souls, it may be these are newer souls whose decision has been to delay their ascent. I do know that we are given our own wills and that gift remains with us as a soul body.

    The only harm that comes from these distressed souls arises from ways in which we react with whatever level of fear. We can create incredible imaginings as to the threat, but, other than in fiction, the evidence can be put in the category of “nuisance factor”. These demonstrations are like someone saying, “please know that I am here.” Don’t we all do that?!

    In 1996, I was awakened by a person calling my name. It was a sad and plaintive cry, but there was no mistaking my name. It was a woman’s voice and she called a number of times. I got up because I really thought someone had come into my suite.

    At first I was panic stricken, but oddly enough, my cat calmly laid at the end of the bed – purring!! Normally he would be GONE if a strange human was around.

    When this happened, I was helping a native community build a School District budget so was staying in a suite off their boardroom. (My cat travelled with me.) When I told the Superintendent of Schools about the incident the next a.m., (asking if it was a practical joke), his eyes rounded significantly and he told me the people claimed the School Board building was haunted.

    I meditated that day, asking about the one who called my name. I didn’t want to be nervous. I was given a sense of an elderly native woman with very long silver hair. She was crying because no one had her wisdom. She wanted someone to take it from her. I asked if I could take it when I was non-native. She assured me it was okay. I felt a surge of incredibly deep love and gratitude.

    I sat quietly, felt great peace and went to bed that night and slept soundly.

    Coincidentally, I was in another school district far to the South of that incident, talking with the School Counsellor about her native students. (I was to make certain Aboriginal courses were in place and functioning well.) I saw a photo on the wall of a very old native woman. It was the very image I saw in my visualization during that meditation. The counsellor saw my reaction and asked about it. When I told her the story, she took the photo, made a copy and gave it to me. I have it framed and it sits in my living room. I wish I knew her name…but I can ask for that in a meditation. Why hadn’t I thought to do that before now?!

    • I so love that you shared your experience, thoughts and observations. The bottom line? There is more than we know, much much more. Maybe some bad, maybe some good, but mostly .. there’s more.

      The fact that your cat wasn’t spooked tells a lot, doesn’t it?

      I think you should ask her name 🙂 MJ

  8. I love this stuff! Maybe it’s because I spend my days doing science, taking measurements, calculating things — but I really like the exploration of the paranormal. I know that the great bulk of it is probably hooey, but the possibility that maybe — just maybe — some of it isn’t is just SO tantalizing.

    • yes it is. I don’t spend any time chasing it, however, this was a happenstance. The thing that kind of wigs me out is that I wasn’t wigged out at all. Nothing. Just very calm.


  9. I have driven through Linden many times but have never heard of this. I just might have to check it out. Thanks!

    • they had a pina colada cake that was to die for! A fluffy pound cake with a creamy frosting containing pineapple and bits of toasted coconut; I had a couple of bites of my colleagues and it is worth the drive just for that 🙂

      And maybe you’ll experience something while you’re there, too! MJ

  10. Interesting about your phone. Who knows?

    • I don’t know — it’s still a bit off even today. There no longer is a display for the charge level. It’s just gone. Weird.


  11. A part of me believes in these kinds of lingering presences … or at least wants to believe, but only if the spirits are kind spirits. I don’t want to be scared. I can’t say that I’ve ever encountered a ghost or been anywhere that was known to be haunted but might consider it, again, only if the supposed ghosts had a friendly reputation.

    • I’m with you – I don’t mind acknowledging them if they play nice. I hate to be scared, have no interest or thrill in being terrorized even by a movie or a book! -MJ

  12. How totally cool! I’ve got lots of orb photos, but not full body ghost shots.

    I do know that at times, spirits who for whatever reason don’t go to the light (cross over into heaven) can wander around. They are not demons (not saying that I don’t believe in demons, just that people who haven’t crossed over are not necessarily demons). I have been told there is a woman who wanders around our area, who is looking for her child. She doesn’t know she is dead, and she doesn’t realize that her child is just through the bright light. Sometimes people have such strong religious convictions and believe so strongly that they don’t deserve to go to heaven, that they refuse to go because of this misguided belief. They can be talked over in some instances.

    I am happy to report that even my mother, who recently committed suicide, made it to the other side. I believe she is receiving some counselling and lots of love to help heal her.

    • How sad is that story – the woman looking for her child?

      Like you, I’ve got lots of orb photos, that I had forgotten about honestly. Youngest boy has them in many of his baby pictures and there were some very distinct ones in his graduation shots as well. He is highly intuitive and empathetic, to the point that he takes on others’ issues to his own detriment sometimes; he can feel what others are feeling .. sadness, anxiety, etc. It’s been hard to learn but he’s learning to balance it.

      I agree with you; I do believe your Mom has been welcomed in with love and is receiving the comfort she just couldn’t find here. I can’t believe He could do otherwise.

      Hugs to you M2M, I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately, thank you for visiting and commenting, MJ

  13. cooper

    i don’t know. is there a spiritual force out there? Most certainly. We are all one with it. But recreation of human forms? Just not wholly convinced of that.

    • I hear you, Coop. I am not sure about the images … but I do know I have certainly “felt” someone’s presence before. Happy Friday! MJ

  14. I agree with DM; the spirit world is real and not to be taken lightly. (Ephesians 6:12)
    Keep the Faith!

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