A Valentinian Twist

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What’s that?  Don’t have a Valentine?

Valentines Day is for new love and little kids, you say?

Or maybe you’re part of a couple and you’re past all that.

I get it.

It’s winter. It’s cold. You’ve got things to do.

I know.

I say all the same things myself.

And then I read this.  And it made me think:

Wouldn’t that be a fun twist on Valentine’s Day?

No giant teddy bears. No footie pajamas.

I don’t care to match a bear!

No 1-800-whatever.

How about this instead:

Each of us. Take one moment. And do something nice. For someone else.

Clear the snow from a neighbor’s walkway.

Buy some sweet treats for your office mates.

Leave a hand-written note of encouragement for your spouse, child or friend.

Let someone ahead of you at the check-out line.


Take a deep breath.

Be patient.

I will if you will.

“Be kind whenever possible.  It is always possible.” –Dalai Lama.

P.S.   Please let me know what you did and, most importantly, how’d you feel when you did it?

** Happy Valentines Day, friends! **

You're the best!

You’re the best!

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21 thoughts on “A Valentinian Twist

  1. What a grand idea, MJ! (Although random acts of kindness have just come to light in the past few years, I have a feeling that you’re like me: we were TAUGHT from childhood on, to do nice things for people. It’s just the way we were “brought up”. That makes doing those things much easier.) Yesterday I was at the grocery store, and an elderly man with a cane was finishing putting groceries in his car. He turned around to take the cart back into the store. I didn’t need a cart: I was only buying a couple of things. But I asked him if I could take his cart. I didn’t think of it as a random act of kindness at the time: it was just helping someone in a small way. Great idea for a Valentinei post! Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend!

    • Aww … I love that story (taking the cart for him when you didn’t really need one – you were kind and did a favor but preserved his dignity in that he probably thought he was helping you out by giving YOU the cart!)

      Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂 MJ

  2. Great idea! I’ll let you know when I get out of the house and actually see someone or maybe I can just call a friend with whom I haven’t spoken to in a long time to say “hi” since it continues to rain here and my cold does not seem to get any better.

  3. Hey, that’s a great way to give a nod to Valentines Day. I think it is sweet for little kids…the cute little cards or candy… but personally, I’m not a fan of obligatory gifts, especially at this stage of my life. I would much rather have a gift or dinner out…or give something myself…when it is from the heart, and not because of a calendared population-at-large obligation…seems fake. Having said that, I try to avoid being a party pooper. If it’s an important day to someone else, great! But I like this way of participating! ~ Sheila

    • I have many fond memories of Valentines day as a child and, like you, am not a fan of gifts/cards just b/c it’s a certain “day.” I thought about this way to celebrate b/c I work with a few ladies who are quite a bit older, alone, with no family/loved ones nearby. In other words, no one to treat them. That’s who I am going to “treat” today – shhh … don’t tell anyone. 🙂 MJ

  4. I need to remember this idea this week! It’s so easy to get caught up in the romance of Valentine’s Day and forget the simple kindnesses that likely matter more! Thanks for the reminder, MJ! Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend.

  5. Hummm…I’ll have to give that some the idea. Just did two things that would definitely qualify for your challenge,…one last night and one last week..both gave me an awesome rush of endorphins..but since I did them before reading this, I will have to look for something else.

    • And I know you will find more to do, DM. Welcome home from your travels… looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip!! MJ

      • Well, as per your prompting I did find something fun to give someone this morning. We have a friend who lives a busy life. She is a Doctor, a vegetarian, tries to get healthy foods for her family etc. I wrote her this morning and asked her to pick something she loves and I would grow it in the garden this year…(w/o chemicals etc.) she could either come and harvest it or we could drop it off….thought this would be something encouraging and fun (for both of us. DM)

      • What a thoughtful thing to do, DM! You picked a challenge, too (grow the vegetables) — I hope you write about the special section of your garden, call it “where friendship grows.” 🙂 MJ

      • Oh, I like that idea “where friendship grows.” She wrote back last night and gave me her choice (actually asked if I would be willing to grow 3 things) I’ll have to do my homework on this one..but love your idea for a name..promise to post pictures. DM

      • Neat 🙂 MJ

  6. I love these ideas… simple, anonymous ways to do what you can, when you can. Thanks for sharing MJ. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do for Lent. Random acts of kindness sound so much more effective than giving up some small thing that doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things.

  7. People really look at you funny when you let them go ahead in line! I like doing things like that. Love your Snoopy!

    • I love doing that; I’m usually the gal in the grocery store with the overflowing cart and it seems that, at the time of day I go, *mid afternoon, there are always a few folks in there getting just a handful of things. Usually get a chance to let someone ahead of me at least once a week; it’s simple and easy to do .. and usually garners a smile :).

      Snoop’s my favorite, too

      Happy Valentine’s Day! MJ

  8. The cake that keeps on giving. Back at you, MJ. For reelz, nephew and his wife thanked me via e-mail for your cake recipe and the cake at the send off party just yesterday, Feb 14. They replied to the Smilebox I sent you, but mine to them was a little different including the recipe…same pics, tho’.

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