On falling and living

So I’ve spent most of this week readying to move into my new office on Monday.

New as in .. not really new, but it’s new to me.

New as in .. it comes with the new job I took 3 months ago but … it was occupied.

New as in .. out with the old, in with the new.

Even if I’m not technically new. Heh Heh.

So I packed, I tossed and I sorted this week. And during that time,  I thought a lot about the transition.

About how I didn’t want to just feel like I was taking someone else’s office.

How I wanted it to feel like it was mine.

So .. on my lunch break yesterday, I stopped into a local store that I love to visit. They have odds & sods and this and that but mostly? Mostly what I love about it are the people who run it  – they’re friendly and kind and the store always smells good. George, the cat, hangs out and sometimes allows a drive-by pet.  The holistic health resources and spiritual items they display never fail to inspire me and make me think.

I headed back to the office with two bottles of essential oils: Lavender and Lemon.  Sprinkling a few drops  each onto some potpourri I had handy, I placed two small bowls strategically in the vacant office that will be mine on Monday. The fragrance .. ever so soft .. was fresh and calming and lovely.

On a whim, a little framed sign caught my eye and, laughing to myself, I knew it had found a home on my desk.

falling down_getting UP


Because I am my own worst critic.  There isn’t anyone in my company who could ever be tougher on me than I am on myself.

This sign reminds me to try.  And to get back up again if I stumble. And maybe, just maybe, to ease up a little, too.

What saying inspired you recently?

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28 thoughts on “On falling and living

  1. Oh, I can’t think of any saying that’s struck me recently. I always like: “Bloom where you’re planted”. I can just imagine how much that new office is going to be YOU. Good luck!

    • I’ve always liked that one, too … back in my cubicle days, it hung on one of my interior “walls.” I added a couple of plants and an extra light to brighten it up.
      I didn’t realize until I started packing how much I really do associate the new office with the new job .. it feels more “real” now,

  2. One of my favorites is “80 % Of Life Is Just Showing Up!”

    Back in the days of a the old dot matrix printers…and this was one of my favorite sayings, as it is so very true! In the counseling office I worked, I had and old printer at home still usable and I printed this sign up and hung it above the check in desk so all our clients would see it first thing:) It was a powerful statement.

    I am a Non Denominational Christian Counselor…I have been retired from counseling in my actual office for about 10 years now, but anytime God opens the door to allow me to help His people, I do in various ways…on the back of a horse or walking up hills in farm rows etc.

    The sign and saying was a powerful reminder and encouragement for our clients showing up:)

    Congrats MJ on the new office…have fun organizing it and setting it up MJ style:)

    • You are spot on, HRCG/MJ. And although I didn’t know you were a Christian Counselor till now, somehow it is not at all surprising to me. Why? Because your posts always remind me to look up, be thankful, take stock, and realize His bigger plan for us all … Love it 🙂

      You are a powerful reminder for me!
      Thanks for showing up 😉

  3. cooper

    we never stumble’s a big club. enjoy the company….

  4. First, congratulations on your new space! Hope it’s a corner office!

    I found an author last week that I’m really enjoying. His blogs seems to be mostly quotes, original to him I believe. These are two I especially liked:

    “We never give up wanting things for ourselves, but there comes a day when what we want for ourselves is someone else’s happiness.”

    “Be hopeful and happy, and if it proves unwarranted, apologize to anyone you hurt by it.”
    Robert Brault

    This is a link to his site if you’re interested ~ ~ Sheila

    • Thank you and why yes it is — with lots of windows. 🙂 Some windows look out to a cement wall but there’s lots of natural light and my plants will love it.

      I adore Robert Brault and have enjoyed his quotes – the 2 you shared are new to me and wonderful, thank you for the link to his site; I’ll bookmark him. I had always found his quotes on

      Cheers! MJ

      • Well, good for you! Windows are in important part of any room!
        WP was acting up last night…didn’t show the comment as posted, and I re-posted a couple more times, so I hope you didn’t get peppered!

      • Thank you, Sheila. I found your comments and we are all set 🙂 MJ

  5. Tried to leave a comment earlier, laptop keeps freezing. So happy for you and your new office.

  6. I like what Cooper said, you are most definitely not alone in the stumbling department. I’m also very hard on myself, harder than anyone else. Enjoy your new digs.

    • Thank you, Darla. We are not alone in the “hard on ourselves” department. I am looking forward to having the space I need for all of my files & such but mostly, mostly I am looking forward to feeling like I’m really in the new job. Doing the new work in the old digs doesn’t lend itself to that too well. Bests to you! MJ

  7. Ditto Hotrod Cowgirl. Congratulations on your new/old office. Without stumbling how would you know what not stumbling feels like?

    • Thank you, Linda. You make an excellent point. I worked up from a teeny cube to a moderate cube to a decent sized office with a window to a big corner office. And I’d be fibbing if I told you it didn’t matter to me – it does. 🙂 MJ

  8. “I get knocked down, but I get up again. They’re never gonna keep me down…” That’s from a song. And honestly, the song is about a drunk, but it is still one of my favorites. In any case, I like the quote, and it is certainly one by which to live. Congrats on the ‘new to you’ office space. Make it yours.

    • Thank you, LD. I like the quote … The company/Department I work in has been led by men. I like men, and am not anti-male, but it has been an oppressive environment at times. Moving into and having the new space that goes with the new title/responsibilities makes me feel like the job really is mine. My new space will have some quiet but feminine juju/energy in it .. heh heh.

  9. Congrats on your new job and your new digs.

    One of my favorite work-related quotes is from Einstein: “If we knew what it was we wouldn’t call it research.”

  10. Scents and words! I think you just picked two of the most powerful influences on our psyches and by choosing those that mean something to you, you have just claimed your space. I am hard on myself too and I recognize that drive in you as well. Having our blogging friends to remind us that we can rise from a fall is part of what attracts us all to each other. I think you are going to enjoy this new space and the responsibilities that come along with it.

    • Aww, thank you, Renee. Yes we are kindred spirits in many ways; thank you for reminding me how much we uplift and inspire each other. You never fail me 🙂 MJ

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