Growing up,  Uncle Mac, my Mom’s brother, used the word “Luvee” with us.  It was most definitely a term of endearment and we stood taller and felt prettier whenever he said it.  Uncle Mac, smart and handsome, was an airline captain, flying trans-pacifically most of his career.  Younger than Mom, he and Auntie Janet would visit the farm with their girls some summers.  Striking and fashionable, they made a glamorous pair; their girls were fun and engaging, my age and younger, and those visits are remembered now with great affection.

Present day: I work full-time. My son and his ex work full-time. The grand-children go to school and day care .. full-time. And sometimes it feels like our time together is parceled, coming in bits and pieces.

But Wednesday night they were over for supper and a bit of a visit after that.  When big brother A got his homework out at the table with his Dad and Uncle, little one asked me to play.

And of course I said yes.

The dishes sat and the leftovers waited.

Taking her hand up the stairs, I called to her as I often do, “C’mon Luvee.”

And she replied as she often does, using my words, “C’mon Luvee” in her chirpy sing-songy little voice.

We played. We dressed in costumes.

We made up silly songs on the piano.

We talked and we cuddled and we dragged toys out of the closet.

And later, after all of us gathered once more, and after the hugs and the kisses and the groceries and the promises to get together again soon, she ran back to me and said, “Neena, you’re MY Luvee.”

And she’s right. That I am.

my Luvee.

my Luvee.

Do you have a familial “term of endearment” that’s made it through generations?

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22 thoughts on “Luvee

  1. Aw…how very sweet. I know having that litle one call you Luvee was just the bonus on an already perfect evening! No real “pet” family names in my family. An uncle always called me “Puddin”. My mom had a nickname, given to her by her brothers: I’ll have to look back and see if I’ve done a post on that…. I’ll get back to you!

    • It really was the bonus; the two them have me “wrapped,” that’s for sure.

      “Puddin” is also most definitely a term of endearment 🙂 .. I hope write about your Mom’s nickname, too.

  2. I like it when my mother calls me “niña”…it can be said out of endearment, or just a mild scold “ahh…niña” and a shake of the head makes me laugh. I don’t mind it a bit at my age. It still defines the safe comfort of boundaries and I cherish she is the one person who can call me that. My uncle, my aunt’s husband, used to call me “sugar.” Later I learned “sugar” was politically incorrect…He was the only one who called me that but it was very natural for him as he was from New Orleans. Stop. I think there’s a post coming on. Luv this post, MJ and thank you for the reminder.

    • That is a special word to be shared between you and your Mom, for sure.

      I have a niece named Nina and it’s cute to me that wee MJ calls me Neena instead of Nana. Just in how she says it.

      Depending on the person doling it out, I don’t mind being called sugar, either. I have a work colleague from Baton Rouge who always called me “Pretty Lady.” He said it with such reverence and affection that I was never offended 🙂

      Happy day!

  3. No, but this post brought on some good memories of other things that were said.

    • Like how they called all of our names when they needed us or we were in trouble?

      In my case, “Patti-Joan-Marilyn” all ran together 🙂

  4. Oh, I grew up in the south, and I really heard, and still use (just to my kids!) “darlin'” It’s the only word that I drop the g on the end…just can’t help it! I call Riley and Jack “the littles” or sometimes I ask “how’s the Little?” I use the term “Poo” very affectionately, again just for Riley and Jack. My husband calls me Pookie when he’s being sweet/silly…seems like most of our terms are unique to our little group…and now I can’t even remember how a lot of this began! I like your term…fun to hear it echoed back from your little one! ~ Sheila

    • I love to hear someone use the word “darlin,” it’s so soft and gentle, like a caress.

      Love your terms of “the littles” — and fun that they’re unique to your own little tribe 🙂

      Hubbs has many so many nicknames for me that it’s unusual to hear him say my REAL name!!

      and yes, it was fun to hear it back from wee MJ. That one has my heart, for sure.

  5. I love this…..Luvee is adorable Neena:) My hubby calls me Lucy or MJ….but no real family names handed down…what a beautiful family you have MJ:)

    • Oh that she is – adorable, smart, hilarious and loving.

      Mom calls me Jeansy, Hubby has a long list of nicknames and the boys sometimes call me “Cita” for “Mamacita” … especially when they’re in “Cita’s Cantina.” 🙂


  6. What a sweetheart! I can’t think of any handed-down nicknames.

  7. What a little darling she is!

    There weren’t a lot of general terms of endearment in our family, but everyone had an affectionate sounding nick name, and that tradition has carried on in our family.

    • Thank you, we think so, too!!

      I love that your nick names are affectionate sounding – to me, that means they were created out of love not the kind brothers gave back in the day 🙂


  8. The making of memories will shape little Luvee’s life forever!

  9. Congratulations! I nominated you for “Blog Of The Year 2012” Award. Follow my link and it will fill you in on the rules and details. Congrats and Enjoy!

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  11. Sweet, sweet, sweet. Joe and Charlie are my Bug-a-boo and Bug-a-bee. Joe (age 8) still likes it when I call him that, too. I hope that never changes. (wink)

    • There will be a few years in the teens when they won’t want to hear it (but secretly they will). Remember that for those moments when they are unrecognizable … Boo and Bee are still in there
      🙂 MJ

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