Soul whispers

Recently, I had the privilege of filling an open position in the Department.

This is big doings.

No, really.


Well, historically, there’s been no – and I mean none – movement. People come in … and never leave.  That’s not necessarily a good thing, either.

Well, someone’s leaving. Retiring, in fact.

And isn’t that neat? I think so.  Something to be celebrated, yes it is.

But…. there remain big shoes to fill.

So … yes it’s a challenge and yet an opportunity.

I set about the task of sorting through the many, many applicants.  And it was daunting. Difficult. And … personally, really stressful.

So much talent. So many hopeful faces.

So many.

So many interviews, so many phone calls, so many conversations.

I did my best to listen, to observe, to engage and to take note.

I went to bed thinking about it.

I woke soon after .. still thinking.

I took notes.  I paid attention.

But, in the end, here’s the rub (and there’s always one):  there’s only one opening.


Not 22.

Not 12.

Not 2.



And my new hire started yesterday.

I know that, in spite of all the other talented and lovely and capable people I met and talked with, that this one is the one.

And tonight I realized that the feeling I’m experiencing and the sounds I am hearing are simply the echoes of my soul whispering back, “Hey ….  thanks for listening.”

“When a great moment knocks on the door of your life, it is often no louder than the beating of your heart, and it is very easy to miss it. ”  ― Boris Pasternak

Have you ever experienced a “soul whisper” in a work situation?  Tell me, I’d love to hear all about it.


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20 thoughts on “Soul whispers

  1. I can imagine that probably was a very difficult task, MJ. I’m glad you listened to your “soul whispers” and I’m sure you selected the perfect candidate for the job!

    • Thank you, Dianna, I’m glad I listened, too. Sometimes being thoughtful can be a hindrance in the sense that, despite all factors, you still have to jump in and make the best decision possible. MJ

  2. Fascinating. I think Sara was on the receiving end of this recently here in Ecuador. For the job Sara got, 50 applied in one day. After an extended process, those doing the hiring said they knew immediately Sara was the one for the position. We’re thankful those folks were listening!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Good for Sara! That’s always a nice thing for the candidate to hear later, that someone knew immediately they were “the one.” 🙂 MJ

  3. Beautiful. I believe your new co-worker will feel the heart that went into the decision.

  4. Congratulations to both of you! Hope your new employee is very successful. I’m sure your intuition will serve you both well! ~ Sheila

    • Thank you; from what I see so far, my intuition is spot-on. The best part? Others are already seeing it and commenting the same 🙂 MJ

  5. Hiring is not easy. Too many people hire people they like and would like to be chums with rather than someone who can do the job and fit in. Kudos to you for listening and hearing the right stuff.

    • You make a great point, and I’ve worked with some of those chummy selections. Never turned out all that great.

      I know you’ve got experience in this field, Kate, and so I appreciate your input very much. I thought it was important to illustrate what goes on on the OTHER side of the hiring table. Maybe not in all instances but it sure is this way with me!

  6. A few years back i needed to hire someone…interviewed several canidates (this was for a slot on my construction crew/ laborer.) When the interviews were all over, there were 2 people I wanted to hire (I was only needing 1) One was a woman named mary- i LOVED her attitude! my only concern was the fact I needed someone who could carry 80 pound bundles of shingles up a ladder on occasion, and I knew she was not physically capable. So I asked my wife (who was there for all of the interview with me) what she thought about the idea of hiring 2 people- a young man named brady, and Mary-..she said, it sounded like a great idea to her too…It was a great 6 months working with Mary and brady until, she became pregnant and had to stop working for me. I still miss her 😉 Attitude is the #1 quality I look for in a new hire. Glad yours turned out good as well. DM

    • Good for you (and the wife) for coming up with a creative solution that worked for all. I agree, all things being equal, the right attitude gets you a lot further in life. We can open the door but someone still has to walk on through it.

  7. I interview and hire folks for retail work, so the folks that I sometimes interview aren’t exactly “rocket scientist” material (know what I mean?) Anyhow…I’ve come to learn three things about the process. #1…go with my gut. I think God instills within each of us a conscience to help dissuade us of bad decisions. #2…Never hire a “project”, meaning someone I think could work out with our special attention. Ultimately they require too much attention and energy which I and my crew lack (and the new employee turns out to be a total whack-job). And finally #3…never hire someone who wears sunglasses IN THE INTERVIEW or shows up to the job sight inquiring if we’re hiring WEARING NOTHING BUT A BATHROBE….no pants, no shorts, just a red velvet robe with black trim, dark dress socks with matching shoes and no, nada, sans, shirt. Just him, and the red velvet bathrobe. “Openings you ask? Absolutely…just go to and look for the ‘careers’ tab.” 😉

    Dead serious. Red. Velvet. Bath. Robe.

    • Totally agree with the “never hire a project” — boy, is that the truth. That’s a setup for failure on all parts; nope, I listened to the nuances of the conversations and really took in what was said vs. on paper, too.

      Thankfully, though, all who had interviews were properly dressed – no bath robes. Egad.


  8. That is wonderful! Somehow I’m not surprised that you would take the job of hiring very seriously, that you would really listen and take the time to get to know the applicants. You threw yourself into the process and you were rewarded with the right one!

    • Thank you; it was daunting, exciting and rewarding — all in one! I feel really good about the decision and it’s been fun to watch others’ (positive) reactions this week as well 🙂 MJ

  9. I took a big leap of faith back in my 20’s (a few leaps actually) where I now recognize as having listened to the little voice in the back of my head- my intuition. It took a while once I was out of college to figure out which direction to head, and while I was waiting, I worked as a bank teller. When I was turned down to move to a different part of the bank, I eventually quit and took an experiential summer course that helped me to decided to go into boating. After a few years doing that, I needed more security and money (a “real” job) and after more soul searching, decided to go to a maritime college near home. That set my direction for the next decade. And now I’m off on another adventure!

    Congratulations on picking the perfect candidate for the job.

    • See how listening can take you down a path you’d never dreamed possible? Good on you, M2M 🙂

      We had a good first week and I think everything’s gonna be just fine!

  10. Lovely post.

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