Random Five Friday

It’s that day again!

We made it, peeps – whoop!

Here’s my Random Five on this first Friday in December …

1) The Tree’s up .. but there’s nothing on it.  Youngest boy asked, “Aren’t you even going to decorate it?” The horror in his voice was palpable.  Yep, it’s getting decorated, soon .. can’t tell you when because I don’t know myself. Hasn’t stopped me from turning on the lights and admiring it’s simple little self.  And considering stopping right there!

2) The fun filled-family Christmas party is this weekend. The one that Hubbs and I started years back, did to the max, and wore ourselves out on … we’ve stepped away from that part and now … we bring a dish and are guests.  Ahhh.    Read the story of my many manic moments at It doesn’t serve me anymore.

3) The shopping is done, the wrapping is not.  Hmm .. wonder if there’s a teenage girl in the neighborhood who’d like to wrap for me. I’d pay royally for someone else to do it. You?

4) It’s cold outside and, as predicted, that’s what folks are talking about today.  The weatherman has a gleam in his eye like a kid on Christmas morning.  Their lives must be so dull when it’s nice out.

5) When I think of Christmases past, I think of scenes like this:  all five of us, me in my red jammies, our tree twinkling in the background, and note the time of 1o:00pm?  We’d nicely gotten home from yet another Holiday get-together and were readying for bed.  Santa was on his way ….

The excitement in our faces is evident, the joy .. contagious.   That right there – those kind of moments – are the ones I aim to create for our boys & grands …

all of us:: an emjayandthem photo

all of us:: an emjayandthem photo

Care to share your Random Five with me? 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Random Five Friday

  1. Love your 5 randoms today! (WP is having some issues this morning, so I’m not able to see your photo, but I’ll check back later for that.)
    I would gladly come help you wrap Christmas gifts if we could visit while I wrapped!
    Enjoy your day and have a great weekend. Stay warm!!!

  2. Ditto on #4! It’s cold down here, too. D2 called last night to say they had already canceled school for today due to icy conditions. How nice for that to fall on a Friday bringing on an unexpected 3 day weekend. So glad she can be a stay at home Mom for today.

    • I’ve been watching your weather and seeing the delays in the Dallas area .. stay in and cozy! And I agree, perfect timing to have a snow day on a Friday =- bonus!

  3. 1) -17 wind chill 2) cup of coffee 3) warm fire 4) an angel sitting next to me 5) another day. Warm thoughts to you, MJ.

  4. Gosh, I can relate to all 5 of your topics. I no longer do outrageous holiday parties, hate to wrap (thank God for those gift bags you can buy at the dollar store) and I think lights alone are just lovely.

    • It’s not that I hate to wrap… I just forget about it when I buy gifts. Then I get home and think, “uh oh.” But yes .. the lights alone are quite lovely 🙂 MJ

  5. Caitlin

    I would love to wrap your presents for you! I am serious I love to do it. Something fun that I always look forward to this time or year. See you tomorrow night. Caitlin

  6. Cute little elves, that you are!
    1) reading blogs 2) gotta make some coffee 3) sorting photos 4) I never take the Christmas trees down so I’ll plug it in and let the lights shine…I stopped putting balls on it years ago; I like it simple and 5) Be thankful for the birds that finally found the feeder 🙂

    • I loved your list 🙂 I’m drinking coffee while the house sleeps — and looking forward to our family Christmas party tonight. Cheers! MJ

  7. Hmmmmmm, I don’t know that I can come up with 5 random facts, but I will share that Christmas if my FAVORITE time of year. However, it doesn’t quite feel like December here in Ecuador. I never thought I’d say I miss the cold, but at this time of year, I kind of miss it.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  8. I found out a couple years ago hubby likes to wrap. 🙂 Love your photo. My Random 5 are in my post:

  9. I also love your photo. I remember seeing it in the is my favorite one of you. Random things…hummm #1 I have just 2 days work on my job schedule and I am caught up until next Spring…so Mrs and I could stop by and wrap presents too if you aren’t already done 😉
    #2 I am taking a 7 session poetry appreciation class and LOVING it! This is so out of my normal activity 🙂 #3 the poetry appreciation classes are being held in my work shop being taught by that writer that is still living in the B and B suite of our farm house. #4 Teacher is encouraging people to bring wine, dark chocolate, and other finger goods to our time together. #5 My wife started doing some of her grocery shopping at a newly opened Amish mercantile 20 minutes from us so she’s been bringing home all sorts of random food products for pennies on the dollar.

    • Thank you, please come on by, I’d brew up some French Roast and we could sit and gab for a while, the wrapping can wait 🙂

      Your class sounds interesting and fun – good for you. It’s good to stretch our wings sometimes … you’ll have to write about that experience and the Amish shopping, too!! Thanks, DM.

  10. I too enjoyed the tree and just the lights for a little while. The kids wanted it decorated, even if their help was minimal. I KNOW no one will help me undecorate and put it away when the time comes! 😉

    I’m jealous that your shopping is done. Mine is started, but not nearly done. And I’m grateful that my daughter loves to wrap and willingly does so for me. I don’t enjoy the wrapping like I used to. If we lived closer, she’d gladly apply for the job at your house.

    • You know, isn’t that the truth – what goes up, must come down. I finally decorated it Saturday morning. I was tired of waiting on the kid’s schedule, and when he could be around, I wasn’t. So I turned on the Holiday tunes and lugged the boxes upstairs. Put up about 1/3 of what I normally do and everything looks very festive and nice :).

      If you and K were my neighbors I’d gladly have you over – then we could gab, I could cook, and she could wrap = perfect! 🙂

      Have a happy day, Terri.

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