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Guess what day it is? (Hint: It’s Friday .. and it’s random)

Nope, not that day.

Actually, I love Caleb the Geico Camel

Actually, I love Caleb the Geico Camel. Google.images

It’s Random Five Friday which … when you think about it .. is perfect for a Friday. Why?  Because maybe it’s the best we can do at the end of a long, long week.  🙂  Here we go!

1.  The weather. Still crappy. The end.

credit to

Michigan wins the coveted title of “most snow covered” State.  Miss Congeniality was awarded to someplace more habitable, like Mars. credit

2.  Hubbs flew out Tuesday and promptly got stranded in, you guessed it, Atlanta.  The guy who is afraid of heights and loves hates to fly.  He made it to his destination, eventually, but around hour 14 of his travel day, it obvious the anxiety was mounting. For more on my kind-hearted but control loving Virgo, read Virgo and the Circus.

3. Every workday morning, I turn on a small radio that I keep in the bathroom and listen for traffic and weather updates as I get ready.  I had grown fond of the two goofy guys hosting the morning show: their teasing, bantering, and wise-cracks. They were funny, not mean, and they were easy to listen to, and laugh along with.  They got the axe about 2 weeks ago and I still listen, hoping they’re coming back, but last night I found out that’s not the case.  My other choices? Shock jocks, all sports, political rants, or easy-listening bland-as-toast fodder.  I don’t know why this bothers me as much as  it does.  It’s like the end of an era, and I’m none too happy about it.

4. Yesterday I had a tough work situation to wrap my head around. It wasn’t anything that can’t be resolved, but it was a perfect storm — everything that could have gone wrong .. had .. and it was right around then that the entire matzoh ball landed in my lap for resolution. I read through the email trail, collected my thoughts, picked up the phone, and apologized.  Not because I had done something wrong, but because it needed to be said.  The customer and I had a good conversation, and I listened more than I talked.  This is not something that always comes easily to me, but I’m glad I followed my instincts to do just as I did. Waking up this morning, I don’t know what the fix is, but I know I’ll be part of the solution.  And that, well, that makes me smile!

5.  God-willing and the weather cooperates, Hubbs comes home tomorrow.  I’ve missed him, and he’s missed me.  And after nearly 23 years together, I still giggle like a school-girl just thinking about that. Tonight, I’ll cook up some of his favorites and he’ll come home to a clean house, a full fridge, and a wife who’s happy to see him.  Looking back, loving him has been the best risk I ever took.



What’s on your Random 5 list today, peeps?

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Sundogs everywhere!

A weather phenomenon I’d forgotten about is the sun dog.

Prevalent in my Saskatchewan prairie home, my experience has been you don’t see them unless the weather is brutally cold (and dry).  And the sun is low …

Here’s part of one, taken on my cell phone one frigid morning  (hey, I was sitting in traffic, might as well snap a picture).

one MI morning on my way to work

a MI sun dog … on my way to work

Here’s another, taken by my niece on her way to town, traveling a road I’d ventured on many-a-time:

a Saskatchewan sun dog

a Saskatchewan sun dog

See the distinct rainbow-looking light off to the side?  That’s the niftiest part, the unexpected part, the sun’s so bright I might need shades part.  🙂

Bundle up, peeps, it’s cold outside.

And remember to watch for sun dogs!

Hubbs is heading to FL for meetings this morning; sure hope he doesn’t get stranded along the way.

As for me, here’s my being stranded wish:

True that! google.images

True that! google.images

Where would you like to be stranded?

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Random *cough* Five *cough* Friday

1.  There’s another big storm on the horizon and it’s a fine day to stay inside. (smile).



2. On Facebook, there’s this thing people do called “Flashback Friday” – for you I post this, and I’ve call it, “Flashback Frankie!”

Frankie as a tyke

Frankie as a tyke

That picture was taken in our rented apartment when we relocated ourselves to MI; we were looking for a house at that time, but hadn’t yet found one.  Seems like more than 14 years ago now and yes, I still miss him.

3.  I’m digging the Keurig but, I have to say, the traditional coffee maker makes a better tasting cup of coffee.  The Keurig has more of an “instant” coffee taste.  I guess I favor coffee with a little heart:  the kind that’s sat on the warmer a while.   Takes me back to days at the rink, coming in from the cold, and ordering a “kid coffee” (double cream, double sugar, extra energizing!).

4. The only good thing about having Bronchitis is that it’s in my lungs, not my head. Which means my eyes are OK for reading. Which means I’m halfway through my bag of delights from that recent jaunt to the bookstore! Even when I bought them, I remembered thinking .. if only I had time to read them all!  How’s that for serendipity? 🙂

5. Being sick makes me appreciate being well.

“Sometimes life knocks you on your ass… get up, get up, get up!!! Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.” ― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

* * Care to share your random 5 with me? ** 


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Racing into the week, I noticed its arrival upon waking Monday.

A scratch. A tickle.

A cough that just wouldn’t go away.

Pshaw, I thought, I’m just over tired and it’s probably due to the smoke from our Casino visit the other day and..and.. and.

And then came Tuesday.

That cough … now a hack, one that hurt, with a flush creeping up my neck and pinching, the kind of pinch like my brother standing behind and squeezing my neck as a kid. That kind of pinch. Ugh.

A call to the Doctor’s office, a mention of “it might be the flu” and an opening mid-day.

Sitting in the waiting room, shivering.  Sitting in the examining room, sweating.

Swabbed, sneezing, waiting, wondering.

Negative for flu, thank you!

Not so fast.

“I don’t like the sound of your lungs.”

I threw some humor on it, “oh you mean the snap-crackle-pop?”

“Yeah, those aren’t Rice Krispies.”


Antibiotics – rest – fluids – warmth – and worst of all – no talking!

I stayed home today, in my chair, command central. Listened in on a few conference calls, managed emails, read, dozed, sipped soup and stayed still.

And then, around 4:00 it hit me, there’s still one Christmas present yet to try:

in Cobalt blue .. my favorite

The Keurig Mini ..  in Cobalt blue .. my favorite

Being derailed might not be so bad after all.

How about you? Has the flu hit your house?  Tried out any nifty gadgets lately?

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Random Five Friday, again

Yep, it’s back. Random Five Friday.  Why? It’s random – it’s easy – it’s fun.  Here we go.

1. Portobello mushrooms.  Why haven’t I tried these before now? Oh, they’ve been around, but I’d poo-poohed them as new age/hippie-dippy food. Not so, my friends.  Sauteed with Bok Choy & other veggies + a splash of teriyaki sauce = a chewy, crunchy and tasty dinner. Yum.

... delish

… These are regular mushrooms; I got wise AFTER this dish was made

2.  Hair.  When I get up every day, one side of my hair looks like it went to a party, partied too hard, and fell into bed.  The other side looks like it stayed in, balanced the budget, and read books.  And … the sides take turns. I’d like to know what this is all about.

3. Daylight.  There’s more of it. We’ve turned the corner, peeps.  When I leave the office at night, it’s not as dark as it was.   Driving home in twilight feels like we’re emerging from winter’s tunnel.    Ahh.

4. Permission.  My regular readers know that I ventured off to my favorite bookstore last week and emerged with a bag of delights.  I started reading a highly acclaimed book the next day and … meh.. I just couldn’t get into it. I either wasn’t in the mood or the story simply wasn’t that compelling.  I put the book back in the bag and chose another.  It was that easy and it’s taken me 50 years to be OK with doing so.

getting older has its advantages :)

getting older has its advantages 🙂

5. Something I’ve noticed lately is how much we talk about sleeping. It’s a safe topic, one you can reference at the water cooler, “Didn’t get my rest last night” or “Boy, I slept great last night.” There’s hardly ever an in-between.

Then I read this and thought … man, this is it.  This, my friends,  is truth:

I invite you to join me in something I’m calling the Adequate-Sleep Life-Enhancing Experimental Project (ASLEEP).
The requirements for membership are simple: we sleep until we aren’t tired, whenever possible. And I mean WHENEVER POSSIBLE, as in, if you show up at your best friend’s wedding tired, you take a pillow and sleep through the ceremony. Better yet, don’t show. Man up. Stay in bed. – Martha Beck

napping kitten

paws up!

How about you? Discovered any delights lately? Does your hair travel to far-off adventures without you? Are you seeing more daylight in your days?  What have you given yourself permission to do?   When’s the last time you felt rested? 

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Saw this photo recently and laughed out loud. Thought I’d share.

The end.

Have a great day, peeps!

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You may be right

…but I may be crazy *(Billy Joel).

Just yesterday, I had a good friend ask my opinion.

Before she asked, she prefaced her question with this, “I know what you’re going to say, but I’m asking your opinion anyways.”


She has a situation with her husband, who’s been working for several years towards a higher degree; he’s about to graduate and receive major accolades for all that hard work.  His parents have said they want to attend the ceremony and subsequent celebrations.  Here’s the rub: they’re not involved, with her, their kids, his life, … anything.  But. They’re his parents.  I understand why she feels as she does.  She has every reason to resent them because she’s  been the one who sacrificed so he could accomplish all that he did. Not them. But.  They’re his parents.  I understand her position, and believe me when I say there’s been enough water under this bridge to cause a flood.  But he wants them there. And. They’re his parents.

Her question to me:  Should I tell him I’m afraid they’ll make it all about them? That they’ll steal his thunder, and all his hard work. And the unspoken part: that them being there renders her invisible… again.

My response: “Are you telling him something he doesn’t already know?”

Her answer, “No.”

My next question: “Do you think that their being there lessens all you’ve done for him?”

Her answer, “No.”

My second to last question: “How does this help?”

Her answer, “I dunno.”

My last question, “Is there a possibility you have a need to say ‘I told you so’ ..later on?”

Her response, “Maybe.”

My words, “Suit yourself.”


We’ve all done it. We’ve all regretted it.  Next time, let’s t-h-i-n-k:
 T – Is it true?
H – Is it helpful?
I – Is it inspiring?
N – Is it necessary?
K – Is it kind?

There were times in my life that I had a huge need to be right, to get the last word in. I’m don’t do that much anymore .. it’s just too much darn work. And … the Jimmy-Cracked-Corn file is nearly full.


You may be right
I may be crazy
But it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for
Turn out the light
Don’t try to save me
You may be wrong for all I know
But you may be right – Billy Joel

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Random Five Friday, the January edition

1.  Snow

snow on branches

2. Cold

doesn't that image just make you cold?  image

doesn’t that image just make you cold? image

3. Snow

image from

image from

4. Ice


Front door; an emjayandthem (C) photo

5. Bad drivers


It’s been a crazy, busy week. My work world has cranked up and is back to full speed ahead; we’re working on projects and on lots of conference calls, doors are shut, heaters are on, lunches are packed from home.  I’m leaving earlier, staying later, and sometimes .. working here because of weather. But always, always, always bundling up and slogging through because … well, it’s winter.

But you know what?  I see the weekend … whoop!  And today, on my lunch break, the first one I’ve taken this week, I’m slipping off to my favorite local bookstore.   Can’t wait … I’m taking a stack of gently used books with me to sell back, adding that nominal amount to my Christmas gift card and treating myself to yet another round of literary delights.  As an added bonus, this store has a charming little cafe serving delicious quiches, salad, soups and more.  I’m feeling rather impish, just thinking about it!   It’s the little things sometimes, isn’t it?

I see the weekend!

Yippee Skippy Friday’s here!

What’s your Random 5-January edition look like?  Anything you’re feeling Yippee Skippy about? 🙂

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brr.. cold! 1/7/14

brr.. cold! 1/7/14

More snow.  More cold.  More bitter temps.

More school closings.  More dire traffic warnings.


funny! and true!

Ha, ha, ha …funny! And oh so true!

No offense to my pals Terri and Lucy, but at least I’m not in Minnesota!  (You gotta find the silver lining where you can, peeps!)

Stay warm! Stay safe!  Stay … tuned!

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Random Five Frrriday

Brr, it’s cold.

this morning in West Michigan

Jan 3rd 2014 in West Michigan

My random Five Frrriday (emphasis on my chattering teeth) are:

1) You know you’re getting used to it when Hubbs says, “but look, the high Saturday is 30” with a smile.  We’d talked about how we’d most likely stay in all weekend, not meet friends for drinks & dinner, and skip the cold.   In Michigan, 30F is an “acceptable” temperature to venture out in, provided you do the venturing late-afternoon, early evening! 🙂

2) 2nd day back to work — but the truth is, I worked a bit over vacation.  I did that for me – to keep up on things & to clean out the ever-growing inbox.  Finally got it down to ~400 instead of 1,000.  The volume these days … insanity.

3) Last year, Uncle Mac & Aunt Janet told me about a new way of eating they’d adopted and how they’d collectively lost weight & felt better. Both had battled cancer and both felt bloated from the treatments and life in general.  They called it the “beans & greens” plan but it’s better known as “Eat to Live” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.  I’ve had the book for a while .. and I know what do to, I just wasn’t doing it.  New Year’s day, while Hubbs enjoyed football and naughty food, I took it easy and ate my greens. And my fruit. And some more greens.  Did the same yesterday.  Down 3lbs today.  3 lbs in 2 days!     I am not sure if I will  do this full-time but I do think I could most times; I love veggies and fruit and I don’t mind (certain) beans.  I can live with having meat only a couple of times a week.  And who knew that Romaine has nearly as much protein as a steak?   Read more here.

4) Devoured a couple of books over Christmas break and now I feel like I’m in wandering lost through a canyon … anyone else feel like that when a good story ends? Not having a good book ready gives me anxiety.  Mom and I talked about this very thing on New Year’s Day and she gave me the best compliment, “You know, of all my kids, you’re the only one who reads like me; have you ever just wanted to live in a bookstore?”   Smile.

And #5 is below.

It's been 6 months.  I still miss him.

And so with that, I’ll leave you with this silly picture I found this weekend. Rest in peace, silly old dog.

Frankie and youngest boy; this was a daily pose from the 2 of them.  June 2013

Frankie and youngest boy; this was a daily pose from the 2 of them. June 2013

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A little more

“Well, we have a whole new year ahead of us.

And wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all be a little more gentle with each other, a little more loving, have a little more empathy, and maybe next year at this time we’d like each other a little more.”- Judy Garland.

cat & dog

Happy New Year, peeps!

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