Random Five Frrriday

Brr, it’s cold.

this morning in West Michigan

Jan 3rd 2014 in West Michigan

My random Five Frrriday (emphasis on my chattering teeth) are:

1) You know you’re getting used to it when Hubbs says, “but look, the high Saturday is 30” with a smile.  We’d talked about how we’d most likely stay in all weekend, not meet friends for drinks & dinner, and skip the cold.   In Michigan, 30F is an “acceptable” temperature to venture out in, provided you do the venturing late-afternoon, early evening! 🙂

2) 2nd day back to work — but the truth is, I worked a bit over vacation.  I did that for me – to keep up on things & to clean out the ever-growing inbox.  Finally got it down to ~400 instead of 1,000.  The volume these days … insanity.

3) Last year, Uncle Mac & Aunt Janet told me about a new way of eating they’d adopted and how they’d collectively lost weight & felt better. Both had battled cancer and both felt bloated from the treatments and life in general.  They called it the “beans & greens” plan but it’s better known as “Eat to Live” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.  I’ve had the book for a while .. and I know what do to, I just wasn’t doing it.  New Year’s day, while Hubbs enjoyed football and naughty food, I took it easy and ate my greens. And my fruit. And some more greens.  Did the same yesterday.  Down 3lbs today.  3 lbs in 2 days!     I am not sure if I will  do this full-time but I do think I could most times; I love veggies and fruit and I don’t mind (certain) beans.  I can live with having meat only a couple of times a week.  And who knew that Romaine has nearly as much protein as a steak?   Read more here.

4) Devoured a couple of books over Christmas break and now I feel like I’m in wandering lost through a canyon … anyone else feel like that when a good story ends? Not having a good book ready gives me anxiety.  Mom and I talked about this very thing on New Year’s Day and she gave me the best compliment, “You know, of all my kids, you’re the only one who reads like me; have you ever just wanted to live in a bookstore?”   Smile.

And #5 is below.

It's been 6 months.  I still miss him.

And so with that, I’ll leave you with this silly picture I found this weekend. Rest in peace, silly old dog.

Frankie and youngest boy; this was a daily pose from the 2 of them.  June 2013

Frankie and youngest boy; this was a daily pose from the 2 of them. June 2013

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27 thoughts on “Random Five Frrriday

  1. Cue last photo. Silly all right, looking at the world up-side-down. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the link to Fuhrman’s book. Romaine? Who knew? Well, now I do, and since one of the goals for the year is a “weighty” one, I think the information will be useful.

    • This is my second attempt at it; I recommend reading the book and highlighting the pages — but you could figure it out via the online site as well. -4lbs now 🙂 Feeling great. Cheers! MJ

  3. You have me interested in the “beans and greens” diet. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t do very well. I love naughty food. But I also love romaine lettuce.

    I feel the same way about books. I rarely go to the bookstore these days. (I buy electronic versions or borrow books from a friend.) But I was in a bookstore before Christmas to purchase an audio book for my dad and felt like I could stay for hours. I’d forgotten how much I love spending time in a book store.

    • It’s pretty easy for me so far but it does take some prep – but so far I am doing fine with it and feeling well. Bundle up, it’s bitter cold where you are, too, I hear.

      Love the bookstore; haven’t spent my Christmas gift card yet but I will venture out when it’s not 2000 below zero LOL 🙂

  4. Well, I’d send you some warm temps, but it’s low 20’s here. When I woke up, it was 31 and has been dropping ever since. Stay warm.
    I could easily be a vegetarian…if it weren’t for bacon 😉
    I’m not an avid reader, but I know that feeling you have when you finish a good book.
    Love your Mom’s comment! I’ve always thought that about my sister, June!

    • Who doesn’t love bacon? I’ll still indulge but I am eating (mostly) green stuff most of the time. Feeling great 🙂

      It’s bitter cold here and snowing today, more on the way but it looks like that’s what everyone’s getting these days … bundle up! MJ

  5. I’d rather have a pet than diamonds any day….at least most days. There are those hairball and stinky litter days when diamonds look pretty good but a flying leap from on of the furballs sets me straight.

  6. richripley

    Marilyn!!! Don’t tell me that you’re giving up on your French onion chip dip!! If so…I’ll do my best to eat your quota too so that the workers at the French onion chip dip factory won’t be furloughed whilst thou droppest thy weight. 😉

    My opinion on the temperatures (-8 to -15 whichever bank sign that you believe) is that once it reaches 10 degrees….it doesn’t matter anymore. Its just cold, though doing chores while growing up on a farm brought a “special” kind of cold where even the animals wouldn’t venture out of the barn or sheds. Keeping their water “open” was a real chore. Know this…you knew that you were “alive” after coming in from that cold. 🙂

    Stay warm and don’t waste away skinny-Minnie.

    • I’ll never give up chip dip it’s just not going to be quite as prevalent as it has been 🙂

      I’m with you — after the temps drop below a certain point- it’s just cold. Bitter cold. My brother & I talked on NYD, they’re hovering around -40. He’s struggling to keep the water bowls from freezing solid; a mouse family made their winter home in the base where the heating element is, and that means one of the 4 is not working now. Ugh! He said it’s hard to fix it now b/c he has to take his gloves off to work on it … and the frostbite index is high. The cows just stand by and watch him…

      Cheers! MJ

  7. Love the dog photos! Reading is my escape….could easily live in a bookstore!
    Thanks for the beans and greens tip.

    • Yes, I could easily find a home in the bookstore … ahhh …. I’ll try to get a photo inside my favorite store. It’s so cozy and lovely I just want to linger there all day 🙂

      Beans and greens – go for it, Linda! MJ

  8. cooper

    Same temps here – I thought I lived in Jersey not Minnesota.

  9. Congratulations, I nominated you for the 2013 Blog Of The Year! Go to my link for the details…and Happy New Years from Hot Rod Cowgirl!

  10. Gosh, if number 5 isn’t true, I don’t know what is! I missed my dogs just being gone for a week over the holidays! Trying now to get back into the swing of blogging.

    Stay warm!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  11. Living in a bookstore would be ok with me! Stay warm and safe, looks like you’re in for another blast. Cute photos. Dogs are special people!

    • me, too!! We are in for another blast of arctic air, as are so many people. Cooking today and staying in and cozy 🙂 Yes, dogs are often the best people I know! MJ

  12. Love the dog pictures! And I could live in a book store anytime. I actually don’t dare go into one anymore…I never seem to be able to come out without having spent about $100. Yikes!

    • I understand that feeling. I spent $114, but with gift cards & cash gifts, I only “really” spent $38. Felt like a victory to me 🙂 MJ

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