Random Five Friday, again

Yep, it’s back. Random Five Friday.  Why? It’s random – it’s easy – it’s fun.  Here we go.

1. Portobello mushrooms.  Why haven’t I tried these before now? Oh, they’ve been around, but I’d poo-poohed them as new age/hippie-dippy food. Not so, my friends.  Sauteed with Bok Choy & other veggies + a splash of teriyaki sauce = a chewy, crunchy and tasty dinner. Yum.

... delish

… These are regular mushrooms; I got wise AFTER this dish was made

2.  Hair.  When I get up every day, one side of my hair looks like it went to a party, partied too hard, and fell into bed.  The other side looks like it stayed in, balanced the budget, and read books.  And … the sides take turns. I’d like to know what this is all about.

3. Daylight.  There’s more of it. We’ve turned the corner, peeps.  When I leave the office at night, it’s not as dark as it was.   Driving home in twilight feels like we’re emerging from winter’s tunnel.    Ahh.

4. Permission.  My regular readers know that I ventured off to my favorite bookstore last week and emerged with a bag of delights.  I started reading a highly acclaimed book the next day and … meh.. I just couldn’t get into it. I either wasn’t in the mood or the story simply wasn’t that compelling.  I put the book back in the bag and chose another.  It was that easy and it’s taken me 50 years to be OK with doing so.

getting older has its advantages :)

getting older has its advantages 🙂

5. Something I’ve noticed lately is how much we talk about sleeping. It’s a safe topic, one you can reference at the water cooler, “Didn’t get my rest last night” or “Boy, I slept great last night.” There’s hardly ever an in-between.

Then I read this and thought … man, this is it.  This, my friends,  is truth:

I invite you to join me in something I’m calling the Adequate-Sleep Life-Enhancing Experimental Project (ASLEEP).
The requirements for membership are simple: we sleep until we aren’t tired, whenever possible. And I mean WHENEVER POSSIBLE, as in, if you show up at your best friend’s wedding tired, you take a pillow and sleep through the ceremony. Better yet, don’t show. Man up. Stay in bed. – Martha Beck

napping kitten

paws up!

How about you? Discovered any delights lately? Does your hair travel to far-off adventures without you? Are you seeing more daylight in your days?  What have you given yourself permission to do?   When’s the last time you felt rested? 

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29 thoughts on “Random Five Friday, again

  1. When I read your comment about your hair, I smiled. Years ago, someone told me that their hairdresser swore that one side of your hair is male and one side is female. (The male side is the one who doesn’t behave. You know….sort of like a “wild hair”… sorry… that last part was mine, and it was so corny!)
    YAY for longer days!
    Have a great weekend, MJ

    • You know, I think that makes quite a bit of sense. Usually my morning hair looks like I combed it with a stick of taffy!!

      I enjoyed the “wild hair” reference 🙂 MJ

  2. Loved the hair description. Isn’t that the truth? Reminded me that Jane Pauley lamented bad hair days.
    I don’t use an alarm clock any more except boy, are my body and mind in tune with “Early to bed and early to rise.”

    • Indeed it is the truth 🙂

      When I can be “off the clock” my body does follow natural rhythms … but it’s not often I get to do that! MJ

  3. The hair rings true for sure. Got a haircut yesterday and no one is happy yet including the hair! I can’t believe you just discovered portabella mushrooms. Super yum! Just tried quinoa and not a fan. It’s a texture thing. It’s good to try things so you know.

    • I know what you mean, Kate – I think my hair has “hair shock” when I get it cut b/c it acts up for a few days. All those curls & cowlicks just stand up and say, “what???”

      I do like the Portabelloes, not a fan of Quinoa though (agree, texture) .. the other thing I tried recently was stir frying bok choy – yum! I do not like kale, too bitter. Blech


  4. Laughing about the portobello mushrooms and thinking that I have yet to try rutabaga.

  5. I’ve been practicing the ASLEEP principles for a long time, just hadn’t realized it was socially acceptable (until your post just now) I have slunk off by myself @ numerous family gathers and gotten away with it..just always had a little dark cloud of guilt hovering over me..but no more! 🙂 (and 95% of the time I do wake up rested…very rested. It is a gift. My work is physical and outside in the elements most of the time. When my head hits the pillow, it’s lights out. I wear my hair “very short” so that has not been an issue. and what have I given myself permission to do?….hummm, I have been buy Starbucks french roasted coffee beans this past year…@ about 3 times the cost of the cheap stuff I used to drink…Work has slowed down right now and I’ve decided I can’t justify once my current stash runs out, it’s back to cardboard tasting coffee. OH well, Hope you find another good book you can escape in soon. Nothing like a good book to break up the day. DM

    • DM, you are fortunate that you can sleep so well 🙂 When I have a lot more physical activity, I find I sleep much better … hmmm – what’s the message for me? 🙂 I get it.

      And I say buy the French roast anyways – maybe not SB but you can probably find another quality one that’s better tasting than the cardboard. I refuse to drink bad coffee, it’s just not worth it 🙂

      I’m into “The Invention of Wings” by Sue Monk Kidd … and it’s very good so far! Have a great day!

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  7. Hey MJ, wishing you a Happy Random Five Friday:) I totally get the morning hair issue:) Sleeping….yeah but WB and I complain that we are not getting enough sleep…and for some reason, it has begun, I now nod off when we are watching TV after dinner….or after lunch or middle of the afternoon…I think mine is a combo of thyroid and age…ugh! Something good lately has to be my hubby bought me a pink camo 22…he completely surprised me! The last few years he has been teaching me to shoot for protection if needed…not exactly what I wanted to do, a few new horses would have been much better! Days are getting a bit longer here too…one minute at a time:) Wishing a super duper weekend:)

    • It seems to come in rounds, doesn’t it? I was awake at 6 this morning, didn’t have to get up yet, but my mind was ready to go. ~Sigh~ so I got up 🙂

      I’ll bet you are having fun with your pink camo, are you doing target practice with it?

      Bests to you in the wild, wild west, HRCG!

  8. MJ, love your Friday posts. And as to #4, I have arrived (finally) in doing the same. Have a great weekend.

    • Hey, thanks David. They’re kind of … random, nonsensical, and fun 🙂 I’m still astounded about putting the book back in the bag. A year ago I would have slogged it out and been mad the whole time. Crazy!


  9. I’m so glad you’re doing Random 5 Friday. I’ve not ventured into Portobello territory yet, though I’ve seen several recipes for them. I’m not a mushroom fan to begin with. Had to laugh at your hair description, mine is much the same, depends which side I sleep on. I’m giving myself permission to discard or donate things that have been hanging around the house too long. Glad I did my stupid stuff before the internet, cell phones, etc.

    • If you’re not a mushroom fan, don’t worry about trying it – just move to something else 🙂 They don’t have a strong taste, and they pick up the flavor of what they’re cooked with, I think, so they’re good in meatless dishes. I’m (mostly) following the “Eat to Live” principles and only eating meat 1-2 x a week 🙂

      Discard away! It’s very liberating, isn’t it?


  10. Well this is fun. Let’s see, portobellos..yes, yes!!! The hair issue. I just loved that so many could identify, I can too but mine doesn’t switch sides, left is always nuts and right is tame and orderly. Finally to the reading issue. I learned a long time ago that, “Life is too short to read bad books or drink bad wine.” (author Joy Daniels)

  11. Ugh! I HATE when I buy a book and end up not getting into it. I’ll usually try again, a few times if necessary. I admire your ability to walk away and be okay with it. I’m not there yet.

    As for sleep, I like to get a lot of it. I tend to go to bed early rather than sleep late. Once I wake up, I start thinking of all that needs doing and I can’t go back. But lately, on the weekends, I have actually fallen asleep again for an hour or so. Not sure if this is a sign that I’m relaxing? If it’s an effect of winter? Or maybe I’m just getting old! 🙂

    • I might revisit it .. or I might just give it away. It was a $25 hardcover by a Pulitzer Prize winning author. Couldn’t. Get. Into. It.

      It’s good to hear you’re relaxing a bit; I’ve never yet woken up to a house that was totally clean, there’s always something to be done. I’ve just gotten better at ignoring it like everyone else does! 🙂

  12. Oh MJ, I love your list!

    Portobellos, yes! I’ve cooked with them for several years now. They’re wonderful grilled, and if you have a chance to try a Portobello burger, don’t hesitate!

    Hair, yes! I have a similar style when I get up in the morning. Your description is perfect!…hair that’s partied too hard! I’d just like to know where all these great parties are taking place. Maybe they’re closely conected with the sleep issue? I’m an early to bed, early to rise kind of gal…don’t often suffer from sleep deprivation, except when I travel (more on that on my blog, soon :). But I agree…most people need more sleep.

    And finally, the big one…permission! Why is it so difficult to give yourself permission to walk away from something that you don’t have to do and don’t want to do? Must be something about finishing what you begin…any usually, that’s a good thing. But like you, I struggle with this. And like you, I know it’s a personal victory when I rebel against that inner need to complete, just for the sake of finishing, and declare independence, from MYSELF!

    Happy Sunday! ~ Sheila

  13. Better late than never, right? At any rate, I’m TOTALLY with you about not reading a book you can’t get into. Life is precious. Why waste it?

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Yep, not wasting it 🙂 The book’s in the bag, there was nothing wrong with it, the topic was just darker than I could handle right now 🙂

  14. Hair. Yep, it has a mind of its own. Love random thoughts 😉

  15. Neat stuff on your Random Five!

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