Racing into the week, I noticed its arrival upon waking Monday.

A scratch. A tickle.

A cough that just wouldn’t go away.

Pshaw, I thought, I’m just over tired and it’s probably due to the smoke from our Casino visit the other day and..and.. and.

And then came Tuesday.

That cough … now a hack, one that hurt, with a flush creeping up my neck and pinching, the kind of pinch like my brother standing behind and squeezing my neck as a kid. That kind of pinch. Ugh.

A call to the Doctor’s office, a mention of “it might be the flu” and an opening mid-day.

Sitting in the waiting room, shivering.  Sitting in the examining room, sweating.

Swabbed, sneezing, waiting, wondering.

Negative for flu, thank you!

Not so fast.

“I don’t like the sound of your lungs.”

I threw some humor on it, “oh you mean the snap-crackle-pop?”

“Yeah, those aren’t Rice Krispies.”


Antibiotics – rest – fluids – warmth – and worst of all – no talking!

I stayed home today, in my chair, command central. Listened in on a few conference calls, managed emails, read, dozed, sipped soup and stayed still.

And then, around 4:00 it hit me, there’s still one Christmas present yet to try:

in Cobalt blue .. my favorite

The Keurig Mini ..  in Cobalt blue .. my favorite

Being derailed might not be so bad after all.

How about you? Has the flu hit your house?  Tried out any nifty gadgets lately?

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37 thoughts on “Derailed

  1. Yes the flue bug(s) paid a visit @ our place last week. Don’t care to repeat that 36 hours any time soon. Wife had the slow moving respiratory version of it. Gadgets…no new gadgets this season. We spent our wad taking a trip to the Big Apple…so we have a small basket of warm fuzzy memories to savor. Get better soon and enjoy your Keurig!

    • Ugh. I remember that you’d had it, DM. I’ve got that respiratory version .. the one that grabs you by the throat and throws you down. Home again today. Slightly better. But not by much,
      Made tea in the Keurig this morning 🙂

  2. Aw! I hope you’re feeling better in no time. I hesitate to say anything about not being hit with certain ailments, but the last few months could have been worse
    And usually are!

    Of course, my son did get st off in his ear at preschool today. So there’s that. :p

  3. My husband just got over a respiratory thing. Fortunately he kept it to himself and I have been healthy (therefore not cranky). Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  4. Sorry to hear you had to stay home on this cold day! 😉 Glad you are taking care of yourself, and hope it leaves soon, as I’m sure it has worn out its welcome. We haven’t had the flu, just colds and coughs that linger. Cobalt Blue Keurig! I didn’t know that existed!

    • This is a bronchial respiratory thing, feels like someone kicked me in the chest. Not fun!

      I love the color of the Keurig; I bought it on QVC and they had a $$ that couldn’t be beat + sample coffee/tea packs, the K-cup refillable thingy and – cobalt blue. Done!

  5. Feel better soon! Motor Man and I just had our flu shots last weekend, so I’m hoping we’ll avoid it. Take care of yourself!

    • I had the flu AND pneumonia shot — but if I get a bug, I tend to get it in the lungs. I hope you avoid it at all costs 🙂 MJ

  6. Yep, both of us down. Sorry you have to work through it…

    • oh no, sorry to hear it, David. I am monitoring work emails & calls, that way, when I go back to the office, it won’t be piled as high as me 🙂

  7. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather. I got a flu shot two weeks ago…the first one in about 35 years. I haven’t had the flu in about 35 years, but just didn’t want to take a chance when I heard of all the people in the ICUs around the state. Hope your better soon!

    • I’ve had the flu shot every year and got the flu the last 4 years, too. This isn’t the flu, thankfully, but it’s not much fun either. On a happy note, we rec’d a bunch of snow & cold temps, the roads are terrible, and I’m not too sad to be inside 🙂 MJ

      • Ha, that was my reaction when I retired a couple years ago on December 10…no more getting up at 4:30 a.m. and driving 35 miles to/from AA on un-plowed freeways. Woo-hooo!

  8. Oh no! I thought maybe you’d managed to escape the grasp of the winter cold and flu season when you got through the holidays just fine. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather.

    The Keurig – yes. One of the finest inventions since sliced bread. Love mine.

    I was waking up with a bloody nose for a while there. (I know. Eeew.) So I got a new gadget. A tiny, quiet little humidifier. LOVE it.

    Feel better soon, friend.

    • Yeah .. I thought I’d escaped it, too 😦

      Love the Keurig, having fun making various types of coffee and teas that came with it (ordered via QVC) — it’s quite the nifty gadget, I must say.

      Humidifier – good idea, sister!

      Bests, MJ

  9. No flu, but lots of hacking…hope you are feeling better soon!

  10. Hope you feel better MJ 🙂

  11. Stomach flu – going on the second week…no new appliances, but I’ve become a fan of Bigelow Mint Tea. Feel better..

  12. Why oh why does cold weather get us like that? Ooo…I bet you enjoyed your Keurig…quite snazzy in blue. Care to mention the pod flavor? Take care. I do hope you can shake that cough.

    • Um.. I ordered it online so it came with some sample packs, I haven’t left the house since Tuesday so I’m trying out what’s here — so far I have tried a couple of breakfast blend coffees, a couple of herbal teas, and one flavored coffee (yuk). I’ll lean towards a hearty breakfast blend, most likely.

      The cough was the worst last night… and that’s why I stayed home again today. Feeling too puny for the public at this point.
      Thanks GS!

  13. Oh, gosh. I’m so sorry – for you, and for all the sufferers here. It’s been a good while since I’ve had much of anything. A little vertigo a couple of years ago, a bronchial thingie many years ago – and one case of flu in the indeterminate past. It’s one of the great benefits of working outdoors and never around other people. Who says there are no perks to my job!

    I hope you’re better every day. But kudos to you for staying away from other people. Too many people make themselves go out when they should stay in, and it’s not good for anyone.

    • Thank you, I’m home again today. It’s cold & blowing here, with a blizzard arriving mid-day. Still hacking, and not fit for human company !!

      I’m glad you stay well more than not 🙂

  14. …lets be honest with each other….you “Irished up” that coffee with some Bailey’s, didn’t you? 😉
    Hope that you’re feeling great soon!

  15. Oh, MJ, I’m so sorry you’re sick. Hope you’re feeling better by now, however. I’m a little late getting here. We’ve all been well, fortunately. Glad you, at least, got to enjoy some coffee!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Thanks, Kathy. It’s day #4 today, and I feel a bit stir-crazy but the coughing means I’m home again == certainly not fit for human company yet.

  16. I’ll take my french press any day of the week but those gadgets are good in a pinch…

  17. Hey, I had a brief 2 1/2 day “something”…couldn’t have been the flu, I think, didn’t last long enough, but I didn’t get checked out…just crawled in bed and mostly stayed there. So happy to be back to normal…and I hope you’re recovered by now too! ~ Sheila

  18. Know you must be better by now !

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