Guess what day it is? (Hint: It’s Friday .. and it’s random)

Nope, not that day.

Actually, I love Caleb the Geico Camel

Actually, I love Caleb the Geico Camel. Google.images

It’s Random Five Friday which … when you think about it .. is perfect for a Friday. Why?  Because maybe it’s the best we can do at the end of a long, long week.  🙂  Here we go!

1.  The weather. Still crappy. The end.

credit to

Michigan wins the coveted title of “most snow covered” State.  Miss Congeniality was awarded to someplace more habitable, like Mars. credit

2.  Hubbs flew out Tuesday and promptly got stranded in, you guessed it, Atlanta.  The guy who is afraid of heights and loves hates to fly.  He made it to his destination, eventually, but around hour 14 of his travel day, it obvious the anxiety was mounting. For more on my kind-hearted but control loving Virgo, read Virgo and the Circus.

3. Every workday morning, I turn on a small radio that I keep in the bathroom and listen for traffic and weather updates as I get ready.  I had grown fond of the two goofy guys hosting the morning show: their teasing, bantering, and wise-cracks. They were funny, not mean, and they were easy to listen to, and laugh along with.  They got the axe about 2 weeks ago and I still listen, hoping they’re coming back, but last night I found out that’s not the case.  My other choices? Shock jocks, all sports, political rants, or easy-listening bland-as-toast fodder.  I don’t know why this bothers me as much as  it does.  It’s like the end of an era, and I’m none too happy about it.

4. Yesterday I had a tough work situation to wrap my head around. It wasn’t anything that can’t be resolved, but it was a perfect storm — everything that could have gone wrong .. had .. and it was right around then that the entire matzoh ball landed in my lap for resolution. I read through the email trail, collected my thoughts, picked up the phone, and apologized.  Not because I had done something wrong, but because it needed to be said.  The customer and I had a good conversation, and I listened more than I talked.  This is not something that always comes easily to me, but I’m glad I followed my instincts to do just as I did. Waking up this morning, I don’t know what the fix is, but I know I’ll be part of the solution.  And that, well, that makes me smile!

5.  God-willing and the weather cooperates, Hubbs comes home tomorrow.  I’ve missed him, and he’s missed me.  And after nearly 23 years together, I still giggle like a school-girl just thinking about that. Tonight, I’ll cook up some of his favorites and he’ll come home to a clean house, a full fridge, and a wife who’s happy to see him.  Looking back, loving him has been the best risk I ever took.



What’s on your Random 5 list today, peeps?

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21 thoughts on “Guess what day it is? (Hint: It’s Friday .. and it’s random)

  1. I’m so sorry your two “goofy guys” are gone. We all need some “goofy” in our lives, especially on the mornings of the days you have to put your problem solving skills to work. Yet, you’re still smiling…good for you!

  2. What a beautiful snap shot into your week. Your husband is blessed to have you in his life. I can totally relate to the feelings you have for your “axed” radio personalities. Same thing happened in my life a few years ago. I LOVED Catherine Fox..local DJ on WMT FM. The powers that be who owned the station, decided to completely retool the station..from one that I had known and grown up with to a “pop-country” station…felt a big void in my life.. I know she is still on the air (somewhere) but it was all about marketing/ money and it ticked me off. Completely different area of life, but it reminded me of how surprised I was when our pet dog Oscar passed away..he was only a dog, but he was part of the family..I was surprised @ how deeply I felt the void.. So I get it when you say it bothers you so. I really do get it.
    One of the things I appreciate about you is your “can do/ get-er- done” attitude…you are that person they talk about when people say..if you want something done, take it to so-in you have a big heart. what an awesome combination.

    • Thank you, DM. I can’t find any other radio station that has quite the same mix – they’re either as described or tepid at best. Ugh!

      Hubbs is trying to get home, he’s been up since 4, is currently stranded in Atlanta, and there don’t look to be many options for him to get home today, maybe tomorrow or Monday? Crazy.

      That can/do attitude? From my parents .. 🙂

  3. I can totally understand your frustration with the change in your radio deejays. Perhaps if all their “fans” wrote/called/emailed the station, that might help??
    Sorry your hubby had such a problem with his travels, and I hope his trip home will be much smoother.
    You sound like the perfect wife, MJ!

    • Their FB page has many comments but the station changed the format. It’s done like dinner.

      Hubbs is stranded AGAIN and very frustrated. He sounds exhausted and frustrated………. I am far from perfect, but, I try to be something worth coming home to 🙂

  4. Your #3 hit home with me (and others I noticed). There was a pair of announcers, male and female, who did the morning show 5:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. I always drove to work with them (or anywhere else for that matter). They bantered like an old married couple and were hysterical. One day I noticed that just the guy was on. That went on for a couple weeks before I finally went on-line to find out that she was cut in a cost cut back. You can’t banter with only one person. I feel sorry for the guy because he has to make it all interesting by himself for a bunch of people, half of whom have not had their coffee yet.

    • Yep – I completely relate to that. Had a similar couple in Houston that we used to listen to … and you’re right, it’s pretty hard to banter by yourself. You tend to sound a little cracked that way!

  5. #1…Winter, I love the changes it brings though this winter can depart sooner rather than later in my opinion.
    #2…After reading DM’s comment I think that we must live quite close to each other as I’m familiar with the radio station and DJ that he refers to in his comment. Leave it to the “world wide web” and your blog from Michigan to have me figure that out. 🙂
    #3…I’ve found a radio station that’s like the one you mentioned. I enjoy the friendly and intelligent banter between the hosts. Easy on the ears that plays classic rock from the 70’s and 80’s.
    #4…About your work situation, as a “middle management” type of guy I often get situations dumped on me as well. Often times one of the first things that I’ll tell the offended party (whether they’re right or wrong) is “I’m sorry”. In my mind I might be thinking “I’m sorry that you’re an idiot who got themselves into this mess to begin with…” but by saying that it gets them off of the offensive and into a more reasonable level. Its not a “cure all” for every situation but the dialogue that comes after that can usually lead to a resolution. Go figure.

    • Small world Rich.:-) ..few years ago , I had some regular interaction with another blogger for several months,before we realized she lived just an hour from us. (we ended up going to their house for a Superbowl party that year)

    • 1) yes 2) cool 3) this one also plays good tunes 🙂 and 4) the work situation is nearly resolved. Had it tidied up and a plan rolling by 10:30 yesterday. The good news is that now I have a Title that means “get going” – before, I would have had the same approach but then had to get approval. Now I can push the ball to get it rolling and it does = bam!

      5) Hubbs is stranded in Atl, not coming home today 😦 Bah humbug!


  6. Number 5 is definitely my favorite here. I still feel the same way about Sara–though we have been together for fewer years. I hear Atlanta was pretty bad. Hope Hubbs gets home safely. Have a wonderful weekend together!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Aww, so glad to hear that, Kathy 🙂

      Atlanta is ok right now, but he’s stuck there because it’s bad in the midwest – Lake effect snow coming down … all flights xlld. He’s fairly cranky. 😦 MJ

  7. I hope your hubby has a pleasant trip home, at least you’ll be there waiting for him. 🙂

    • He’s been up since 4 and, so far, the trip’s a disaster. He’s stuck in ATL b/c the flights into MI are mostly cancelled. He’s surrounded by several thousand other angry travelers and it doesn’t look good for him getting home today. Whenever he gets here, I’ll be waiting! MJ

  8. Atlanta was a mess! He will have that story to tell for years.
    Liked your answers and the view into your week.

    • Yes it was. Now he’s there again, but flights up to MI are scrapped. He’s currently trying to get somewhere but I don’t think he’ll make it into MI today … bummer! MJ

  9. I can relate to your disappointment at losing your favorite morning radio hosts. I do the same thing while getting ready for work – listen to the radio. I tune into the country music station with a male/female team doing the morning banter, goofy news and traffic updates. I feel like they are longtime friends and if they were suddenly gone? I would miss them.

    Nice work on the work situation. Handled with style and grace!

    • I have not yet found an alternate; like I said earlier, the choices are abysmal. I think I’m going to pout for a little while!! 🙂

      The work situation is mostly resolved; scheduled a call with the right ppl, took charge and got the ball rolling before 11am yesterday! My mantra has always been this, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way” 🙂

      Stay cozy, Terri!

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