Crows and Eagles

I work with someone who is toxic and negative; it’s hard to take.

Most days, I manage to not let the behavior and snarkiness get me down but there are just as many moments when I feel myself getting overwhelmed. It’s in those times that I feel the negativity seeping in and my joy slipping away.  And I don’t like it. Don’t like it one bit.

And then, I read this quote and laughed out loud. And as I read it again, I knew you had to see it too. 

Because, as he says,  we all know someone like this.

Remember — Crows can’t hang with eagles. The eagle has pests, one of which is the crow. He’s always squawking, always causing the eagle trouble. The truth is we all have a few crows in our life. When the eagle takes off, often a crow will come up right behind & start to pester, aggravate & annoy. You are an eagle, made in the image of God. Turkeys, chickens & crows cannot live at the altitude for which you were designed to soar. Be an eagle … rise up & above and leave them behind.” ~Joel Osteen

I wish you a happy & peck-free day!

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Do you know someone like this? Are you able to soar above? 


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21 thoughts on “Crows and Eagles

  1. I love this! And, oh yeah, this brings a very particular image to mind.

  2. You’re right. Everyone has one but some are worse than others. There was a particularly nasty executive in my workplace. He hated HR and did everything he could do to undermine it. He was fired and I had the pleasure of doing it. I was amazed at how peaceful the whole company got. Yes, there were others but perhaps because he was so powerful at such a high position he had more impact. Glad you found a way to cope. If I would have had that saying I would have posted it in my office!

    • Oh! How to be a fly on the wall when that guy got the boot. This one is firmly entrenched, pretty sure there must be blackmail pictures somewhere otherwise I just don’t see it.

      Some days I can rise above it and other days I cannot … MJ

      • For many years I told my husband that he had blackmail pictures and it included farm animals. Then wham! Gone! I know what you mean about some days are good and some….well you have fantasies.

      • hee hee hee! You made me laugh out loud this morning, Kate. So true! This person is inept enough that I can usually just sit back and let them show their hind end, but just as often, the barbs are thrown my way and it’s hard to take. I have many ideas about how it could all end, some involve as you described 🙂 MJ

  3. I can identify. Back in the late 90’s, I worked for a little over a year in an office where the head of the office was definitely a CROW….well, she was called other things, but crow will suffice! Thanks for the quote – it’s a keeper.

  4. I too love the quote and yes only rarely have I had to endure the racket and snipping of a “crow” for any length of time. When I hire someone..that is the numero uno quality I look for..attitude. followed closely behind with “fire” ie. their willingness to hustle. If I’m going to spend 8 hours of my day with someone (more time than I get to spend with my bride,) then by golly they better not be a crow. 🙂 What is your most effective way to recharge your battery after a day with a negative person?

    • Thankfully this is not a member of my staff, for I wouldn’t tolerate it there either. Nope, this crow sits above me on the perch and you know what they say about things rolling down hill … sigh.
      It does inspire me NOT to be a crow, either 🙂

      Hmm — to charge my battery after a day of toxic stupidity? Distance. Quiet. A hot bath. A cry. A long talk with hubbs. Mostly – the first one .. getting far, far away,


  5. Oh gosh, I worked with one in the 80’s. To this day I wonder, regret, what she made me come home with. Funny…silly me, I have tried to get in touch with her, …she doesn’t respond to me or anyone else. True colors. I’m not sure I can ever write that post. Shudder.

    • You tried to contact her b/c you’re a nice person. She’s likely not OR she’s a smidge better and feels the pinch of being a crow .. in her day.

      I have worked with a few of these in my career; the sad thing, is their behavior tends to negate all the wonderfully cooperative people I interact with who are, by far, the majority!


  6. cooper

    I, and many others, see me as a crow. I try really hard to hang with the people i think are eagles, but my attitude always seems to slip back to the crows that hang around me. Maybe I need to go to eagle school or something. I work with both eagles and crows – tough to avoid in corporate america – i’m just can’t seem to get my own snarky attitude to stay quiet…

    • I’m not always an Eagle. There are chicken days, for sure. No buzzardry that I can think of. Hopefully not a Magpie! I work in Corporate America, too, there are lots of great birds in that flock but a large # of crows who like to pick just for pick’s sake. Ugh.


  7. Love this! I have a crow in my work world too. I bombard myself with positive quotes and inspirational messages that remind me to stay focused on my work and goals and not let the squawking of the crow distract me! 🙂

    • I thought of you in particular as I wrote it, please put up the photo of the eagle & the crows in your office as a reminder from me to you that you are above all that squawking!! xo MJ

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