Random 5 Friday .. the pm version

Here we are again, peeps.  Random 5 Friday is back and I give you the Friday night edition!

1) Normally on Friday nights, I’d be out doing something with Hubbs. Dinner. Meeting up with friends. Something.  OR we might be stay in and sit near the fire. Not tonight. After his disastrous travel schedule a few weeks back, he had back to back meetings and ended up sick with the flu this week. He did like I did .. he worked through – as in worked his job — and I think that when you do that, you end up with “it” longer.  So, tonight’s not date night at my house, it’s Alka-Seltzer-Plus and Puffs, Vicks-Vapo-Rub and extra blankies night.   Poor guy.

2) On the way home, in the driving sleet, I thought, “Hey, maybe I should take this opportunity to reorganize some closets and do some deep cleaning!”  And then good sense got the better of me and I stopped for a pizza, ginger ale for hubbs, a couple of Lime Beers for me, turned on the tunes and settled in to listen to the wind howl away the night.

3) #2 reminds me that I don’t really like a routine without him in it.   Probably should tell him that.  But not tonight. He’s under 2 blankets and moaning.  At this point, he needs space ….. without me in it, unless I’m bringing him ginger ale or soup.  Poor guy!

4)  A week from Monday, I fly off to our nation’s capital.  Like I mentioned last year in Milestones, not that long ago I wasn’t even a citizen of this great country.  I could pay taxes, but I couldn’t vote.  I felt like a bystander. But soon I’m off to the highest Governmental offices in the land to represent my company and our business.  Pretty. Sweet.  Pretty. Surreal.  Pretty… Awesome!

5) I saw this today and it not only made me laugh, now the song is stuck in my head:



Do you remember that song? What’s your Random 5, this chilly Friday night?

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24 thoughts on “Random 5 Friday .. the pm version

  1. Oh, I love those mugs! So sorry your hubby is sick; it does make things different around the house, doesn’t it? I sure hope he feels better soon. How long will you be in DC?

    • I know, they’re so cute!

      The good news is he is on the mend, the bad news is he’s still sick!!

      I arrive Monday 3/3 mid-day and fly back Thursday evening, 3/6. There are a ton of meetings but ** I think ** I have some free time Tuesday morning so am going to see what my options are. Staying right by the Capitol, so cool!! 🙂


  2. My five — mammogram results were good, nothing planned this weekend (yay!), weather is warmer (no shoveling, double yay!), bought a pair of spring shoes (that’s cheaper than a therapist) and my hubby isn’t sick! Hope yours is feeling better soon. Hope your weekend is good and for heaven’s sakes, don’t go cleaning closets!

    • That is such great news about your results, as I know you were anxious about it :). I love your 5 list — Hubbs is up and around this morning, I think he’s sick of laying around, but he’s still not quite 100%. I’m not going near the closets .. and I think I see the sun coming up over the trees – yippee skippy!!


  3. Poor Hubbs. Hope he’s feeling better soon. LOVE the mugs. Those are SO funny!

    Random 5 … let’s see what I can come up with…
    1. We had a couple of beautifully sunny, warm, snow melting days earlier this week.
    2. I have what feels like a really big win going on at work lately.
    3. Enjoyed the company of my middle kid this morning, clearing mountains of snow from the driveway and laughing together before we left for work. He’s not a morning person and usually barely grunts a word before leaving. Today was a treat.
    4. Girl Scout cookies. The lemon kind.
    5. Getting together with old friends tomorrow.

    Thanks… it was fun to focus on some good stuff. I should really try this random 5 thing on my blog! 🙂

    • Must get the mugs!
      I loved your list of 5, especially #3 — that is so sweet. Enjoy the sunshine, the friendship, and sailing into the next week anticipating a big win 🙂

      Try the random 5, it’s fun and random and you’ll be surprised at the conversations it starts!

  4. I’m visualizing one of those weather maps you put up every now and then. This one tho’ makes a sweeping arc from DC to MI showing MJ flying out on Thursday, and GS (not grandson, me) flying from TX to DC on Friday. No kidding…D2, SIL, GS2 and I fly in for spring break.

    • How cool is that? I love DC, I only wish I had more time there to be a tourist. I will soak up every minute, and last year, at the end of my 2nd day on ‘the Hill,’ I ended up giving directions to other groups who were visiting. Made my day 🙂 Is there anything in particular you’re going to see? Have you been to DC before? #1 good shoes, eat before heading out, and know that all of the Governmental buildings have security (not the Smithsonian museums though). Enjoy!!

      • Itinerary for now…Saturday and Sunday family time, Monday monuments, Tuesday museums, Wednesday lunch w/ blogging friend (guess who?) and Monticello, Thursday what we didn’t get to do M-W, Friday gone…or “the end” as you would say. Looking forward to getting away.

      • Very nice! I hope it all works out as planned … and I’m guessing who your lunch date is, does she have a kitty named Sundae? 🙂 I would love to be there with you !!

      • 🙂 That would be fun!

  5. PS Not so random…Go Canada! Gold or silver?

  6. if in doubt about a project…drink a beer or two. if the feeling about that project doesn’t subside….drink one or two more…

  7. cooper

    7 on sunday (assuming it’s 6 on saturday after 5 on friday):
    1. I’m making a new brownie/cookie with peanut butter in the middle – sort of like a reese’s brownie thing. hope they turn out.
    2. spent a lot on records – actual vinyl – at princeton record exchange yesterday – good stuff.
    3. it’s warm. how great is that?
    4. still nothing beats a good diner breakfast, like the mrs. and i had this a.m.
    5. the kids are coming for dinner tomorrow – making fettucini alfredo w/shrimp and Guy’s Firecracker wings. Yum.
    6. i opened a can of Coke today and it was dead flat. Strange.
    7. I have become addicted to playing spades (card game) on my phone. Like I have nothing better to do….

  8. Sorry to be late getting here. But I sure hope your husband is feeling a bit better by now. Enjoy your trip to DC.
    Hugs from Ecuador,

  9. Hope Hubbs is better by now! Congratulations on your trip to represent your company. That’s a great acknowledgement of your skill and your value to your organization! And…now the song is stuck in my head! Cute mugs, but I don’t want to hear this song for the next three days! 🙂 Oh well! ~ Sheila

    • Thank you, Sheila, he is on the mend, finally!! I am excited about the trip, and the opportunity as well 🙂 I had that song stuck in my head for a bit, too
      Bests! MJ

  10. That was a fun song–love the mugs! Hope your Hubbs is feeling better now.

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