Random Five Friday

It’s Friday. It’s random. Here we go!

1.  In case you haven’t heard, the NCAA College basketball tournament is on.  Hubbs was a basketball star in High School. Hubbs’ mouth waters at the mere mention of the word playoffs.  Tonight, we’ll hustle around and get to a favorite watering hole so he can watch his beloved teams with the herd Me?  I’m to basketball what Georgette was to the Mary Tyler Moore show.   Clueless.

I get that far-away look in my eyes as someone who doesn't know what the heck is going on. Where's my wings?

I get that far-away look in my eyes when basketball is on.  Thank goodness for Keno!

2. This was a better week at work. Why? The person I’ve been covering for during the last 6 months is finally out on leave. Indefinitely.  Why is that better? I’m doing the work anyways but now I’m doing it without a roadblock.  Smooth sailing ahead, baby!

3. On the treadmill the other night, I looked around and noticed the dust on the display panel. That’s an incentive to get myself up on the treadmill more often.

4. Speaking of dust, sometimes I get overwhelmed at our 4 level house and the attention it needs.  My solution?  Watch “Hoarders.” Trust me, 20 minutes of that and you’ll feel like a million bucks!

4. Highs of 45-50 this weekend, peeps!  Windows will be opened, dust will fly and I will bet money there’ll be Michiganders wearing shorts & a parka sitting at the Legion watching basketball!  Seen it.  Lived it. Know it.

silly kitty

There is no reason why this cat is in this post. His goofy pose just makes me laugh!

Happy Friday, peeps!

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20 thoughts on “Random Five Friday

  1. Love your randoms! Although I don’t watch basketball, I DO understand it (we had a championship team in high school and I attended every game I could get to). Good for you on the treadmill, I’m still waiting for the spirit to move me to get out and walk. That….and a little improvement in the weather.
    Have a great weekend!

    • Thank you, Dianna. We watched basketball, I played Keno and (sort of) cheered at the right time and, hey, won $37!
      Treadmill again today, but I think I’ll dust it first 🙂

  2. Yep, this Georgette would be clueless too, about basketball. Have fun with the herd!
    Georgette, What big eyes and hair you have!

  3. Now THAT is a good reason to get on the treadmill–a perch from which to spot dust! LOL Also, I’m like you when it comes to basketball. I’m kind of glad to not be in Lexington, Kentucky during March Madness, as Wildcat fans go kind of crazy. Hope you have an awesome weekend, MJ! Enjoy the warm-up!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • I remembered you posting about BEING in Lexington during all of that madness in years past – crazy is the word!!
      Happy week-ending.

  4. Basketball gives me hives! Good news on the work front and I know what you mean. It’s easier to just do it than “help out.” Those temps would not get me to break out shorts but the kids would be in their flip flops for sure! Reminds me of the time I was in Florida in the winter. It was a chilly week. We were on an open tour bus at 8 in the morning and it was a very chilly 40 degrees. Everyone had sweaters and jackets on except for one guy with shorts and a polo shirt. We all looked at him. He said, “Hey, I’m from Michigan. For us, this is high summer!”

    • Yep – I’m “doing” anyways but I’d rather do without the other being “in” but not really “in” … more like in the way 🙂

      I kid you not, I saw a guy in shorts & a parka just LAST NIGHT! Michiganders take 45 to mean “fire up the grill, put on some shorts, and let ‘er rip!”

      Cheers! MJ

  5. #1…love me some Georgette. Love me some Ted Baxter (HAR HAR HAR!!)
    #2…I gave up “fear of failure” at my men’s retreat. That was/is a roadblock for me from time to time.
    #3…I have leaves. Thousands and thousands of leaves to mulch. Gotta TV show for that…? 😉
    #4…(repeat #3…leaves…thousands and thousands of leaves)
    #5…if ya can’t beat ’em….JOIN ‘EM Marilyn!! 🙂


    • Har har har!
      love that you gave up “fear of failure” — I’m naively not fearful of much, but I ascribe strongly to this mantra, “Lead, follow or get out of the way” – I’m glad that one is finally (mostly) out of the way.
      B-ball games were great last night, and I won $37 on Keno =- whoop! MJ

  6. I’m with you in regards to basketball. (yawn) Yay you about work! Treadmills: ugh! Four levels: I love your solution! Have a wonderful weekend. Sounds like the weather we had last weekend. Unfortunately, we’re back to low clouds and rain, rain, rain.

    • Will never buy a house with this many stairs again 🙂 It’s been a great house, though, and excellent to raise boys in — noise up, noise down, and us in the middle – ha! We will probably sell it in the next couple of years and move to a 1 level ranch 🙂

      Back on the treadmill today, and I’m happy about the work situation – yay!

      Your low clouds & rain make the perfect day to stay inside and read, 😉 MJ


  8. Hey, it’s a beautiful spring day in SE Alaska, and I see a lot of the same thing here…shorts, jackets…can’t decide which season we’re in! At least the sun is out! Glad you can see the end of winter, sounds like it’s been a long one!
    And hey, my solution to exercise equipment? I keep my rower in the basement where I don’t have to look at it too often!
    ~ Sheila

  9. I feel about football the way you feel about basketball. I don’t mind watching basketball if someone has it on, but I’ve never been one to purposely spend time watching games on television. I can think of a million more productive things to do.

    Glad to hear that some of your work stress is easing, even if that doesn’t mean the load is lighter. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of perspective.

    Sometimes I feel the same way about keeping up with my house, and it’s only TWO levels! I used to wish desperately for a bigger house, but the older I get, the more content I am with what we have. Who wants to spend all their time keeping the house spotless anyway? I’ll remember to watch some Hoarders next time I’m feeling overwhelmed with housework.

    We’re enjoying similar temps here this weekend! I’m loving it and took Lucy out for a walk both yesterday and today. I’m trying not to think abou the snow forecasted for Tuesday.

    Enjoy your weekend, MJ!

    • Yep – more basketball on today. I’m going to do some DUSTING 🙂 then get on the treadmill and make a nice supper for later.

      The work situation is better, and you’re right, it’s not that the load is lighter but at least there aren’t as many chiefs in the tribe – good grief!

      Enjoy your walks with Lucy-pie, I am sure she is loving every sniff of them 🙂

      Bests! MJ

  10. I’m enjoying our new treadmill. The weather is just now getting warm enough to be outside without the wind trying to knock us over! Glad your job will be smoother.

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