R5F – not new, just more

Random 5 Friday! The quickest round of thoughts this ole brain can conjure up all week. Ready?  Here we go!

1. I heard recently that its not drinking that makes people gain weight, it’s the food choices that inevitably follow.  I think the same could be said for exercise.  I’ve been working out regularly for about 6 weeks now and my appetite afterwards envies that of a Badger.   Step away from the hungry lady.

touch my food, I dare ya!

touch my food, I dare ya!

2.  How is it nearly May? How?  We had snow in MI this week.  The weather people like to taunt viewers with stats like this:  “Today is the 188th day since our first snowfall!” And they smile as they say it.  How do they sleep at night?

3. Every year I seem to develop new sayings that describe certain situations or people.  A few years ago it was, “Not for you.” This year, after witnessing continued lunacy from more than one individual, it’s evolved to, “It’s not new, it’s just more.”  Think about a person whose behavior is disruptive in your life.  Is it new or is it … just more.  Gah!

4.  Stopped last night to complete the weekend grocery run.  Why? It’s not storming, no, but there’s something about completing that one little chore that makes me wonderfully happy. I can stay home all weekend if I want to — or not  — but that chore is done like dinner.  Whoop!!

5. 2 weeks from now, I’ll be happily ensconced at my Mother’s house, sipping tea, eating pie, talking politics, catching up on local doings.  To say I’m looking forward to it would be an understatement.   I’ll be smiling like a kitty on a cushion!

happy cat

Who comes to mind when you hear, “It’s not new, it’s just more.”  Do you ever do your chores in advance?   Does exercise turn you into a rabid wolverine?  Do tell! Happy Friday, peeps.




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22 thoughts on “R5F – not new, just more

  1. Clever saying. I remember telling blogging friend “pocketperspectives” how one individual’s phone calls would upset me. Their calls weren’t new, just more (of the same.) PP sent me a funny and lovely at the same time, window sun catcher with the saying “Please, no more phone calls!” It has a beautiful scene and a tiny little phone reminding me to treat those as such…tiny disturbances in this big world. Have a wonderful free from the grocery store weekend. I kinda like your “I’ll be smiling like a kitty on a cushion!”, too. Rick likes to say “happy as a gopher in soft dirt.”

    • That’s a great solution to a problematic situation, GS! Most of those tiny disturbances are just annoyances but I have one large one in my way and I’m learning to lean in and deal with it b/c it’s not moving … and their behavior isn’t new, it’s just more. Saying that to myself gives me permission to not take their junk personally 🙂

      Happy as a pig in pucky!

  2. Oh, dear, sad to say, but “not new, just more” will definitely cross my mind when MIL is repeating something for the nth time. I keep reminding myself that she’s 87. Anyway. Thanks for that little phrase; I’ll definitely remember that one!
    It makes me so happy to hear your excitement about visiting your Mother, and to know that you’re going to give her an extra long hug for me.
    Enjoy your weekend: we’re planning to enjoy ours….a little overnight getaway!

    • An overnight getaway! How fun 🙂
      Yes I am going to savor the time, I know it will go by very quickly … so I am focusing on 7 glorious days not “only 7 days.”
      Cheers! MJ

  3. One of my favs is “you really outdid yourself this time” meaning “way more of the same” or “I’m gonna kill you if you do it again (figuratively only of course).” I love doing one chore ahead of time. For me it’s the kitty litter. I do a major cleaning once a day and love to get it done in the morning. The evening scoop on the upstairs box is very small then. Easy peasy. I only exercise so I can get a mocha latte at Starbucks afterward. Today I thought about their classic coffee cake but I was good. Yes, exercise is hazardous to your weight no matter what they say.

    • It’s a mind game but it works to get something “off our list” regardless if it’s shopping or cleaning or scooping kitty litter. It feels like we won something 🙂

      Starbucks classic coffee cake is good… but I’m saving my salivating for some of my Mom’s pie 🙂

      Cheers! MJ

  4. “Step away from the hungry lady…” LOL.

    I look forward to your “reports” from your visits with your Mother, and the photos that follow.


  5. I can’t get past the header of pie! Yum. Did you make these?

    • 🙂 No, the church ladies in my hometown did. Every year they host an annual “fowl supper” – post harvest. The meal is a community gathering at the town hall and they serve roast turkey supper and all the fixings – that picture is just one end of the world-famous pie table. It’s the stuff pie dreams are made of 🙂 The older guys always get their pie first, they’re not stupid!

  6. I’m going to keep doing R5F, too. I miss sharing what’s going on here and finding out what others are doing. Yes, exercise makes me hungry. I’ve read to follow up a workout with protein. It’s nice to get the grocery shopping out of the way early, Saturdays are always so busy at the store, which makes it even less fun!

    • Yay! Keep doing R5F 🙂
      I’ve learned to pace myself after exercise b/c I am usually ravenous and ready to eat the house !!

      Happy to be avoiding the store this morning

  7. I do my workouts early in the morning (and I’m more successful during the week than on weekends.) Afterwards, I hit the shower and then I can’t wait to have my morning coffee with plenty of creamer. Yeah, what good is all this exercise if it just makes us want to eat and drink? (I know, I know… good for the muscles and heart, in spite of the hunger.)

    It’s not new, it’s just more – I probably don’t have to tell you who comes to my mind! But I will. A certain coworker and a certain brother.

    I always feel good when I get a big chore out of the way before the weekend is really here. Unfortunately, I’m just wiped out by Friday evening most weeks. All of my chores await me this weekend.

    Hope yours is a wonderful and relaxing one, MJ!

    • I had a feeling that’s who’d come to mind for you 🙂 It’s not new, it’s just more is my reminder that they’d behave that way anyways — so its not personal and they can own it, I’m not.

      Happy weekend! enjoy this nice weather and I hope you get some stress-free time .. MJ

  8. so that’s my problem…(my job feels like I’m doing perpetual exercise, which is why I am always hungry)..chores in advance…yes, especially when I’m home alone and Mrs DM is @ the grandkids…I like to stay on top of all the chores, makes the time go better. , and yea, I have a “friend” who is stuck in an endless cycle of self pity, depression, clutter, funk..same old same old…I’ve tried to come along side him for years, invested a lot of time and resources over the years thinking he would be able to get some traction, but haven’t seen any indication if it yet after 15 years. Have fun @ the mama’s DM

    • Hi DM, I’m with you on the advanced chores 🙂 And have tried to help some ppl also but have learned that they have to help themselves, first.

  9. Holy Moly–you had snow this week? Will it ever end?!

    Sorry to so late getting here. I’m trying to catch up, as we’ve had friends visiting from the US. I’ve hardly had time to turn on my computer.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

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