2 for Tuesday

Summer is on its way and that means summer produce is, too — and that makes me happy!

1) Still fighting a cough & congestion so I whipped up something I love this weekend — my “Hey Now Salsa” oh it is so stinkin’ good!  Sent a container home with oldest son yesterday & kept one for me. Crunchy, fresh, zippy and delicious, it’s better every time I make it! And it’s going with me to top off my grilled chicken salad at lunch!

photo from  (This has never lasted long enough for me to capture it on camera)

photo from (This has never lasted long enough for me to capture it on camera)

2) Bought myself a “Nutribullet” this weekend, too.  Why? I frequent the farmers market but often find I can’t eat everything before it spoils.  And spending all that money just to throw out wilted produce goes against my grain!  I’d seen the infomercial so I did the research and found it locally at “Bed, Bath and Beyond.”  With the the 20% coupon I found from last December I paid around $80  ~ ~ Did you know their coupons never expire?  Yes they have expiration dates but the clerks just ignore them – sweet!

image from

image from

Yesterday I made my first smoothie which consisted of spinach, 1 pear, a handful of blueberries and raspberries, water & some chia seeds.  Youngest kid liked the taste but couldn’t get past the green-ness of it.  I loved it and a concoction like that will be my breakfast today.   An extra 10lbs of winter pudge snuck onto my 5′ 3″ frame and I’m hopeful that these extra nutrients will help me not only shed the fluff + boost my immunity.  This latest bout marks the 3rd time in 5 mos I’ve gotten sick with the same thing  = time to pay attention, I think. I’ll share my thoughts and progress as I go 🙂

That’s my 2 for Tuesday — so, tell me, what gadget have you purchased recently? And, more importantly, did it work as promised?

Care to play along?  On Tuesdays, pick a topic and segue into it!

Care to play along? On Tuesdays, pick a topic and lean into it with at least 2 points!



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19 thoughts on “2 for Tuesday

  1. I’ve had a magic bullet for years, it keeps going. It makes the perfect size smoothie. Will have to try your salsa recipe.

    • I looked at getting that one, Patti, but found the reviews so-so = either way, I am sure having fun with it. Enjoy the salsa – it’s delicious!

  2. I haven’t made many smoothies at home but I like to pick up and try a concoction from Bolthouse Farms. Love the one with coconut in it. Bed, Bath and Beyond is like a candy store to me. I hate to go there because I come out with all kinds of stuff I had no idea was made. Some of it I never use!

  3. Bed, Bath and Beyond is like a candy store to me. I always walk out with a lot of stuff half of which I never use.

    • Yes and yes. I especially love the “as seen on TV section.” That store is like a mini-vacation and I really shouldn’t be allowed in there 🙂

  4. Yes, it’s wonderful that you can use those B, B & B coupons ANYTIME! Whenever one comes in the mail, I just deposit it in the side pocket of my car door, and grab and handful when I go in the store.

    • It’s a neat secret I only learned about last year 🙂 Nifty neato! Great tip on keeping them in the car, I’m going to start doing that – thanks, friend!

  5. Thanks for the tip about the BB&B coupons. Wish I knew that before I threw my last one out. My breakfast these days is a protein smoothie that I make in a one serving smoothie blender that I get at WalMart. It’s about $13. I take 1/2 cup of frozen dark berries, 5-6 oz of almond milk, a serving of protein powder that gives around 15 gms of protein, a tsp of almond butter and my liquid vitamin D. With my current eating plan of having protein at each meal and no grains, starchy vegetables, fruits, dairy (I’m intolerant of dairy), or sugar, the weight is easily falling off. If you want to drop a few pounds, cut out sugar, starchy veggies and grains and see what happens. Be sure to get enough protein. And thanks for the music- I love this song!

    • Oh! I forgot- absolutely love your lilac photo up top. They are one of my favorite flowers.

    • Yum, yours sounds delicious and great idea to add the protein powder. Can I ask what kind if you can’t do whey products? Great progress on your eating plan, that’s fantastic!

      • Our local food coop (organic food store) has a variety of non dairy protein powders. Most places use whey because it’s cheap. I have one powder that has a mix of rice, pea, and soy proteins. But I have a slight sensitivity to soy so I’m moving away from that one. I just got some pumpkin seed protein powder which I like. Rice protein can be too gritty if it’s alone. And there is also hemp protein, but I believe it has a pretty strong (and not so good) taste. The protein powders that are designed to be used as a shake often have sugar added. My pumpkin seed protein has no added sugar, which is great for my purpose.

      • Thank you for the info, this is great 🙂 I buy “Skinny B” from the makers of Holy Crap cereal (not kidding) – – I brought 6 bags home with me but usually I order it online — it contains hemp, chia and buckwheat – and its non GMO, organic and gluten free. I add a tablespoon to my smoothies (or oatmeal or yogurt) and it adds fiber and protein 🙂

        Cheers! MJ

  6. Your salsa looks yummy. And I’ve tried enough of your recipes to know that it is!

    I was not aware of the nutri-bullet. We make our share of smoothies around here, usually with fruit, yogurt and some protein powder. I haven’t tried adding veggies, but I know I need to boost my intake of them, so I’m interested to know if you continue to use the bullet and eat better as a result.

    • It’s delicious and I promise you will like it — try it with chips or over a salad with grilled chicken or even in a wrap – yum! I’ve taken it with my lunch salad each day this week and have enjoyed it every time!

      On day 3 of the nutribullet, they recommend 2 smoothies a day but I have to see if my tummy can handle all that fiber — 1 is packed with it. They’re very filling, taste good and I feel like I’m doing something healthy for myself. Takes barely any time to do, either — whoop!

      I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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