Meaningful meanderings

So, there I was yesterday, puttering around the house as I’m apt to do on a weekend morning… Hubbs was golfing, youngest still snoozing, and I found myself with time on my hands and no particular plan – which was exactly my intention. 🙂

Hot and steamy outside, the last place I wanted to be was out in that.  Plus the meds I’ve been on for this nasty respiratory bug make me more sensitive to the sun. Well I’m someone who’s already sensitive to the sun.  Step outside and I might burst into flames!

I meandered my way to the basement and decided it was time: time to clean the laundry room. About 40 min and 2 trash bags later, the room was cleaner, better organized and just more appealing. Since I was down there anyways, and I’d already lugged the vacuum that far, I decided to clean up the other side – the TV room Hubbs enjoys most of the winter.  He hasn’t yet moved his entertainment setup to the garage for summer baseball so it’s a room that needs, but doesn’t always get, attention. Windex, paper towel, vacuum, and another trash bag nearly filled.  Cracked open a window, rearranged a few things and smiled at my handiwork.

clean house

Making my way back up I thought, well, here I am here at the stairs and yep, they need a cleaning, too …. next, I arrived at the walkout level, where hubbs’ office and youngest boy’s rooms are … bypassing the snoozing kid, I swept through the office, folding up cartons and vacuuming behind boxes that hadn’t been moved in some time.   (This room tends to be the “catch-all room” – and I’ve learned that clutter is just a postponed decision.  No more).

By now the youngest had rolled out of bed and gave me a sleepy smile. Up he went to smash some banana bread while I worked my way through the office.  I vacuumed my way up the stairs to the main floor where I found him grinning at me.

“Mom, do you always hum a song when you clean?” 

“I don’t know, didn’t realize I was doing that.”

“Well .. it’s cute. And hey, great banana bread!”

With that, he was off to the shower and I was back in the kitchen, putting away the  cleaning supplies and pulling out items to cook.

He strolled through the kitchen in his long-legged way then stopped and asked, “Anything you need help with before I take off?”

“Actually, yes, the pool opens tomorrow, would you please bring the equipment out to the patio for me. Thanks!”

“No problem, Mom.”

And with that, he left to run his errands, I turned on my tunes and started sautéing.

And today, after waking early, I crept downstairs to our clean and tidy home and smiled.  I smiled that, this time, my weekend meanderings didn’t involve spending time looking for something or trying to make sense of stuff I no longer want.

 “Your attitude has to change from ‘Why do I have to do this!’ to ‘This is my home and I deserve to have a wonderful place to live, this blesses my home, and my family and most of all me!'” ~ Flylady

Does your home reflect how you want to live? If not, what do you want to change?



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12 thoughts on “Meaningful meanderings

  1. Spring cleaning always makes me feel better! I hope your bug is gone soon!!

  2. Would you like to spend next weekend at my house?

  3. I see change–and cleaning–in the not-too-distant future. Thanks for letting me know there’s a great outcome awaiting.

    • ah – grasshoppa – you so smart! We love our (big) house but know that, in the next 2-3 years, we’ll downsize. I’ve looked around and realized there is no way I am moving all this “stuff” — and, in the meantime, I want a clean, lovely home for us, not just for show purposes.

      Hate living in C.H.A.O.S. (can’t have anyone over syndrome) {it’s not that bad, but I’m sure you can see what I mean }


  4. I can feel the contentment and the “ahhhh.” With all the internal changes going on with me, I’m noticing a little bit less clutter around my house. It’s much easier to let go of things now. It’s particularly noticeable in my fridge and freezers at the moment. I think the next year will bring a significant reduction in the clutter in my home in general. I enjoyed following you along in this post!

    • I really notice it when I wake up to a clean sink/tidy kitchen or come home from work and the house is picked up and shiny = it makes me happy. When I come home to (my own) clutter, it’s depressing and an energy drain!

      Good on you for making all of these positive changes! (( I gave the freezer to oldest boy; we weren’t using it much anyways and he was thrilled! ))

      Cheers! MJ

  5. It’s such a good feeling to get things back in order again, isn’t it? I alternate between resenting the cleaning and really throwing myself into it. And believe it or not, you just eased some of my guilt. I don’t always (or often) even venture into our lower level family room (otherwise known as my husband’s man cave.) Good to know that someone else just ignores it sometimes in their home too.

    • Indeed it is 🙂

      Hubbs does clean it, and I mostly ignore it, but every once in a while …I get after it like a whirling dervish. And, the truth is, he’s much better at cleaning than I am. The caveat is he doesn’t do it all that often! 🙂 MJ

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