Random Five Friday – June

It’s Friday! (whoo hoo) It’s Random!  Let’s go!

friday cat

1.  Tuesday I waited around all day for an appointment that got pushed back four times. By the time the two young men arrived to work on the pool, I had conceded the day.  They were overbooked, stressed yet polite, apologizing over and over and  I just didn’t have it in me to pile a layer of anger onto their day.   Hanging around, being at home yet attentive to work, made me feel a bit like this turtle.

2. Later that night I attended our grandson’s baseball game.  I’ve been sick and so this was the first game we were able to get to — chatting with some of the moms, I could sense they were trying to figure out who I belonged to. I pointed to the tall fellow in the bullpen and said, “Well that’s my boy.”  I saw the confusion when they realized none of the wee ones on the team were mine but I was claiming the man.  Then I explained that #2 at bat was our Grandson  — ahh — funny — and a reminder that even though he’s grown, oldest one remains a boy in a Mother’s heart.

Oldest boy herding the cats at baseball

What the Father did, the son does:  oldest boy herding the cats at baseball.  An Emjayandthem(C) photo

3. Weather.   A cool front came through Monday and we’ve had the most luscious weather possible — mild, sunny, and low humidity.  Days like these feel like a reward for the endurance test of this past winter.

Amen! google images

Amen! google images

4. The Belmont Stakes race is tomorrow and a group of us are planning to watch it together.  Reading the Racing Form takes me back to my childhood, being at the track with my parents, and feeling the excitement and the grandeur of it all.  Hoping California Chrome can pull a Triple Crown win — but even if he doesn’t — what a story!

Hello ladies! Aren't I something?  Source:

Hello ladies! Aren’t I something?

5.  In a world of e-invites and virtual everything, I really love getting a hand-written thank you card.  First of all, it’s polite and second, it’s timeless.  When someone acknowledges a gesture of mine, it makes me want to repeat the gesture all over again! And I always say a silent prayer of thanks to the Mom who taught the importance of doing so.

What’s your random 5 for today?  Are you watching horse racing tomorrow?



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14 thoughts on “Random Five Friday – June

  1. No races for me. I worry that a horse will get hurt. I also love written thank you notes. That takes time which makes me feel good about the thank you. I always think emails are cut and paste jobs. We are having gorgeous weather too — a bit humid at the start of the week (not complaining though) but now it’s cooler and just about perfect for a picnic weekend. I would love to live somewhere that has this climate year round….maybe like Hawaii! Have a great weekend.

    • Well, I literally grew up at the track, so there’s something about it that just pulls me back in 🙂

      It could be a badly worded thank you card, it’s still beats an e-one and certainly beats none at all (no thank you card is a pet peeve of mine)

      In Texas we had hot, hotter and surface of the sun. Both missed the 4 seasons and I’m very happy to be back in them, even if winter lasts 10 months like it did this year 🙂 Cheers~ MJ

  2. Aw….love your randoms! We’re having gorgeous weather, too (with the exception of a wonderful rain and thunderstorm during the night mid-week). Although I love horses, I never seem to watch the race. Hope you enjoy watching it with friends! Enjoy your weekend, MJ!

    • 10 hours till post time 🙂 I’ve been reading up on the stats and such, but mostly, I love the pageantry and the athleticism of the horses. I grew up at the track and worked there through college, “charting” stats for a racing newspaper – big fun and not a place you’d typically find a 20 year old girl – up in the skybox with the announcers!

      Enjoy the weekend! Another glorious day here, and the birdies are singing their hearts out today ~~ MJ

  3. LOL…the photo of your son was great. The patience it takes to coach the young ones must be overwhelming. I was near a dugout last month and heard a small voice ask “Coach…which one is ‘centerfield again’?” Priceless.

    Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

    • Thank you, I thought so, too. He is hilarious and fields about 4600 questions every game like, “Coach, what’s the score?” Answer: 75:14. Kids – really? No :). Or – what’s the snack today? Answer: Tomato Juice and pickles. Kids – nawwww! Him — ha ha you’ll see. He really enjoys it, and as a kid who played and whose Dad coached, he really “gets” it now – how much time and patience that job entails. There are a few little guys who are very needy (no Dad in their life at all) and he gives them extra encouragement. Makes my heart smile and feel like we might have done something right along the way.

      Enjoy your weekend RR, it’s sure beautiful here!!
      ~ MJ

  4. I love your random fives. We’ve been having amazing weather lately- so comfortable and sunny- not too warm. No horse racing for me tomorrow; we’re renting a big wood splitter and taking care of a tree my hubby felled several weeks ago. I can just see you watching the baseball game, with the other mothers trying to figure out who you belonged to. Where I live, I’m old enough to be a grandmother, and with my completely gray hair, when I go to school functions, surrounded by mothers in their late 20’s and 30’s (and a few into their early 40’s) I feel more like my son’s granny than mother. I’ll be 50 in the fall.

    • Oh that is amazing weather – and perfect for the big tree job you have to do today 🙂

      It was quite funny having them figure out who I went with — had a flashback to being team mom one or 100 times and how we used to always buy double the drinks and double the snacks b/c a parent would forget + we always had extra for the little kids who tagged along. I was pleased to see our grand-daughter score a Gatorade and bag of sun chips too – just like the old days 🙂

      I’m 50 now and I AM a Nana – and it’s great fun to go, have fun and not be responsible for the success of any of it – whee!!

  5. Hubby doesn’t like to watch the horse races. I always end up teary watching them give their all. I think the last time I watched, a horse was injured. Not sure what time it starts, we have a memorial service to attend in the afternoon. That’s fun about your “little” boy. I’m glad he’s working with the team, those little guys need good role models.

    • Post time is 6:52 ET but the coverage starts at 4:30 🙂 I get teary-eyed, too, at the horses, the pageantry, everything.

      Sorry to hear you have a Memorial Service today …

      And yes, he’s glad to be working with the little choppers, his son is happy about it too and he’s done a great job with the kids. Makes me proud 🙂

  6. I can imagine how grateful the pool guys were for your response to the delay. As challenging as their day must have been, the last thing they needed was an angry, unpleasable customer. Good on you for seeing the bigger picture. But you’re good at that!

    How fun to see the baseball game from a grandparent’s perspective! I miss being at kid sporting events, even as overwhelmed as the schedules of three kids used to make me feel. I hope that my future will bring the opportunity to watch a grandchild play a favorite sport! Oh, and good for your son for being willing to coach! I know there’s usually a shortage of volunteers for these positions!

    Enjoy the remainder of your weekend, MJ!

    • The pool has continued to be a source of irritation this week as there were a few things they forgot to do and have had to come back for now. But – in the great scheme of things – it’s just not that big of a deal and I’m not getting all in worked up about it – it’s a pool!

      It’s really fun to see the sports from a Grandparent’s chair – and this is the first sport he’s played. Very proud of our boy for coaching – there are plenty of parents with opinions but, as you say, not as many who actually step up and do the work.

      Enjoy June!! ~MJ

  7. Hey, glad you’re enjoying some nice weather after the long winter! We’ve had some beautiful days here in SE Alaska too…always iffy…will we really have a summer or not?!
    I was sorry that California Chrome didn’t win yesterday…reading about the way the races are set and the comments from the horse’s owner made me feel even worse…
    Happy Sunday! ~ Sheila

    • It was a perfect weekend weather-wise 🙂

      I was sorry he didn’t win, either, and I found out he stumbled out of the gate and clipped his front heel – not career limiting but painful. He also got a bit boxed in — personally I don’t think he got the ride he should have, he tends to like to get out in front and go — and never could. But – he owes them nothing, he’s done amazingly well with minimal investment and still is a fabulous horse. I thought the owner’s comments were too much, he has a point, but the timing of his remarks made them sound like sour grapes.

      Happy day to you!

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