Random Five Thursday

Today’s my Friday! I’m taking tomorrow off work and with many things going on, I woke up early this morning ready to jump-start the day. With that .. here we go:

1.  Took a road trip yesterday to points south. What did I see a lot of?  Road construction, tourists and county sheriffs.  I counted not one, not two but at least 6 vehicles pulled over in a 7 mile span.  Naive me, I didn’t recall seeing anyone speeding … Hubbs filled me in that the route I was on is known for drug smugglers and undocumented workers coming to MI to pick summer crops.    Sometimes I really still am just a farm girl out in the world!  🙂

2.  At yesterday’s meeting, there were a lot of good ideas shared and alliances formed. But the highlight was meeting a most important task force member ~ Layla, the office dog.  Silky soft fur and eyes that could melt butter greeted me after the meeting and as I petted her,  I told her young owner that we had to put our old dog down.  “Aww I’m so sorry,” he said. I smiled and told him that “as hard as that is, and it’s been nearly a year, any day I get to pet someone else’s beloved dog is a really good day, thank you.”  And with that, a bond was formed that couldn’t have happened at a conference table.

3.  Found this picture recently and it seems not that long ago that youngest boy, who now towers past me by a foot +, would wrap his legs around me as I held him.  He’s still got those grasshopper legs!

Summer 1996; crossing Lake Diefenbaker, SK Canada on the Riverhurst Ferry.  An Emjayandthem (C) photo

Summer 1996; crossing Lake Diefenbaker, SK Canada on the Riverhurst Ferry. An Emjayandthem (C) photo

4.  Sometimes I just can’t take watching TV news — it’s depressing.  Yes I stay up on current affairs, but lately, I’ve found myself retreating into reruns of shows from a gentler time.  Just the other night I watched “The Brady Girls get married.” My cousin and I talked about this shift happening in both of us and she confided to a recent binge of  “The Waltons.”   I admitted to watching them, too and we both agreed that, for all her haughtiness, Corbeth Godsey was a minx.   Ike Godsey had it made in the shade!

Oh Corabeth! Image from The Today

Oh Corabeth! Image from The Today

5. Lastly, a friend reminded me that yesterday marked 6 months till Christmas.  In response, I sent her this photo, taken on the lake we lived at every summer:

image from Lake Diefenbaker

image from Lake Diefenbaker

What TV shows remind you of your childhood?  What image to you says “Summer is here!”


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18 thoughts on “Random Five Thursday

  1. Christmas? Really? I can’t wrap my head around that just yet – and LOVE the picture you sent your friend. Have an awesome Thursday – and a wonderful long weekend!

  2. First, I love your new header! Good photos of the moon still evade me….
    So sweet about your encounter with the owner of the “office dog”.
    Love the picture of you with your little boy (they’ll always be our little boys, right?).
    Never thought of Corabeth as a minx, but I think you’re onto something there!
    Let’s see, the tv show that most reminds me of my childhood is Andy Griffith. But – I recall watching it around lunchtime (guess it was in syndication even then…??), and feeling so happy to be at home (not school) with so much free time. Ah…childhood!
    Enjoy your weekend, MJ.

    • I agree with you on Andy Griffith and thankfully I grew up with a bunch of “Aunt Beas” 🙂 Happy day to you, Dianna! MJ

      PS that is not my moon picture, I snagged it from Lake Diefenbaker photos 🙂 The moon really is that huge up there!

  3. You are not the only one who doesn’t like to watch/listen to the news. There is always war and killing going on somewhere. As soon as that area simmers down, wham! there is more in another country. Sometimes I wonder if we will ever learn…

    Christmas? Really? I can’t even stand those really stupid Christmas in July events.

    • Me either – Christmas in July – no can do. Why can’t each season just be enjoyed without racing to the next one? ugh!
      It’s pouring here today and I’m thinking a cooking day is in order 🙂 MJ

  4. I get the news headlines on my iPad, click if I want to know more about something, and am done in ten minutes! Glad you made a new friend, the best kind. Lightning bugs are summer to me.

    • Saw my first Lightning bug on Friday night and grinned! We didn’t have them where I grew up, too far north – you’re right – they’re summer and magical, all in one 🙂

  5. I know what you mean about watching the news. Unless something is sensationalized, dramatized, or designed to grab our attention in some other way, it’s not generally considered news worthy. I don’t watch much. For me, summer is the end of our rainy season. Things dry out, and we get to see the sun again.

  6. I read my news online…that way I can choose what I’m exposed to.
    I love old movies…not so big on old tv shows, except the Andy Griffith show. But anything that slows life down is a good thing! Enjoy your long weekend!
    And I love the lake photos! ~ Sheila

    • Yep, I read a lot of news online for the same reason — I do watch the local news sometimes b/c it’s good for me to be aware of certain stories but I can easily skip most of it 🙂

      Anything that slows life down is good with me, too,.

  7. Heartwarming…

  8. Oh, The Waltons! I loved that show. And the Brady Bunch, the Partridge Family and best of all, Little House on the Prairie.

    I often find myself needing a break from reality to fall back on reminders of a more innocent time.

  9. For me, television to take me back to youth — Gilligan’s Island, Bonanza, The Wild Kingdom, The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family, Green Acres and during the day, black and white movies on the ‘Dialing for Dollars’ station and my mom’s ‘stories’ — Another World, Days of Our Lives, The Doctors. She would iron while she watched and I can almost smell the starch and the hot fabric. Takes me back just thinking about it.

    • I loved all of those, too 🙂 My cousin and I used to watch “Another World” in the summer … and “The Edge of night” which we renamed “The Edge of the Bed!”

      Mom’s ironing board was in the kitchen and when we ironed the radio was on. A Johnny Cash song takes me back to her kitchen 🙂


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