It was a day like any other for me … a series of calls, issues to resolve, and before me … the afternoon.

I felt it.   A tug.  A whisper.

Go. The voice said.

I looked up the number, jotted it down, and just as quickly, discarded it.

Moments after that, I dug it from the trash.

Seconds later …. I called.

“I’ll take a 4:30 with Maggie, if she has an opening that is.”

“Why yes she does. I’ll put you down for then.”

At 4:24 I parked my car, grabbed my purse and sauntered into a shop familiar to me. A store packed with geodes and gems, incense and stones, and, honestly, many things I just don’t “get.”

But it was her warm smile that met me. Her warm embrace that I appreciated.

Her calling me in … for a reading.

And even though eventually she said what I mostly already know, there was comfort in what was said.

Trust yourself.  You .. know. You can… and you will.

We talked about many things.

My journey. My spiritual path. Those around me. The good ones – Hubbs, the boys, and certain friends and family members. The not-so-good ones: a superior, a couple of co-workers and the wolves disguised as comrades.

And when the time was up, there we were.

Her. Me.

She 70. Me 51.

Only known to each other for a few years but, somehow, we know each other much longer than that.

I trust her.

She adores me.

And at the end… another invitation. To visit a group. A group of like-minded souls on a similar path.

2 years ago I was afraid.

1 year ago I was uncertain.

Today .. I have the information and have tabled it because I make my best decisions when I have time to think about them.

What are your thoughts on “spiritual readings?” 


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16 thoughts on “Moments

  1. How’s this for divine timing? A few minutes ago I was just online looking up psychic mediums in my town. The thought just struck me out of the blue that I should really get a reading again (I have had a few powerful readings done many years ago) But I talked myself out of making an appointment, clicked on my wordpress reader and your post popped up! I think the universe is trying to tell me something.

    • I agree, Darla. When I see the signs around me, I heed them 🙂 Have a great day and let me know if you go have a reading! MJ

  2. I take it you aren’t referring to Biblically-based spiritual reading. I would only wonder what spirit is involved.

    • While we weren’t quoting scripture, she is a Christian and meetings with her are ecumenical in nature. No Ouija Boards, crystal balls, or anything like that. If that were the case, I’d be far, far away. But I do appreciate your concern and I think, in situations like this, discernment is key. – MJ

  3. I do believe that talking about things brings clarity… sounds like it did 😉

    • Oh absolutely – I need time to process my thoughts but talking about them with someone I trust brings clarity 🙂 Cheers to you my friend MJ

  4. I have never had one but your experience sure sounds interesting.

    • It was and they are. I’ve been to a few who were certifiably nutty and I felt like I was counseling them. She’s not like that – she’s very straight up, wise, funny and clear. We communicate well. She has never met my husband or boys but describes them as though she has- it’s uncanny, MJ

  5. Such an interesting piece. Sounds like you’re receiving good information. 🙂

    • It is very interesting. I’ve had some readers who were kooks – she’s not. Her style is open, warm, approachable and sane. She often tells me what I know but she also often surprises me. She knew about the promotion before I knew about the job opening. She knew about a money situation I’d have to negotiate before I knew it existed. She has shared messages with me from my Dad and she also always asks “do you have a daughter?” in relation to my grand-daughter, that’s how close the 2 of us are. Amazing. She starts with a prayer, she is a Christian, and her messages are always with reference to the Holy Spirit and abundance of goodness and good intent. MJ

  6. I’m glad I read this. I’m fascinated by mediums (and particularly love the one that has her own t.v. show.) I’ve never had a reading and was just talking about it with a friend who use to get them. She’s a Christian and was just telling me how sorry she is that she used to spend time “seeking the future” when God specifically tells us not to. (I’m not so sure that’s true.) Anyway, I couldn’t reconcile the “wrong” my friend saw in it with the good I see done in this celebrity medium’s meetings. She brings peace and calm to those who have lost a loved one and helps them go on with their lives, leaving the struggle behind. I can’t understand how what she does could be wrong in God’s eyes.

    Clearly, having a spiritual reading has done you a world of good. If it brings you closer to your true self, your family, loved ones and God, then it seems like a good thing.

    • The experience I had is less about seeking the future than it is seeking clarity for the present; she often tells me things that don’t make sense at the time but do later on. I always take notes and go back to them later, only to find some small nit that I thought was insignificant not only happened but was a bit nit :). Sometimes my Dad is around, other times there are spirit guides and angels, many unknown to me, but I never feel uncomfortable or scared in any way. Like I’ve told others here, I’ve met some real kooks along the way but Maggie is the real deal. You probably have one near you & just don’t know it. If you go, go in with an open mind and closed mouth – I don’t like to lead or volunteer info, just see what happens and it’s always good 🙂

      Cheers! MJ

  7. Wonderful post MJ

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